minot: Sloth-Alon.... it'ssss baaaack. - 08/14/19 08:21 AM
It's back & this year I'm In!
A sleepy, silly, spry, scintillating, sassy, stupendous, and slothy (late)morning of shenanigans. (Two) beers, coffee, doughnuts, games, swag and prizes brought to you by the fun-loving Minot Lions Club. Costumes and craziness provided by yourself and your friends!
Starting at Ben's Tavern and trekking ALL the way to Arny's 2.0 (it's about a half a kilometer and you walk, crawl or maybe a less-sloth-like friend would pull you in a wagon?) The best way to spend your morning before enjoying the Downtown Festival on Main!
If you are not up for an endurance race try the … (20 comments)

minot: 7 Deadly Sins of Speaking, Ted Talks - 08/08/19 07:48 AM
I've been learning a lot through my recent membership in Toastmasters International. I am really excited to be a new member even though my professional career days are now pretty much behind me. I figure it's never to late to learn to be a better communicator. I ran across this video in the online magazine today and found the 9 minutes spent were worth GOLD! Anyone who speaks to clients should make this a must listen!
You do not need to be a member of Toastmasters International to read the online magazine HERE is a link, check it out today.
If you live in … (19 comments)

minot: The Boys of Summer. Go Sabre Dogs! - 07/31/19 06:53 PM
It wouldn't be summer with out The Boys of Summer. I've written several posts over the years about the historic base ball field across the street from my home, Corbett Field. The famous Satchel Page was a member of Minot's local team, The Mallards, back in the day.
Today Corbett Field is home to The Souris Valley Sabre Dogs. The dogs are just wrapping up their 2nd year here in Minot and I couldn't be happier that this team plays right across the street from my home (also that my son Timmothy is an employee of The Sabre Dogs).
If you are … (8 comments)

minot: A Picnic to Toast To - 06/26/19 07:12 AM
The Minot Toastmasters Club 636 has a tradition of holding a picnic in each of the summer months in place of one of the regular meetings. It's a great way to get to know each other better in a less formal way and also to meet our members spouses and families.
It was an absolute perfect day for a picnic with the temp being in the upper 70's, absolutely no bugs, and a wonderful sunny sky. I and Timmothy are really loving being attending the Minot Toastmasters 636. July is the official start of the clubs year and that is when we intend to … (13 comments)

minot: My Little Choir, perfect for almost Wordless Wednesday - 05/22/19 11:03 AM
When I saw how this little group of blossoms stood so proud together all I could think about is that if they could sing they would really have a sweet song to share. Maybe they do sing, as they are in perfect harmony as it is, but someone must have told them that this is Wordless Wednesday. Thinking about it... I bet they do the blues real well.
Just for good measure I thought I'd throw in the Women's Choir too.

minot: Trees for Boulevards - 05/18/19 02:34 PM
Every city has different rules regarding what trees you can plant on your boulevard, after all it's technically it's "their" boulevard. Before you plant a tree you best check with the city forestry department to be sure you can plant a tree there at all. Usually the idea behind this is that they don't want you to plant trees that may interfere with overhead power lines years down the road.
The Minot Forestry Department (a department of Minot Parks) is now taking orders for boulevard trees to be planted this spring. Trees are $100.00 and they plant it for you. For an extra $25.00 … (20 comments)

minot: Painting The Town Purple - 05/10/19 07:18 AM
I'm passing this important message on for folks in the Minot Area.
How wonderful would it be if we could defeat the hidous effects of Alzheimer's! I don't know anyone who hasn't been effected by Alzheimers striking a family member or friend. For me it was my Grandma Lydia.
Help Us Paint the Town Purple! Did you know that June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness
Month? To helpspread awareness of this disease, which is the 3rd leading cause of death in North
Dakota, the Walk to End Alzheimer's Volunteer Committee is askingfor you help! We want to
Paint the Town Purple the week … (9 comments)

minot: I Propose A Toast - 05/02/19 06:05 AM
After putting it off for about 45 years I finally made it to Toastmasters.
Minot Toastmasters 636 meets every Tuesday at the Grand International Hotel at 6:00 PM in The Board Room.
My 17 year old son Timmothy and I attended together.
The Toastmasters is much more than I expected. I knew it would be a be a good experience for each of us and for different reasons.
Timmothy has a hard time expressing himself verbally, which it ends up was the reason about 50% of the participants were there, and I want to improve my speaking for my on air radio speaking.
I won't go … (8 comments)

minot: It's Accumulating - 04/28/19 06:21 PM
Once in a while the weather guessers get it right. Thankfully they only got it partly right when they said we could/would have up to 6" of snow accumulation between yesterday and today. We have had rain and snow showers all day today but it didn't start accumulating until about 6:00 PM. Here is my nice lawn I mowed on Friday (because of the forecast).

minot: A new dik-dik in Minot - 04/28/19 04:37 PM
A few years ago I posted about one of our families favorites zoo exhibits, the Kirks Dik Dik.
The exhibit has grown with one new baby born last week. These graceful little creatures are actually of the antilope family. I wrote a post about them a few years back and it said: When talking about BIG attractions there is nothing like our Dik Dik. Hang with the animals in Minot. Visit The Roosevelt Park Zoo and see our Dik Dik this weekend or any day the Zoo is open. Our Dik Dik is only 2' long (average) so it's not the worlds biggest … (2 comments)

minot: Send Mr. Yuck A Packing - 04/28/19 01:36 PM
Okay, you've got just over two weeks to start gathering together all that stuff you never should have collected in the first place.
Get it together and get rid of it at the Minot Public Works building on the East side of Minot, 1025 31st Street SE.
I know I've got all this paint to get rid of as well as a couple of old batteries, old computers, and lots of cleaning supplies.
I've taken advantage of this clean-up day and it's so easy. You just drive into the big maintenance building and they even remove it from your vehicle for you.
I'm looking forward … (8 comments)

minot: NOT so sad to see you go. - 04/23/19 06:22 PM
Okay, for the sake of the community it's never good to see a store close but I'm not going to shed any tears in the case of Minot's FedEx Office store's closing soon.
I had one run in with this store a couple of months ago that necessitated my calling the police to investigate certain activity at this store.
Today I had another reason to be unhappy with them. I needed to drop off a overnight package as soon as possible and they advertise that they open at 7:00 so I was there promptly at 7:00. The hours say open at 7:00 on … (17 comments)

minot: Collectibles! What Gene brought back this Spring. - 04/14/19 08:43 AM
My friend Gene owns The Downtown Mall, a large collectibles shop that is packed full of treasures. He spends a lot of time in TX during the winters and I'm always excited to see what he brings back. Here are a few of the new treasures.
  This little peddle car was Gene's favorite purchase. He also scored a firetruck of the same vintage but not in quite as good of shape.
The tall blue vase was a find as was the lamp (I cut off the top).
The horn in the middle was worn by fireman walking on patrol and if he saw … (9 comments)

minot: Next Week Is Holy Week - 04/10/19 06:12 PM
Christmas is most well know for disrupting schedules but let's not forget Holy Week as well. To many Christians Easter is far more important than Christmas. Every person we know has been born but only one has risen from the dead.
This evening was the final Wednesday night Lenten service and thus next week will be Holy week. The church we attend is Our Saviors Lutheran Church - MS and we offer a Maundy Thursday service at 7:00 PM. A Good Friday Service at 7:00 PM and four Easter Services.
6:30 AM Sunrise Service
8:15 AM Traditional Worship with Communion
9:30 AM Traditional Worship
11:00 AM … (10 comments)

minot: Minot ND Property Report - 04/05/19 08:43 AM
What is the current housing market in Minot North Dakota?
Minot has seen a very turbulent market ever since the oil boom of 2009 and what many people consider the bust of 2015. I myself am eager to see what happens later this spring. Western ND cities like Williston and Watford City have been experiencing crazy growth do to high oil production over the last 12 to 18 months BUT it has not hit here just 100 miles to the East like it did in 2009.
The Google map above is of North Dakota and what I perceive to be the hottest spot in North Dakota … (2 comments)

minot: Call Me! - 04/03/19 01:23 PM
Today is the day I start a week answering the phone for our Spring fundraiser to help keep Christian radio on the air. Most of you know it's truly a labor of love for me to do this. If you want to make a one time pledge of $10.00 or more to help out give me a call (701) 852-3789.
So WHY do we have a Spring and Fall Sharathon? We are a FAMILY friendly radio station and as such we do not accept advertising from liquor or gambling establishments. If we did accept advertising from those sources we could increase our … (8 comments)

minot: ND State Fair Headliners for 2019 - 03/30/19 11:44 AM
The North Dakota State Fair has set it's line up for this summers BIG event. I LOVE the fact that the North Dakota State Fair is held every year less then a mile away from my home. I love the excitement it brings. Here are the 2019 headliners.
I live close enough I don't have to pay to hear these acts but of course seeing them is another story. There is a fair chance I'll go see Rick Springfiedls, Eddie Money, & Greg Kihn. Heck! I didn't even know Rick and Eddie were still alive.

minot: Guarding Against Real Estate Fraud - 03/28/19 07:40 PM
I was pleasantly surprised to see the cover of this months THE NATIONAL NOTARY, Guarding Against Real Estate Fraud.
As a former Real Estate agent and a Real Estate Broker the part a Notary Public played in detecting and helping prevent Real Estate fraud had never occurred to me.
This article really opened my eyes as far as what a Notary Public may encounter.
The number one scam I took notice of was adult children stealing from their parents. This shouldn't surprise me as I know of such a case very well. Here is how it works.
Knudt obtains a Power Of Attorney form off of the Internet or … (14 comments)

minot: It's Time to Get Your "Kling On" - 03/22/19 12:12 PM
Imagicon 2019, coming right up.
There back! SiFi fans can celebrate April 26 - 28th as Imagicon returns to The Magic City.
It's outgrown the convention center where it has been held for years and now the gathering point is the Minot Municipal Auditorium.
Did you ever wish every year had two halloweens? Well now it does. Put on your mask and act insane... no one is going to know who the heck you are under that storm troopers mask. This should be a really good time. I hope I can get there with my camera so I can share the fun.

minot: Quilt Show this weekend in Minot ND - 03/21/19 10:28 AM

One of my favorite forms of art is quilting. I don't practice the art myself but I love seeing the inovative designs the artists who do quilt come up with. If you are in Minot today, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday you may want to take in some of the many quilting opportunities being offered.
This is my 4th post over the years I've been blogging about quilting. Here are links to the other 3 posts, two of which include radio interviews with Chelce Detert.
Real Men Quilt 11/30/2018
Meet Chelce Detert 03/01/2018
Quilt Auction 03/05/2011

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