radio: Home Wiring Doesn't Need To Be Scary (or Shocking) - 10/18/19 06:04 PM
Wiring is one of those things you want to "get right" in your home.Most people are wise enough to let the professionals do the electrical work but there are some do-it-yourselfers who are daring enough to do their own electrical work as well. That's fine... as long as you let the City Electrical Inspector take a look.
John O. French is an electrical inspector for the City of Minot and he wants to help you get it right as well. He would be happy to take a look at your plan and let you know what will and won't work. Everybody … (14 comments)

radio: I'm Going Remote - 09/29/19 05:03 PM
My Plan for 2020
Going Remote!
Part of my marketing plan as a Realtor was to get on the radio airwaves with a program about local real estate. 
With no real plan in mind I approached a local radio station manager and asked him if he would air my program. He said sure. It probably didn't hurt that I had been advertising on his station for the last 12 years or so.
Instead of me yammering away the entire time I decided my program "Minot Real Estate Today" (Now just "Minot Today") would be interviews with local, influential people. The interviews were a good choice … (12 comments)

radio: Brock Weppler Insures FUN ! - 09/27/19 05:47 AM
Brock Weppler is an Assistant Director of MSU Athletics-Development AND Brock is also the Director of the Beaver Booster Club. Brock is an amazing local boy who has done a fantastic job for our local University, Minot State. Brock has been with the Beaver Booster program for 14 years and the Assistant Director of Athletics-Development for over 3 years.
Brock is one of the most upbeat positive people I know and it's no surprise to me, I've known his mom for years and she is President of St. Joseph's Community Health Foundation  as well as a Ward County Commissioner. Listen in and … (2 comments)

radio: Dr Shirley and the 2019 Minot University School Year - 08/29/19 01:07 PM
What's new at Minot State University? President Dr. Shirley is back to tell us about the new school year at Minot State University. There is a lot of exciting stuff discussed here so please take the 15 minutes to listen in.
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it at 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 AM. Of course I always post the broadcast as a Podcast here as well as my Podcast site at Pod-O-Matic.

radio: POEM, a Very Unique Storefront. - 08/08/19 11:14 AM
Rarely do I walk into a storefront and am "Wowed" but I sure was by POEM of Minot. I was greeted by James Adams who gave me a full tour and it didn't take long to realize that POEM and James were both amazing. It's no wonder however as James clued me in on the brains behind POEM. Please listen in, I believe you will be surprised at the story James tells.
Minot Today is broadcast over the air on two Minot radio stations every Friday. You can find it on 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 … (4 comments)

radio: Bad Things DO Happen To Good People - 07/05/19 05:44 AM
Unexpected and unfortunate circumstances could have ANYONE scrambling for a bondsman. Do you have any idea where to start? Do you have any idea what bond is all about? Do you have any idea what a bondsman does for you or what your obligations are when using one?
Joe Uzdavinis (Use-da-Venice) is the owner of Minot Bail Bonds and he and his Right-Hand man Dave Ulvog are wonderful Christian men who are dedicated to helping people in their lowest moments facing legal trouble. Their motto and mission is a Bible verse... listen in to find out which one.
Minot Today is broadcast … (27 comments)

radio: Local, FREE Want Ads - 02/26/19 10:53 AM
If you read the news paper like I do no doubt you have noticed that the amount of space that the want ads take up is now a fraction of what they were. I myself no longer use them because the news paper charges as though they were still king and have ignored that most people look on line now at the many free places to advertise. KHRT offers such a service and theirs is way under used. This means your free ad is going to be seen and not burried in the 15 minutes worth of ads piled upon it. … (16 comments)

radio: ANY Local Sports Team/Event can be covered LIVE on KHRT - 02/22/19 11:44 AM
Did you know that KHRT broadcasts many local sporting events. We will gladly do a LIVE broadcast of your schools sporting events as long as you can provide the sponsors needed.
 We can/will broad cast over KHRT 1320 AM or 106.9 FM as well as live over the World Wide Web! Just in the last month you may have heard games involving Bishop Ryan, DesLacs, Stanley, Our Redeemers, Westhope, Velva, Lewis & Clark Berthold, Max, Glenburn, Rugby, Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood, and Surrey.
We will cover ANY sport by ANY school in the region as long as you have the sponsors to cover it. … (4 comments)

radio: My KHRT Radio Video - 02/15/19 12:59 PM
One person wearing two hats can be confusing. Since my retirement from Real Estate I've chosen to wear two hats (prominently) in my semi-retirement life. Truth be told I'm putting in just as many hours as ever but I'm doing so in positions that I enjoy much more then I was prior to semi-retirement. I've told you about my notary work, and yes that is still work BUT the other hat (which I LOVE) is my involvement in radio.
When I retired from 16 years of Real Estate in the Minot ND area the ONLY thing I wanted to do was to … (10 comments)

radio: I Was Cut Off From the World - 12/03/18 06:11 PM
While posting on Active Rain this morning I got the dreaded "This page is unavailable" message. I assumed the site was under heavy load and that I got kicked off... not so.
I called my IP and they couldn't trace down the problem so they sent someone right over (with-in the hour any way).
I was bummed, almost into instant AR withdrawal was setting in.
Then someone walked into the office... I had forgot that I set up a radio interview. No problem, I don't need the internet for that. 
Then the IP guy showed up. Bigger problem then expected, needed time to figure … (31 comments)

radio: Tomorrows Radio Broadcast - 10/25/18 07:53 AM
I am excited about tomorrows radio broadcast of Minot Today. I will be visiting with Rianne Kuhn from Visit Minot, our Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Visit Minot is VERY active in the community and do a wonderful job of promoting everything Minot.
Unlike the Chamber of Commerce, Visit Minot does NOT charge a membership fee and they want to promote everybody/thing in Minot.
Regular reader of my blog know that I used to post all the events happening in Minot, Visit Minot was a huge help to me when I did that as they usually have about 10 events up every day.
Minot Today is broadcast over … (16 comments)

radio: If You Have Ever Prayed For A Job... - 10/12/18 06:05 AM
Today's 15 minute radio broadcast of Minot Today is on the top... the top of the roof with Don and Donny Jessen of Jessen Roofing. If you have ever prayed for a job and God gave you an answer you didn't like you will be able to relate to Don Jessen's story.
Minot Today is broadcast over two radio stations every Friday. You can find it at 106.9 FM at 12:15 (Noonish) and again at 4:45 on 1320 AM. Of course I always post the broadcast as a Podcast here as well as my Podcast site at Pod-O-Matic. 

radio: Old Me, New Me - 10/06/18 10:49 AM
Answering the challenge:
My October 2018 update your profile challenge....
by Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®,CRS, 
The picture to the left is the one you have been looking at for about a year as my profile pic and it is time for it to go. Not that it's all that out dated, it's just that it wasn't that good of a picture in the first place. I obviously took it my self which is not bad in it's self ( I was a professional photographer in one of my many past lives) but it was taken with a used $3.00 web cam and no backdrop. I was … (50 comments)

radio: It's Oscar! - 07/19/18 07:18 PM
Oscar is a 14 year old who owns a business that employs 11 people and he even owns 2 vehicles although he has yet to get his drivers license.
I've been chomping at the bit to share this broadcast of Minot Real Estate Today with you. This interview on Minot Real Estate Today is with 14 year old Oscar, 3 year veteran of the business world. Hear how an 11 year old went from a corner lemonade stand to a company with 2 vehicles and 11 employees. This year Oscar will be a High School Freshman and next year he may even have a … (6 comments)

radio: North Hill Bowl has been around so long... did they build Minot around it? - 07/06/18 02:21 PM

Today's broadcast of Minot Real Estate Today is an interview with Rory Selk, Pro Shop Manager of Minot's North Hill Bowl. Currently there are 3 generations of the Selk family working at North Hill Bowl on a daily bases and Rory is training up the 4th. North Hill Bowl is another great reason to say "there is ALWAYS something to do in Minot ND".
Minot Real Estate Today is broadcast over the air every Friday by two minot radio stations. You can listen in live on 106.9 FM at 12:10 (over the lunch hour) and on 1320 AM at 4:45 PM. Of … (8 comments)

radio: An Interview with City Alderman/Mayoral Candidate Shaun Sipma - 06/07/18 02:23 PM
I've NEVER posted my radio program prior to it airing on 106.9 FM or 1320 AM on Friday but I just feel this interview is to important to hold back for Minot residents.
This is part 2 of 2 but it stands alone as we conclude our visit about "The Magic Fund" and go on to discuss flood control in Minot ND.
Please share this broadcast with others on FB and what ever social media you use.
Don't forget to get out and VOTE! Your vote could effect your pocket book! Government policy, even/especially at the local level affects property values. Your vote matters!
Minot … (2 comments)

radio: Will Vince Concince You That The 2018 State Fair Will Be The Best! - 03/29/18 04:33 PM
My old friend Vince Azzarello left KHRT Radio to become The North Dakota State Fair Marketing Director. Vince did not have to convince me to get excited about the upcoming North Dakota State Fair as I love to go every year but it was still a blast to visit with him about it. This episode will be broadcast over the air on KHRT-FM 106.9 at 12:15 (noonish) and on KHRT-AM 1320 at 4:45 PM or you can listen to the recorded podcast right now right here!
When I started this Radio Show, Minot Real Estate Today, Vince was my "Director" and made … (13 comments)

radio: My Broadcast on Minot Real Estate Today, Today - 02/09/18 01:08 PM

On today's radio broadcast of Minot Real Estate Today I interviewed my friend Steve Carbno, Regional Sales Manager of Easter Seals/Goodwill Thrift Stores in Western North Dakota. I've know Steve for 7 years now but until this radio interview I knew nothing of his life prior to the flood of 2011 that brought him to our community. I hope you enjoy the broadcast.
Minot Real Estate Today is broadcasted every Friday on 106.9 FM at 12:15 PM and on 1320 AM at 4:45 PM through KHRT Radio. I am always looking for guests to be on the show so if you think … (4 comments)

radio: Today's Radio Broadcast on Minot Real Estate Today - 02/02/18 06:51 AM

 Deer hunting in the City Limits? Shotgun season on feral cats?
If you had or have questions on these topics you want to listen to today's radio broadcast of Minot Real Estate Today, heard on 106.9FM in Minot at 12:15 during the lunch hour or on 1420 AM at 4:45 this afternoon.
Of course you could just click on the podcast above and hear the 15 minute show RIGHT NOW!
I think you will find the 15 minutes well spent as it's funny AND informative.

radio: My 1st Entry Into The 12 Days Of Thanksgiving - 11/11/17 07:04 PM
I have so much to be thankful for and my 1st shout out goes to who opened my eyes as to who I am thanking.
I'm talking about Christian radio opening my eyes as to who The Creator and savior of my soul is.
Although I was raised in a Christian home and I went through confirmation I had no idea who or what the Christian faith was.
The funny thing is I set my alarm clock radio to the Christian station because I was a Rock and Roller and that Christian radio station played such horrible music (to a Rock and Roller) that … (8 comments)

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