minot: WE ARE NUMBER TWO! WOO HOO! - 05/21/12 05:57 AM
OK, so most people do not bragg about being #2 (not like Avis did years ago) but we are pretty proud of it here in ND these days... especially Western North Dakota.
Most of my posts over the last 3 years have been related to either our flooding in the Mouse River Valley or the Oil Boom in Western North Dakota. This post is Oil related. I capitalize Oil because man-o-man Oil is bringing in the Capital.
I've post many pleas for contractors to get their idle crews off their rear ends and out here … (3 comments)

minot: Great Updated Home on 2.5 Acres - 04/12/12 12:59 AM

Many New Updates Great Property Size 3 Car attached Garage 2 Single detached garages 2.5 Acres of land   Great High and Dry location! This Nice kept home with a great view has master bedroom upstairs and 2 non-egress bedrooms in downstairs's basement with a bathroom and family room. main floor bath has recently been remodeled. Eat-in kithchen. Fenced back yard. Large steel building big enough for any size RV. New roof as of 2007, New vinyl siding in 2005, and New water heater in 2012. Garage heated in 3 stall attached. New windows upstairs. Fully finished Basement. Nice front deck (great for family bbq's)  
$399,900           BOB Timm (701) 720-8513          National Marketing Realtors

minot: COWBOY! a pic for Wordless Wednesday - 04/29/09 04:13 AM
If I had to caption this picture how about: "I've been a Cowboy since mom said "Your outa here cowboy"? Any suggestions for a better caption?


minot: The Two Seasons in Minot ND - 03/17/09 06:55 AM
Here is a "Heads-Up" to all the Southerners coming to our community to serve on the Minot Air Force Base or out in the Oil Field. North Dakota has been known as the land of 2 seasons.... Winter and Road Construction.

Keep in mind that unlike our Southern States we can only maintain our roads when they are not snow covered. I'm posting this now because it's only been in the last week that we are seeing the actual surface of many of our streets here in Minot. So far what I'm seeing is not pretty. For the last 4 years … (0 comments)

minot: ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS 9 MORE INCHES! - 01/12/09 03:20 AM

Two weeks ago I blogged that we had set an all time snowfall record for a year, EVER! Well it just keeps coming. I had really hoped to post several blogs about our community over the Holidays but frankly I've been doing a lot of bonding with my snow thrower. As you can see from the pictures above I've got plenty to do in my yard.. BUT what you don't see is that I also run over to my mother-in-laws and do hers and then I have a listing (or two) by elderly clients that I head over to … (8 comments)

minot: BLIZZARD! - 12/14/08 12:07 PM
12/14/2008 We are experiencing our first "real" blizzard of the season. In fact this is the first blizzard I remember for awhile. It's not the snowiest storm I remember, in fact it was a bit wimpy when it comes to depth of snowfall. It has been one of the windiest winter storms but most important it is very likely the coldest storm I remember. Cold and windy make a very nasty mix. I was out a couple of times to shovel (use the snow-blower) but I didn't really "experience" the cold until I took my gloves off to take pictures. I … (1 comments)

minot: Minot North Dakota, Envy of the Real Estate world! - 12/08/08 03:53 AM
AIR FORCE & OIL FIELD WORKERS BEWARE!Homes for sale under $100,000.00 as of 12/08/2008 = 4
Homes for sale between $100,000.00 and $124,999.00 as of 12/08/2008 = 17
Homes for sale between $125,000.00 and $149,999.00 as of 12/08/2008 = 12
Homes for sale between $150,000.00 and $174,999.00 as of 12/08/2008 = 10
Homes for sale between $175,000.00 and $199,999.00 as of 12/08/2008 = 14
Homes for sale between $200,000.00 and $249,999.00 as of 12/08/2008 = 16
Homes for sale over $250,000.00 as of 12/08/2008 = 30
If you are thinking, "Well I will just rent" guess again. Never in Minot's history … (2 comments)

minot: Earn $70,000.00 a Year ON AVERAGE! - 11/13/08 09:57 AM
I've been on a rant for 9 months now that if you are taking part in the economic downturn there is no reason to. For 9 months I've been preaching that we need employees for absolutely everything, except maybe Realtors ;) in Western North Dakota. If you are a family man about to loose your home wouldn't it be worth leaving the family for 9 months to or so to save the family home and your pride? On average oil workers out here are earning $70,000.00 a year. These are starting level ruff-neck jobs. If that is to tough to handle … (6 comments)

minot: Things Just keep Getting Better! - 11/12/08 07:31 AM
Things just keep getting better in Western north Dakota. If you are wondering if I'm being ficious here I am NOT. If you are a regular reader of this blogg you know that while much of the country is in economic woes Western North Dakota has been Booming like no other part of our nation.
 1st of all as reported on the News today Cities with a neighboring military base are doing better then all other cities in the USA as a rule. Hopefully in these tough economic times the incoming administration will remember that when they start thinking of cutting … (3 comments)

minot: Oh Man, Not MOM's Car. - 10/08/08 03:35 AM
The big old gas pig let me down on Monday. It was quite a sight to see, for my top client and myself. We had a good laugh over it but now I'm driving Mom's car with the license plates TNTSMOM. Both my kids have the initials TNT thus the plates TNTSMOM. I thought they were really cute but I never counted on me driving it.
Let me tell you quick about the temporary demize of the big gas pig. I'm out with my friend and best client. He is up here to see the Scandinavion Festival known as The Norskhost … (6 comments)

minot: Rockin The Bakken! - 07/13/08 03:03 PM
Don't you wish this was your family photo? These two old Norwegian brothers struck oil in 52 and are making more millionaires in North Dakota today then anyone would ever believe.

I decided to investigate how the biggest oil find of the century (or ever) became known as "The Bakken Formation". Well meet Henry and Harry Bakken along with ?? their mom??. For the almost kinda sorta fascinating story click on the logo below:

What caught my attention is somewhere in the article (part 1 or 2) is that this oil is 2 miles down. Now how did these … (1 comments)

minot: Be Ready For The New .COM Explosion! - 06/28/08 12:58 AM
Be on the ball and get ready for the new .com explosion. You snooze, you loose. It has been announced that the powers to be will soon let YOU decide what YOUR extension will be. Start thinking because some people will make a ton of money on registering new names. Remember the extension can be what ever you want. Try these out:
Got the picture? I recommend you keep tabs on this because there are people who most likely already have lists they hope to make millions on. I'd bet on Drink.Coke .
On another note I've … (14 comments)

minot: FREE SEO, A correction/update to yesterdays post. - 06/26/08 02:29 AM
Yesterday I made a post titled DO IT YOURSELF SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . It did not include instructions and the first site listed has changed it's agenda. I have corrected all this and now I think you will find it much more useful. I will continue to add to that post so if you are interested in SEO please check yesterdays post occasionally for updates.
Thanks, Bob.

minot: Printer Blues - 06/17/08 12:52 AM
Once again I have the printer blues. As a tech geek I have owned just about every brand and kind of printer made. I still miss the always reliable ribbon printers where a new ribbon cost a fraction of the cost of the printer. Now if you need either ink or toner it's about the same cost to buy a printer as a ink or toner cartridge. One of my hobbies is photography and I prefer ink over toner. In photography for the most part I use a little HP printer made just to publish 4X6 family portraits.
My blues this time around … (6 comments)

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