minot: Gideon's Trumpet, Minot's Only Christian Bookstore - 03/08/19 06:19 AM
Kay Eaton left the nursing field 20 years ago to start a Christian book store. With no retail experience she learned as she went along... including the fact that a Christian book store ought to have Bibles on the shelf. Gideon's Trumpet is a favorite with our family (and not just because our daughter worked for Kay). Gifts from Gideon's trumpet are special because they reflect our faith and our family is based on our faith in God.
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 … (19 comments)

minot: Photographing the Wind - 03/03/19 03:43 PM
A high temp of -1 below zero doesn't bother most North Dakotians' but when you add a constant wind speed of 25 Mph and gusts much higher it even gets the attention of the sturdiest of men.
My 1st reaction was typical... Oh Crap! As I looked out the window this afternoon and watched the bare trees blow in the wind I really started to think about what an awesome day it really is.
It's hard to picture or video "cold" but I think you get the picture from this short video. I start out with the flags at the Roosevelt Park Zoo … (15 comments)

minot: March 16th and 17th is a REALLY BIG Weekend in Minot ND - 02/28/19 07:13 PM
Weekends just don't get any BIGGER than this coming March 16th and 17th in Minot ND. 3 BIG events that will surely fill all the Hotel/Motel rooms and pack the restaurants over the weekend.
1) The Boys Class B Basketball Tournament is in town. About 95% of North Dakota's schools fall into the class B category. Students, parents, close relatives and those 20 times removed will be coming to Minot for this tournament.
2) The Abrahamson Rodeo & Rodeo School will be in town for Magic City Madness. Ye Ha! What a great time for participants, observers, and photographers like myself. … (9 comments)

minot: Notaries do NOT notarize documents. - 02/25/19 11:58 AM
Notaries do not notarize documents,
we notarize signatures on documents. While this may sound like "splitting hairs" the truth is the document is 100% irrelevant to the notarization. If you want something notarized because you think it will give credibility to the document itself you are wrong. The notarization only attests that the persons signature on the document is the person who showed the notary satisfactory evidence that he/she is the person who signed it.

minot: What's Up Buttercup? - 02/24/19 03:09 PM
What's Up Buttercup?
That's what Sally K. & David L. Hanson want to know as a challenge this month: The BEST Challenge to be Your Best ! It made me think of The Champs, "What's Up Buttercup". Don't remember The Champs? They are best known for TEQUILA! (Which may be my next stop.)
The challenge is to tell about a new "habit" you are making in 2019 that will make a difference for you and others for the better (I think). Hope I got that right.
My challenge may sound self centered on the surface but I know it is not. I and my son Timmothy have joined a … (12 comments)

minot: A Journal is a Sure Sign of a Professional - 02/22/19 07:56 AM
North Dakota is one of a FEW States that does not require a Notary to keep a Journal. A professional keeps a Journal, it's a sure sign that you are dealing with a Pro who wants to protect both you and him/her self.
A Notary Journal is required in most States. In North Dakota a Journal is not required but the use of a Journal is certainly the mark of a PROFESSIONAL Notary Public. The Journal is further evidence of when and that you indeed had your document notarized. If your transaction should end up in court the Notary's Journal may be … (13 comments)

minot: Minot's Downtown Business & Professional Association - 02/13/19 07:38 AM
This morning I attended my first meeting of the Minot Downtown Business & Professional Association. I was very pleasantly surprised.
There were many familiar faces, several business leaders that I know and several that I did not know.
I did not know what to expect because when I visited the website it was very disappointing with old information of events already past and who knows how old the membership list is.
Again, I was pleasantly surprised! The five banquet tables were completely full and the discussion was up beat and positive. I was particularly pleased that someone said the website is ready to be upgraded and the hang-up … (6 comments)

minot: Summer... Not Here Yet - 02/04/19 04:28 PM
After yesterdays snowfall it feels like summer may be farther away then that little rodent is predicting. Every one knows that North Dakota has cold winters (and indeed we have had more then our usual number of sub zero temps this winter) and everyone thinks we have snowy winters (again more this year then the norm) but the truth is we do not usually have snow falls that exceed 4 to 6 inches at a time.
Yesterday was one of those exceptional days with 10 inches of fresh new snow. It overwhelmed the street department to the point they could not get the streets … (14 comments)

minot: The Notary Can NOT Tell You What Form To Use - 01/31/19 05:12 PM
I'm not sure about every State but in the State of North Dakota the Notary can not tell you what kind of a notarization you need for your document (even if he/she knows) because that would be "practicing" law without a license.  The two most common notarization's are Acknowledgments and Jurats. If you don't know what you need... don't ask the notary!
When you want a document notarized but it does not have the State required "notarial language" on it we can add either an acknowledgment or a jurat to it to accomplish your intended purpose HOWEVER we would be practicing law if we told you, or even advised … (12 comments)

minot: Tanya Hennix & Mike Zimmer explain Giving Hearts Day - 01/31/19 11:10 AM
Coming up very quickly is February 14th  GIVING HEARTS DAY (I've been told something else is also celebrated that day but my focus is on Minot's Giving Hearts Day).
In this radio broadcast airing Friday on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 AM Tanya Hennix from PATH North Dakota and Mike Zimmer from Minot's Men's Winter Refuge tell you about the 14 local charities taking part in this Giving Hearts Day.
Most important is that every dollar given locally STAYS locally.
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) … (6 comments)

minot: Ruff Sea's In Minot ND - 01/30/19 06:54 AM
This picture was actually taken on Monday (01/28/2019). While we tell people that North Dakota is on the North Coast of the USA only the blondest of the blonde believe there is an ocean up here but it looked like one in the sky on Monday.
I had to take this one with my phone as I didn't have my best camera with me but I knew I had to take the picture. I've mentioned many times that the Greatest artist of all is the one I worship and what a beautiful brush stroke and canvas he used here.

minot: 30 Below Keeps the Riff Raff Out - 01/30/19 06:22 AM
This was the actual air temperature when I woke up this morning.
That's 26 degrees BELOW zero (without the wind chill).
So what does that feel like, how do you explain it to people in the South? When I got dressed this morning I put on thermal long johns (top and bottom), sportsman's boot socks, blue jeans, a hooded sweat shirt, and winter cover-alls made for those who work outdoors in this climate. The cold penetrated this in about a minute when I went out to start the car. It started (reluctantly) and I hurried right back into the house. 15 minutes later I headed to the office … (16 comments)

minot: Giving Hearts Day - 01/29/19 11:30 AM
During my radio broadcast/interview with Justin Anderson (executive Director of Minot Area Council of the Arts) he mentioned Giving Hearts Day coming up on February 14th. This coming Friday's interview is all about Giving Hearts Day. Here is a list of Minot participants:
Giving Hearts Day is a State wide event but you specify what charity you want to give to and the money stays local. I hope you will listen in to Fridays radio broadcast to learn more about how this all came together and how you can participate.
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it … (12 comments)

minot: Ready, Set, SPIKE! - 01/23/19 02:37 PM
Getting ready to spike it!
 I love playing volleyball so this is right up my alley. However I'm not sure what team would be excited to recruit a 64 year old man with a long list of health problems (plus I could stand to lose 10 pounds).
I do not believe there are any restrictions on who can play so whether you are a teen or in your 60's like me you should sign up today.

minot: N. Americas Largest Scandinavian Festival, Tickets on sale NOW! - 01/22/19 06:51 AM
Tickets are on sale today for those who are part of "Friends of the Hostfest" and to the general public tomorrow. I've written many posts about this EXTREMELY fun 4 day event that is held at the North Dakota State Fair grounds. Although I don't believe there is a drop of Scandinavian blood in me I go every year and have a blast (just like I'm not Irish except for onj St. Pat's Day... then I'm all in).
Some of the acts announced so far include: Chicks with Hits, Clint Black, Daniel O'Donnell, The Texas Tenors, Terry Fator, and Chicago. This just scratches the … (13 comments)

minot: Part 2 of my interview with Walter Piehl - 01/14/19 01:23 PM
On Friday my radio program (not a podcast) featured the 2nd half of my interview with Walter Piehl, Nationally recognized artist from Minot ND.
Even though Walter Piehl is/was my 1st interview of 2019 I think it's bound to be at the top of my list of favorites when I get to the end of the year as well. I hope you listen to both part 1 and part 2 together, I'm sure you will not regret it. We received a lot of positive feedback at the radio station when they played the episodes on the air.
Part 1 can be found through … (0 comments)

minot: Meet Minot's Most Famous Artist, Walter Piehl - 01/04/19 07:30 AM
Today's radio broadcast features Walter Piehl, Minot's most well known artist. Walter Piehl gives us some background history of his career as a professional artist and art teacher at Minot State University. We also talked about what Walter Piehl is doing today. To see Walter Piehl's website click HERE. 
Minot Today is broadcast over the air every Friday by two Minot radio stations. You can listen in live on 106.9 FM at 12:10 (over the lunch hour) and on 1320 AM at 4:45 PM. Of course if you miss the over the air episodes you will find the podcast version right here. If you … (19 comments)

minot: The Dogs are returning to Minot - 12/28/18 04:43 PM
Great News! The Souris Valley Sabre Dogs will be returning to Corbett Field in the Spring of 2019. General Manager Darrell Handelsman returns to Minot Today to tell us some very exciting news for 2019. If you did not catch a Sabre Dogs game last year you really missed out but there will be MORE fun and entertainment at Corbett field this year for you to check out.
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it at 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 AM. Of course I always post the broadcast … (6 comments)

minot: Tonights Christmas Lights Drive - 12/25/18 07:03 PM
We took the second half of our Christmas lights tour this evening. Tonight we drove for an hour and a half around North Minot. There were some nice displays but I was a little disapointed that there were no traditional displays with JUST the nativity. Disney and Schults seemed to have made big headway into the Christmas lawn ornament world.


minot: It's looking a lot like Christmas - 12/22/18 06:01 PM
Tina's home! That always means one thing for sure, a one hour family drive around town. In the summer it means looking at new construction, in the winter we go check out the lights. Tonight we covered the South end of Minot. Only one home truely stood out above the rest. Not a Grizwald home but one done well! I threw in a couple others that were tastefully done but alas I once again did not have the proper camera along and just shot these with my phone.                 Let's start with #1.
 Here are a … (23 comments)

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