north dakota: I'm in a Happy Place - 11/12/19 06:13 PM
Going through my AARP magazine I came across something I found interesting (actually much to my surprise I find a lot of the AARP magazine interesting). Check out this map of Happy Places.
Frankly I don't know what to make of this map. I do know that "political view" seems to be all over the map so that's not the key. It is nice to see though that over all Dakotians, both North and South, are in a pretty happy place. How is your State doing? Could you use this map to draw people to your State to live?

north dakota: This IS Unusual - 09/23/19 08:30 AM
Normally at this time of year in Minot North Dakota the yards and the country prairie are golden brown. Normally mowing the yard at this time of year is a chore reserved for those who have a lawn sprinkler system.
Not so this year!
Roosevelt & Oak Parks
Much of the area had experienced drought conditions for several years so this has been great for them to replenish the subsoil moisture levels but it's sure raising heck for farmers today who would like to get their crops in before it freezes and starts snowing (which could happen any day in North Dakota).

north dakota: Bad Things DO Happen To Good People - 07/05/19 05:44 AM
Unexpected and unfortunate circumstances could have ANYONE scrambling for a bondsman. Do you have any idea where to start? Do you have any idea what bond is all about? Do you have any idea what a bondsman does for you or what your obligations are when using one?
Joe Uzdavinis (Use-da-Venice) is the owner of Minot Bail Bonds and he and his Right-Hand man Dave Ulvog are wonderful Christian men who are dedicated to helping people in their lowest moments facing legal trouble. Their motto and mission is a Bible verse... listen in to find out which one.
Minot Today is broadcast … (27 comments)

north dakota: North Dakota, the ONLY State to Grow Younger! - 06/21/19 07:05 AM
According to the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau the only State in the USA to grow younger is North Dakota! Noth Dakota's Median Age dropped from 37 in 2010 to 35.2 in 2008.
North Dakota is number one in many good catagories but to be honest with you this number one surprises even me. North Dakota does have a lot to offer young families. We have a strong economy that usually bucks National trends. We have excellent schools, a GREAT work ethic, and much more.
If you have never visited North Dakota I'd like to invite you to come see … (10 comments)

north dakota: Next Week Is Holy Week - 04/10/19 06:12 PM
Christmas is most well know for disrupting schedules but let's not forget Holy Week as well. To many Christians Easter is far more important than Christmas. Every person we know has been born but only one has risen from the dead.
This evening was the final Wednesday night Lenten service and thus next week will be Holy week. The church we attend is Our Saviors Lutheran Church - MS and we offer a Maundy Thursday service at 7:00 PM. A Good Friday Service at 7:00 PM and four Easter Services.
6:30 AM Sunrise Service
8:15 AM Traditional Worship with Communion
9:30 AM Traditional Worship
11:00 AM … (10 comments)

north dakota: My 1st Outdoor Blog of 2019 - 03/23/19 02:34 PM
It's March 23rd and I'm blogging outdoors again. It feels good! Last year I purchased a 4' X 6' green house in hopes of getting a head start on enjoying North Dakota's late and cool Spring. It worked great and I felt it was worth the money spent even if the equipment would only last a year.
Surprise! The equipment made it through last spring and early Summer so I packed it away until yesterday and now it's back up and working great. I've equipped it with a tiny heater so now I can even use it for it's intended use, a … (26 comments)

north dakota: Photographing the Wind - 03/03/19 03:43 PM
A high temp of -1 below zero doesn't bother most North Dakotians' but when you add a constant wind speed of 25 Mph and gusts much higher it even gets the attention of the sturdiest of men.
My 1st reaction was typical... Oh Crap! As I looked out the window this afternoon and watched the bare trees blow in the wind I really started to think about what an awesome day it really is.
It's hard to picture or video "cold" but I think you get the picture from this short video. I start out with the flags at the Roosevelt Park Zoo … (15 comments)

north dakota: Something My Mother Taught Me. - 03/01/19 07:07 AM
One thing my mother impressed upon me was the importance of language. Intellegent people knew words and how to use them. Intellegent people did NOT use profanity and intellegent people will respect you if you can converse with them on their level.
My mother was a life long scholar.
In my self imposed study to be the best Notary Public possible I ran across a word I had never heard before, Consanguinity. I had to go to YouTube just to figure out how to properly pronounce consanguinity. I could not figure out the pronunciation from the phonetic spelling. Once I heard the … (18 comments)

north dakota: North Dakota is eyeing regulations on service animals. - 01/21/19 09:15 AM
Who's the Turkey?
Although I'm no longer a landlord I will go on record as saying that North Dakota legislators are on the money looking at curbing what constitutes a "service animal". IMHO some people have gone way to far and for a medical professional (Dr.) to say that a turkey or a donkey is a service animal, and for a landlord to have to accommodate it, is ridicules.

north dakota: One more bit of info on Measure 3 - 10/31/18 01:10 PM
My earlier post on Measure 3 on the North Dakota Ballet was pretty though as far as my opinion on the subject but here is some more good printed material I found to share with you.
There is a local group in Minot trying to get the word out every day over the radio station I listen to. It costs them $190.00 a day to advertise "Vote No on Measure #3" on both the FM/AM stations. That's $190.00 total. The chairperson of the drive is Richard Leavett and he can be reached at 701-839-5832 if you are interested in helping them spread the … (8 comments)

north dakota: North Dakotan's THINK about Measure #3 - 10/31/18 06:57 AM
Please read about the consequences of voting yes on measure #3. This is a very poorly written measure.
This measure, if passed into law, would make marijuana legal in any case, any situation! No Kidding! Under this law any one, any age, can light up anywhere... even a 3rd grade student in class!!! Not only that but any one could grow as much pot as they want any where. Your neighbor could till up their back yard and turn the entire thing into a marijuana farm. PLUS any one ever convicted of a pot related crime in the past in ND would have their record erased, … (6 comments)

north dakota: Shouldn't We Be Frozen? - 08/11/18 03:10 PM
We are enjoying a Heat Wave in Minot North Dakota!
I'm out on the deck blogging and the thermometer is at an all time high for this date in North Dakota at 101.
I'm sure not everyone is enjoying this heat but we get so little of it I'm out soaking it in.
Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer and then we drop back down into the mid 80's.
I'm sure I'd get sick of this quick if it happened a little more often but if memory serves me correct today is the 1st 100 degree day in a few years (it only got to 99 yesterday). … (20 comments)

north dakota: Maximizing Minot's Spring Weather - 04/26/18 04:49 PM

With the advent of Spring coming to Minot North Dakota I could no longer blog from the basement. Although I had set up enough lighting in the basement I could get a tan down there it just doesn't compare to being out on the deck blogging.
That being said sitting on the deck and typing with mittens and a parka on isn't all that appealing either so I needed to find a solution.
My first thought was a nice 3 seasons room like my neighbor sells for about $25,000. My next thought was the little green house I have but it is only about 2 feet … (13 comments)

north dakota: Realtor Ring Day, 2017 - 12/02/17 02:06 PM

One of my favorite charitable activities to participate in is the North Dakota Association Of Realtors "Ring Day".
This is an event that originated in MINOT ND and is now part of 37 State Association Of Realtors.
Every Salvation Army kettle in the City of Minot is manned by Realtors on this day and our local Salvation Army Caption has told us year after year it is their biggest kettle day.
It's only 2 hours per shift and I have a lot of fun meeting people and often reconnecting with past clients as well. If your State is NOT one of the 37 we … (10 comments)

north dakota: Finally, I Can Enjoy This Mornings Sunrise - 08/17/17 06:42 PM

This has kind of been the week of heck for me. I won't bore you with all the details but today was the day that the Real Estate Commission visited every Minot ND office and poured over our files and RETA accounts.
Well, the audit went pretty good, doesn't look like any fines will be in order. It was a part of a tough last two weeks but not the very worst of it.
When I saw this Red Sunrise this morning I just could not be to busy to ignore it.
Yes, it really was that red. I did not use any filters or … (13 comments)

north dakota: Rain, Rain COME and STAY! - 08/05/17 06:49 PM

About 95% of North Dakota has been in a drought this summer so any moisture has been appreciated... even today when it fizzled out our Festival On Main in Minot North Dakota. It did hold off until about 4:00PM so the merchants still had a good day and so did the kids with the bouncy castles and games planned for them.
On the map above ONLY the white spot has had adequate moisture in North Dakota this year. Minot, where I'm reporting from, is on the edge of the Northern black spot near the center of the State.
This is the first year I remember … (9 comments)

north dakota: Burdick Expressway, Construction Report. - 05/30/17 06:54 PM

For the 15 years I've lived in Minot I've heard every year that they are going to "fix" East Burdick Expressway. Mid May they got started. 
The surface of East Burdick Expressway, between 9th Street and 15th Street has been in very bad shape for years. In the "ancient" days Burdick Expressway was Highway 2 before it was re-routed around town. As an old highway it is a cement surface.
The "fix" starts with modifying what is known as a dead loop. The dead loops were left over river parts from when they modified the river after the flood of 1969.
Before they started … (2 comments)

north dakota: A BIG Day In The Timm Household - 05/07/17 07:19 PM
Timmothy N. Timm is one of Our Saviors Lutheran Church's newest members via the confirmation process as of this afternoon.
The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has a 3 year confirmation process that is very challenging that not only requires 4 hours a week (for 3 years) of education but also requiring servant events but much more.
Tina is very proud of her "Little Brother" and asked me to take their picture together.
The best part of Timmothy's journey has been that on Friday when I met with our Pastor (as my friend) for coffee he told me that Timmothy has a real heart for God as did one … (7 comments)

north dakota: Things You May Not Know About Your ND Realtor - 04/18/17 08:59 AM
Real estate licenses are issued by the State of North Dakota.
Those wishing to sell Real Estate in ND must submit to a thorough background check that includes fingerprints and an extensive credit check. (the objective here is that if you can not handle your own finances you should not be handling others, especially on the biggest purchase of their lives)
Examples of those who may be denied: Recent bankruptcies, those with a lean against them for not paying rent or automotive payments, leans for credit card debt, medical debt, and more.
Anyone who would like to have a license MUST complete a course … (16 comments)

north dakota: Shorts in January in North Dakota, It's all Relative - 01/22/16 11:01 PM

Shorts in January in North Dakota, It's all Relative!
In North Dakota we are just coming off of a couple weeks with days containing some sub-zero temperatures.
Yesterday El Nino brought us some strong winds and temps in the low 30's. This morning in Minot we woke up to a temp of 37 degrees.
Here is my new, made up word: North Dakotaized. 
What is North Dakotized? Every year in the Minot area we gladly receive many new families from Texas, Florida, and other Southern States who move here either for the Minot Air Force Base or the oil fields.
They move here in the summer and at 60 … (11 comments)

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