minot: Holiday Lights - 12/21/18 07:28 AM
Last night we made our annual pilgrimage through Oak Park for the Sertoma Club's light festival. There is a $5.00 charge per car and it is well worth it as there is about 40 displays to see.
Night photography shot out of a moving car window is not the best but out of about 50 shots I got a few worth sharing with you.
The 1st one was my favorite. It depicts Minot with the river and the railroad running through the heart of the community.
This next one is elves building a home, we missed the one on the left operating a table saw … (15 comments)

minot: Oliver's Attic, even I enjoyed the visit. - 12/15/18 01:46 PM
This afternoon we took advantage of the extremely warm temperatures (48 degrees above zero) and took a nice stroll through Minot's downtown. I had a two fold mission in mind. I wanted to show Carol and Tinmmothy the two locations I'm considering moving my business to and to also get some ideas for Christmas. There are several shops I should blog about but this post will focus on Oliver's Attic & their purses in particular.

As the name implies, Oliver's Attic, this boutique requires some stair climbing but I hope I captured enough to make you want to brave the steps.

minot: December Heat Wave Turns North Dakotian's To Animals - 12/08/18 03:02 PM
Clear skies, no wind, and 30 degree temps sent many families to the Roosevelt Park Zoo today. The parking lot was full. Here are some shots from my walk this afternoon.
Here is the perfect Christmas inflatable to have in front of the Zoo.
The perfect Christmas Outfit to show off to the bears.
Despite the heat wave I'm guessing Teddy was pretty cool in the saddle.

minot: Minot Today Interview Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma - 12/06/18 12:09 PM
On the KHRT Radio broadcast of MINOT TODAY Bob Timm interviews Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma. Mayor Sipma and Bob visit about the landfill, flood control, a City Ombudsman and more in this fast paced 15 minute interview.
Minot Real Estate Today is broadcast over the air every Friday by two Minot radio stations. You can listen in live on 106.9 FM at 12:10 (over the lunch hour) and on 1320 AM at 4:45 PM. Of course if you miss the over the air episodes you will find the podcast version right here. If you would like to hear every episode of Minot … (2 comments)

minot: Minot's Woodland Trail - 12/01/18 02:55 PM
This afternoon I got a little tired of sitting around the house so we decided to go check out the new Woodland Trail that the Minot Park District completed this year. This area of town was hit hard by the 2011 flood and a lot of work has been going on with new highway bridges and dikes being constructed in the area. In general this was an area to avoid at all costs for several years but now the dikes have been completed as well as the highway bridges. While all that was going on the Park District was building and … (16 comments)

minot: A Call to Action for Minot Residents, Aren't We Taxed Enough Already? - 11/26/18 07:03 AM
Let's NOT let the desires of the few override the needs of the many.
This is a call to action for any/all Minot residents that can attend the Tuesday November 27th City Council Meeting at 4:15 to please come and be vocal.
The item to be discussed is the expansion of Minot's landfill. A very small and very vocal minority is calling for a new landfill and not to expand the current landfill... this would cost Minot tax payers greatly through increased garbage collection fees.
The whining few defend their stand by saying the expansion will be the landfill within a mile of a new hospital being … (7 comments)

minot: Toys & Books are what you find at Nature's Nook - 11/09/18 07:46 AM

Who doesn't like FUN? You can find plenty of fun at Nature's Nook, Children's Toy's & Books up on North Hill in Minot at 1700 21st Ave NW, Suite B. This fun visit is with Deb Peery, co-owner with her husband Dave. Deb explains the uniqueness of their family friendly store.
Minot Real Estate Today is broadcast over the air every Friday by two Minot radio stations. You can listen in live on 106.9 FM at 12:10 (over the lunch hour) and on 1320 AM at 4:45 PM. Of course if you miss the over the air episodes you will find the … (9 comments)

minot: A Taste of Winter Weather in Minot ND - 11/06/18 01:03 PM
Today may very well be our 1st day of winter in Minot North Dakota. I hope the snow that is falling (blowing sideways) today isn't the first to "stick" until April 2019.
They are not calling it a blizzard or even a winter storm but the temp is in the mid 20's, it's snowing, and the wind speed is a constant 20 miles per hour. Just in the few blocks from home to office I saw 3 fairly serious accidents.
Drive careful, this is just the start!

minot: I Miss Mayberry, I prefer Barney over Margie. - 10/30/18 06:28 PM
Barney would probably say "Comply with This!" 
My neighborhood has had to deal with a jerk who has strong political connections and he seems to continue to get away with what ever he wants regardless of who is elected to what.
The property he owns is a commercial property surrounded by residential properties. There isn't a home owner who's land that boarders his that can't stand the crap he pulls off... yet he seems to be able to pull off what ever he wants.
One person in the City I can count on is our Mayor, Shaun Sipma. Shaun is a good friend. He ran … (8 comments)

minot: A Bit More About Foster Parenting. - 10/22/18 12:57 PM
Two weeks ago my interview with a foster parent and the agency (PATH) that runs the program went over the air and was posted here as well BUT one of the microphones failed as we continued beyond the 15 minutes of air time. It took a lot of editing to make "part 2" airable but here it is. Sorry for the delay.
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it at 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 AM. Of course I always post the broadcast as a Podcast here as well … (2 comments)

minot: Another Wonderful Christian Concert Coming to Minot - 10/16/18 05:46 AM
1 Night Music Circus
November 2nd in Minot ND
Here is another great opportunity for contemporary Christian Rock fans in Western North Dakota to see some of their music favorites live and in concert. We don't get a lot of these opportunities in our area so please come and support this effort to bring Christian concerts to the area.
For more details about the concert please visit the Kutless web site.

minot: Old Me, New Me - 10/06/18 10:49 AM
Answering the challenge:
My October 2018 update your profile challenge....
by Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®,CRS, 
The picture to the left is the one you have been looking at for about a year as my profile pic and it is time for it to go. Not that it's all that out dated, it's just that it wasn't that good of a picture in the first place. I obviously took it my self which is not bad in it's self ( I was a professional photographer in one of my many past lives) but it was taken with a used $3.00 web cam and no backdrop. I was … (50 comments)

minot: How to Get Involved With Foster Parenting in Minot. - 10/05/18 07:17 AM
Minot Today is only a 15 minute radio program broadcast over two radio stations. However it's very rare that we wrap up in 15 minutes so I also post my interviews as a podcast and often post the entire interview at my podcast site.


minot: Tobacco Free Zoo - 09/18/18 05:50 PM
I pass this sign every time I take a walk to Roosevelt Park and I always picture Joe Camel but I thought it would be fun to see what other charictors I might find on the internet. Much to my surprise when I searched "smoking animals" Joe Camel didn't even come up. Here are a couple of charictors I got a chuckle out of however.
You won't find THAT in any zoo.

minot: Coats For Kids, sponsored by Minot Realtors - 09/17/18 07:21 AM
This is one of those events Realtors can be very proud of, Kicking the Cold Fundraiser for Kids. This drive is hosted by the Minot Board of Realtors. Minot Realtors are to be commended for many programs to benefit the community, this one is certainly at the top of the list in my book but I have to admit my very favorite is a tradition that started in Minot ND and is now Nation wide... Realtor Ring day where on day every Salvation Army bell ringing location is staffed by Realtors for the whole day.
Here is the details on the Kicking the … (10 comments)

minot: More Vintage Cars from yesterdays Car Show. - 09/16/18 12:41 PM
Yesterday I shared a picture of a BMW Isseta I photographed at the vintage car show in downtown Minot. Here are a few more of the cars that caught my eye (there were so many nice cars it was very hard to choose). Sorry I did not write down models and years of these cars.
I'm actuall old enough to remember friends owning Stedebakers but none as fine as this beauty.

My old pick-up didn't look this good.

minot: Dreaming of a BMW? - 09/15/18 02:50 PM
The 2018 BMW's are beautiful but this 1959 BMW Isetta stole my heart at the antique car show today in downtown Minot.

See.. it even has a large trunk!
And a bench seat for young lovers (if only I new Nina back then).
I can say that because my wife wasn't born yet.
This may not be everyones dream Beemer but I'd sure love to own this one just for the fun of it.

minot: Meet Christine Staley, founder of Magic City Hoagies - 09/14/18 07:16 AM
Who would think that one of Minot North Dakota's biggest cheerleaders would be a native of Miami Florida who moved here because she and her husband LOVE cold weather!
I believe you will LOVE this radio broadcast of my interview with Christine Staley, founder of Magic City Hoagies in Minot.
Being the over the air version on Minot Today is limited to 15 minutes I often have to leave half an interview or more on the cutting floor. Thank goodness I can post the entire interview right here on Active Rain for your enjoyment. My interview with Christine Staley, founder of Magic City Hoagies, was such a … (7 comments)

minot: Tonights Walk 09/09/2018 - 09/09/18 07:30 PM
This evening I took a walk through the Scandinavian Heritage Park.
This is a very nicely groomed park in the heart of Minot and adjacent to the Visit Minot Center. I usually walk through it a couple of times a year but this was the first, and most likely only, time this year. Here are a few photos I took along the way.


minot: Still A Concert Goer... but the venue has Changed - 09/08/18 05:05 PM
 It was a perfect night for a concert. Raised on Blue Oyster Cult and other rock bands my tastes have now changed to Southern Gospel. Tonight I had the pleasure of listening to Lindley Creek. Here is a clip of the performance they let me take.
Lindley Creek playing at Our Saviors Church (LC-MS) in Minot North Dakota on September 8th 2018 under the tent. It was a perfect evening for the concert with the temp hovering right around 80 degrees but gusty winds keeping everything cool. Just one song in this hand-held video. For more check out LindleyCreek.com Lindley Creek is … (16 comments)

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