realman: Inside The Scamp (My Tiny, Tiny Camper) - 08/17/12 02:15 AM
Inside The Scamp (My Tiny, Tiny Camper)
For those of you who asked what the inside of my tiny little camer looks like here it is, as is. I do plan on having the cushions reupolstered soon and I will/maybe recarpet the floors. Also on the "to do" list is make new curtains.
I am convinced that no matter what we will have fun with it. Our first test run will be this weekend. The real test will be to see if my Honda Oddesy can handle pulling it without overheating or burning a lot of oil (as it does when I … (8 comments)

realman: I’m Ready To Scamp! - 08/15/12 05:06 AM
I’m Ready To Scamp!
My first job out of Tech School (now known as Technical College) was working as a Motorcycle Mechanic for a brand new dealership called The Escape Hatch in MoorheadMinnesota. That was 40 years ago… of course I was -1 years old then being I’m only 39 now (I wish).
I don’t have a lot of pleasant memories of that job but one of the good ones I do remember was that we were a dealer for a really cool little camper called a Scamp. From that time on I thought “some day I will own … (4 comments)

realman: UFF-DA - 07/30/12 05:46 AM
Uff-Da! If you live in North Dakota or in Minnesota Uff-Da is a common saying. We think it’s Norwegian for ”what the heck” but I was just thinking, maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all in the Norwegian language. After all Uff-Da is understood up here if you say it whether you drop a big rock on your foot or if a pretty girl walks by you in shorts and a halter top (the girl, not you). I guess either way it still says “what the heck”.  OK, it’s understood whether someone unexpectedly … (3 comments)

realman: It Was A Fair Day - 07/25/12 04:40 AM
It Was A Fair Day

It was really much more then a fare day, It was a State Fair Day! Friday was the kick-off with the State Fair Parade and it was huge. Yesterday (Tuesday) my family and I spent 11 hours at the fair having a great time. This year was special in many ways. Last year at this time the fair grounds was under 6' of water thus neither the parade or the fair were held.
The folks in charge have done a fantastic job of getting everything back on line after millions of dollars of damage … (8 comments)

realman: SO WHAT If I Don't Mow! - 07/19/12 12:25 AM
SO WHAT If I Don't Mow!

The home behind my kids is one of about a dozen nice homes that were built about 4 years ago. They have the river in their backyard. With the flood last year they had the river runnibg through the house, about 6 feet deep in the living room. All of these homes are in the mandatory buy-out plan thus they have all been abandoned. Tina and Timmothy are about 5 feet tall so the tallest weeds are about 7 feet tall.
Regretfully about 20% of the homes that were lost to the flood … (7 comments)

realman: The REALMAN, Realtor - Assassin - 07/14/12 12:28 PM
The REALMAN, Realtor - Assassin

Just how far are you willing to go to please your customer? Are you willing to become... REALTOR / ASSASSIN?
On a lazy Sunday afternoon the phone rang, shattering the peace of a relaxed time sipping a fine adult beverage (Hamm's Beer) with my hot mate (it was about 90 degrees out and we were both hot).
I immediately recognized the voice on the other end of the line as a desperate single woman with whom I had already signed one contract with... a contract at times that I have … (16 comments)

realman: Oh Yea, Then There's THAT! - 12/31/11 02:45 PM
Oh Yea, Then There's THAT!
In setting up my new office I decided to add ink-jet printers to each desk in addition to the networked color laser copier/printer.  I like having a printer on my desk so if I'm printing something personal, like a receipt from eBay, no one else has to see it plus sometimes I just don't want to leave my work area when I'm immersed in my work.
The one thing I did remembered about ink-jet printers was that ink is just about as expense as gold. I also remembered that I used to purchase ink cartridges … (3 comments)

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