oak park realty: The Landscape Changes When You Are The Land Of Opportunity! - 02/22/12 11:42 PM
The Landscape Changes When You Are The Land Of Opportunity!

North Dakota, particularly Western North Dakota, had seen slow but steady growth for the last decade or two. Minot North Dakota had seen “better then” slow and steady but only by a thin margin. That was until The Minot Air Force Base added another bomber wing and at just about the same time the US Geological Team announced the largest oil find ever (and anywhere) was under Western North Dakota.
Rumors abounded about how Minot North Dakota may grow as large as Houston Texas over night. I think everyone … (9 comments)

oak park realty: SUN DOGS, You Really Don't Want To See Them. - 01/18/12 03:31 AM
SUN DOGS, You Really Don't Want To See Them.
These are "Sun Dogs" and you really don't want to see them (in person). What you have here is two pictures with a "sun Dog" on each side of the sun. If I had a panoramic camera we could eliminate one of the suns in the middle. The Sun Dogs almost form a rainbow around the sun.
The key to Sun Dogs is that it needs to be below 0 degrees outside or colder. The colder it is outside the more spectacular the Sun Dogs. When I woke up today … (12 comments)

oak park realty: OFFICE SWEET OFFICE... There is no place like office. - 01/03/12 12:49 PM

Office Sweet Office. It's small, it's ugly, but it's mine.
After a summer of conducting business out of my mother-in-laws basement, Starbucks, and the public library, I finally have an office to call home office.
With all the positives it's easy for me to overlook the ugly color of the building (which I will repaint this spring) and the fact that the interior needs a little spritzing up.
The next big step is to get that secretary I've talked about for 2 or 3 years. I hired one and she quit … (22 comments)

oak park realty: Oh Yea, Then There's THAT! - 12/31/11 02:45 PM
Oh Yea, Then There's THAT!
In setting up my new office I decided to add ink-jet printers to each desk in addition to the networked color laser copier/printer.  I like having a printer on my desk so if I'm printing something personal, like a receipt from eBay, no one else has to see it plus sometimes I just don't want to leave my work area when I'm immersed in my work.
The one thing I did remembered about ink-jet printers was that ink is just about as expense as gold. I also remembered that I used to purchase ink cartridges … (3 comments)

oak park realty: CHRISTMAS... Thank God for the Commercialization! - 12/25/11 04:52 AM
CHRISTMAS... Thank God for the Commercialization!
Speaking as a dedicated Christian, follower of the Savior of the world Christ Jesus, I am so happy that Christmas has become extreamly commercialized.
In the USA nearly 90% of our citizens profess a Christian faith, I'm guessing that like myself you are among those 90%.
I would also guess that if you ask those who do not know Christ in the USA what are the two biggest holidays you would overwhelming hear Christmas and Easter.
Many people think that Christmas has been taken over by Satan masquerading as Santa Claus and that retail has totally corrupted the meaning … (6 comments)

oak park realty: REALTORS...A DIVERSE GROUP! - 12/20/11 06:07 AM
It never ceases to amaze me what a diverse group we Realtors are. Granted some folks hold a Real Estate license as a hobby or even just for their own purchasing benefits. Some Real Estate professionals hold a second job out of necessity just to make ends meet. Many Real Estate professionals have a second occupation because it works well with a hobby. Heck I know one Real Estate agent who's a clown (actually a magician but I think of him as a clown).
I've noticed that a few Realtors really excell at that 2nd vocation BUT I've … (10 comments)

oak park realty: There is No "Right To Receive" or "Obligation To Give"! - 12/02/11 01:34 AM
There is No "Right To Receive" or "Obligation To Give"!

I consider myself to be a generous giver. I give more to the church I attend then I think I can afford (but it always works out) and I also give to various charities of my choosing.
At this time of year we are all besieged by pleas to give to just about every cause we can think of... as well as a few we never dreamed of.
The purpose of this post is to relate to you the receiving experience we experienced through the flood disaster Minot ND experienced … (13 comments)

oak park realty: The NEW (1996) RealMan Mobile. - 11/24/11 02:41 PM
The NEW (1996) RealMan Mobile.
With the demise of the Kia and the sale of my Dodge Grand Caravan I absolutely had to start the search for a new "RealMan" mobile. I don't believe I mentioned the sale of the Caravan previously but the Caravan was the most recent bearer of the "RealMan" license plates and wore them proudly for 3 years. So many things started to fail on the Caravan that when I thought I should buy new tires I felt it was just plain "totaled out".
I love driving the Kia but even I can not imagine asking a client … (5 comments)

oak park realty: Winter Is Here, Crash Boom Bang! - 11/16/11 06:27 AM
Winter Is Here, Crash Boom Bang!

Yesterday we got our first taste of Winter. An unpredicted 6" of snow came roaring in with strong winds. I think the winds were predicted but no one predicted the snow.
Having a large Air Force Base here we are used to our share of accidents with the first snowfall. For many of the fine men and women on the base it's the first time they have seen snow. Well it's compounded this year with our oil boom and a whole lot more drivers who have never seen or driven in snow before.
The … (10 comments)

oak park realty: The BEST View In Minot North Dakota, 608 NE 13th Street - 11/12/11 06:18 AM
Just Listed, The BEST View In Minot North Dakota!

This home has been under professional re-construction for nearly a year because the professional was going to make it his own. Nearly 2,000 square feet on each floor makes this home one you can easily get lost in. Check it out... and check out the magnificent view!

MLS# 20112115    $399,900.00


oak park realty: Who Says An Old Dog Can't Teach YOU New Tricks??? - 11/06/11 10:59 AM
Who Says An Old Dog Can't Teach YOU New Tricks???

Jack is a 12 year old mutt. He loves to fetch but we've never known him to actually catch a ball. Even at the age of 12 he will run after a ball much longer then your arm will hold out throwing the ball.
Jack has never done steps. He will run up them (in shear terror) if he has to but forget him ever going down steps on his own.
So what will he do if he is in the mood to play fetch and no one is paying … (13 comments)

oak park realty: HURTING CONTRACTORS NEED TO HEAD TO MINOT ND - 10/29/11 02:05 AM

It's been a while since I sent out a plea for contractors to come to Minot if they want business. Business that they can charge full price for, rebuild their companies and retain their good workers. Minot and Western North Dakota is, and will remain, America's major boom area for a minimum of 5 years and more likely for 20 years.
In the last week it has been re-affirmed that Western North Dakota is sitting on more recoverable oil then Saudi Arabia. WAY more!
For several years now I've been posting about our … (7 comments)

oak park realty: AMAZING ART by The World's Greatest Artist! - 10/26/11 12:52 PM
AMAZING ART by The World's Greatest Artist!

Any one who has or had vision has viewed this artists work at some time or another. He has worked with every form or art known to man and most likely some art we are not even aware of. I'd like to say that my favorite works are his visual presentations but when I think of his musical skills and culinary skills it's really hard to pick my favorite.
This post is about a very recent work, finished sometime last night or very early this morning. This beautiful piece was created under his … (18 comments)

oak park realty: Thankful Thursday, "It's Not Cancer" - 10/20/11 03:36 AM

Thankful Thursday, "It's Not Cancer"
I'm a guy who is very much aware of cancer and always concerned as to if it has crept into my personal life. Cancer does run in both sides of my parents families and my Dad died of cancer so when I felt a lump in my chest (and it was sore) I didn't waste any time in having it checked out.
As one who has chosen not to participate in a health care program I always think twice about going in and usually give the symptom a week to see if it will disappear … (5 comments)

oak park realty: Get To Know Your Minot Public School Board Members - 09/03/11 10:12 AM

Get To Know Your Minot Public School Board Members
I think it's wise to know who your local School Board Members are, after all, they have a lot of say in YOU child's education. When I read the paper I am often surprised at what some school boards around the nation feel is "right" for a child's education.
I am thankful that The Minot School Board for the most part has not embraced some of the crack pot things I read about in the paper. I am glad that the only things that upset me with The Minot School Board is … (5 comments)

oak park realty: A FLOOD OF BUSINESS DURING THE FLOOD BUSINESS - 06/19/11 03:54 PM
I have been so fortunate to be handling a flood of business during this flood business that it just seems funny to have such a blessing at the same time that I am facing the ominous presence of a situation that could wipe out a third of Minots' homes, including mine, and about a third of it's businesses, again including mine. The scene below is a block from my house. The water is usually about 50' from these homes and about 30 ' lower then the homes (these homes have full, finished, wood … (9 comments)

oak park realty: CUCKOO COUNCILMAN! - 06/13/11 04:17 PM

After my last post, Bob vs the Sewer #3, I received some interesting emails as well as phone calls from Minot locals who had some pretty interesting stories. The most interesting one I found went like this (to my best recollection):
An influential fellow and his influential wife living in NW Minot were having a seepage problem in their basement. Approximately a block away from this couple is a tiny little lake with some very nice homes built around it. The little lake is GREAT for the property values of the nice … (11 comments)

oak park realty: VBS (Vacation Bible School) in Minot North Dakota - 06/06/11 12:52 PM
VBS (Vacation Bible School) in Minot North Dakota
Are your kids "BORED" already now that school is out? Getting on your nerves? Don't forget about Vacation Bible School! It's free, every church has it, you don't need to belong to the church, and kids LOVE it! While our kids only go to the one held at our church many kids will go to as many as a dozen different Vacation Bible Schools in a summer. Here are some pictures from this years VBS at Our Savior's LC-MS that is now in progress. The theme this year is Gold Rush. Our very … (9 comments)

oak park realty: THE USUAL PLEASE! - 06/05/11 03:45 PM
Most of us get pretty "set" in our ways. Things become routine, usual. On rare occasions we try to mix it up a bit and sometimes times by no choice of our own things get mixed up a bit.
In our personal lives we do things that become habit, some times good and some times bad. The times we eat, how much we eat, the times we go to bed (where we go to bed), and how long we sleep. All habit, all routine, the usual.
Rarely, probably never, have I met someone who changes it up at … (8 comments)

oak park realty: BOBBY T. (RealMan) IS BACK! - 06/05/11 01:56 AM
Bobby T is back in his home and is so grateful to be back. After the worst Mouse River flooding since the 1500's (how the heck do they know that???) the powers that be of Minot have allowed about 5,000 of the 10,000 mandatory evacuees to move back into their homes and businesses.
This flood and the threat of major destruction has certainly given me plenty of material to blog about. From the feeling of dread when the Mayor came on the news, as somber as I have ever seen any man, telling us that the … (8 comments)

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