realtor: Check Out That Tool - 03/08/18 06:21 PM

It's been a while since I gushed on about what a great library Minot has so it's time again to tell you about yet another fantastic service The Minot Public Library provides.
You Can Now Check Out Tools At The Library!
How cool is that?
Not just one or two tools to chose from but over 160 tools are available. Not just a hammer and a screw driver but Milwaukee power tools as well. Click on the image below and browse through their entire catalog of tools.
If you are looking for the best tool to BUY a home and not build one then look for a … (14 comments)

realtor: SASHA Almost Turned Me Into "RealMan - Realtor/Assassin" - 02/11/18 10:35 AM

Do you love your job enough to KILL for it? If you are a Realtor dedicated to customer service you just may be asked to do so like I was several years ago.
One of my toughest listings was for a woman I'll call Sasha. Her husband had run off with her best friend 20 some years ago and left Sasha with the house and a acre or two of yard.
Sasha was absolutely clueless when it came to home maintenance (aside from the fact she kept it spotless). She was so clueless that she didn't use the basement because it smelled... I … (7 comments)

realtor: Chore Day - 04/23/17 02:41 PM

Yesterday was a day of chores and family. Real Estate has a way of bringing those two together. I could never do what we Realtors do without the help of my family. Ever since my children were old enough to lick a stamp, clean dads office, help decorate for holidays, my family has been behind me 100%.
Yesterday I got a lot of chores done but the biggest one was cleaning a new construction home for a special open house I will be holding this coming Wednesday. We mopped up the sheetrock dust, cleaned the counters, and washed down the driveway and … (8 comments)

realtor: TIME TO SHRED - 08/18/14 05:02 AM

I was cleaning out an old file cabinet left behind from the previous owner of the company and thinking... what am I going to do with this stuff? These were not sensitive customer files, just plat maps and development information collected by the previous owner, a property appraiser.
I could have spent hours going through each file looking for info I may or may not use.... some day.... but I'm opting to just get rid of the clutter. Just in case there is some personal information in there I'm going to take the paper to a recycling … (10 comments)

realtor: If you've got a Sweet tooth! - 05/09/13 02:01 AM
Here in Minot ND there is an awesome unique bakery called Sweet & Flour, from cookies to pastries to Quiche's and cheesecakes they have it all, all home made I will add. Each day they make something new. Its nice to have new opportunity's to taste new items every time you go. With great combinations of flavors and recipes for your liking. Its a great place to have lunch or a little birthday get together with friends. Or if you just want something Great to eat , you can take a book and find a seat in one of their cozy chairs … (1 comments)

realtor: Why Not Minot? - 01/30/13 04:28 AM
Why Not Minot?
When I made this little video a few minutes ago I was surprised that there were so many videos with the same title on You Tube. Good quality videos. Mine is not. I actually made this video just to see if I could make a video.

OK, hope this works. If not I will remove it in a jiffy.
I can NOT seem to get the player to come up BUT if you click on the fellow above you will see my video.


realtor: KIDS, PETS AND HALLOWEEN, OH MY! - 10/22/12 11:26 PM

My creative, pet loving, daughter felt the need to torment dress up her beloved guinea pig, Titus, for Halloween. I have to applaud her for her creativity. Last week we had Tina's teacher conferences (7th grade) and of course there were no surprises, she's a genius (we think) and every teacher commented on how polite and well mannered she is. She is sooo unlike her dad from when I was in school.
Have a fun and safe Holloween and look out for furry little bees named Titus.
Bob L. Timm
National Marketing Realtors, 1919 North … (13 comments)

realtor: Beautiful Renovated Home in Minot - 10/09/12 12:49 AM
Beautiful home! this home has been owned and lived in by a local contractor for several years. Completely gutted and rebuilt befor the flood and now after. You will love the solid wood door, jacuzzi tub, main floor laundry, spacious kitchen with dura -ceramic floor and soft close drawers. New energy efficient furnace with central AC. With brand new shingles and R30 insulation in the ceiling you will also like the low heat bills in the winter. if you are into sound you will also appreciate the in wall surround sound system in the living room. the loft area is open … (0 comments)

realtor: GOOD MORNING MR. SUNSHINE! - 10/08/12 11:35 PM

Up here in the North land the days are getting shorter as winter draws near. Now I'm getting to the office before the first rays of sunshine. Today's sunrise made me stop what I was doing and take it's picture. Like a child screaming "Look at me, Look at me" I just could not deny it.
Bob Timm, National Marketing Realtors, 1919 North Broadway, Minot ND 58703. Phone 701-720-8513

realtor: Inside The Scamp (My Tiny, Tiny Camper) - 08/17/12 02:15 AM
Inside The Scamp (My Tiny, Tiny Camper)
For those of you who asked what the inside of my tiny little camer looks like here it is, as is. I do plan on having the cushions reupolstered soon and I will/maybe recarpet the floors. Also on the "to do" list is make new curtains.
I am convinced that no matter what we will have fun with it. Our first test run will be this weekend. The real test will be to see if my Honda Oddesy can handle pulling it without overheating or burning a lot of oil (as it does when I … (8 comments)

realtor: I’m Ready To Scamp! - 08/15/12 05:06 AM
I’m Ready To Scamp!
My first job out of Tech School (now known as Technical College) was working as a Motorcycle Mechanic for a brand new dealership called The Escape Hatch in MoorheadMinnesota. That was 40 years ago… of course I was -1 years old then being I’m only 39 now (I wish).
I don’t have a lot of pleasant memories of that job but one of the good ones I do remember was that we were a dealer for a really cool little camper called a Scamp. From that time on I thought “some day I will own … (4 comments)

realtor: UFF-DA - 07/30/12 05:46 AM
Uff-Da! If you live in North Dakota or in Minnesota Uff-Da is a common saying. We think it’s Norwegian for ”what the heck” but I was just thinking, maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all in the Norwegian language. After all Uff-Da is understood up here if you say it whether you drop a big rock on your foot or if a pretty girl walks by you in shorts and a halter top (the girl, not you). I guess either way it still says “what the heck”.  OK, it’s understood whether someone unexpectedly … (3 comments)

realtor: FINALLY, And Now My Brain Is Numb. - 07/17/12 01:46 AM
FINALLY, And Now My Brain Is Numb.

So OK, it took me 11 months to complete the course but I did it. In that 11 months I survived a flood, had to move my family twice because of the flood, changed Brokers that I was licensed under because my previous Broker retired, and moved my office as well.
I was determined to get this done! It hasn't been easy with the Real Estate boom our area is experiencing with all the oil activity in Western North Dakota. As many of you know, even though I work under a Broker I … (10 comments)

realtor: The REALMAN, Realtor - Assassin - 07/14/12 12:28 PM
The REALMAN, Realtor - Assassin

Just how far are you willing to go to please your customer? Are you willing to become... REALTOR / ASSASSIN?
On a lazy Sunday afternoon the phone rang, shattering the peace of a relaxed time sipping a fine adult beverage (Hamm's Beer) with my hot mate (it was about 90 degrees out and we were both hot).
I immediately recognized the voice on the other end of the line as a desperate single woman with whom I had already signed one contract with... a contract at times that I have … (16 comments)

realtor: IT WAS A SUNRISE... REALLY! - 07/11/12 11:07 AM

It was a beautiful sunrise... right behind me (the opposite direction of where my camera was pointed). Obviously we could not have had such a magnificent rainbow if the sun was not shining. I also have to give credit where credit is due, my beautiful bride took the picture. I also took several pictures with my camera but when I stuck the memory card in the reader it was blank... and I know they were award winning photos to :(.
The photo above got me thinking about how wonderful our eyesight and our brain work … (18 comments)

realtor: HERE COMES THE JUDGE... I BE THE JUDGE! - 07/02/12 11:48 PM
I was more then a bit surprised yesterday evening when I received a phone call from this "clown" asking me if I would like to be a judge. This guy on the phone must be dizzy.
 Fact is.. he was Dizzy, Dizzy the Clown!
The North Dakota State Fair is always held in Minot North Dakota (except last year when we were under 6' of water) and there are always more clowns around then usual. Of course these are REAL clowns, not the clowns that seem to dominate traffic with tricks like no … (3 comments)

realtor: SUNSET ACROSS THE STREET - 06/25/12 12:33 PM

I snapped this sunset scene from my own front yard hoping to catch a little more color then I did. However I like the way the clouds showed up as I didn't even notice their unique texture when I took the picture. It was a beautiful day with the temp in the upper 70's, maybe low 80's.
I have really been caught up in yard work replanting grass being it was all destroyed in the flood. We have a long way to go but to see the areas that I have replanted start to fill in … (12 comments)

realtor: A SNAP-SHOT OF MINOT NORTH DAKOTA TODAY, 06/13/2012 - 06/12/12 11:54 PM
When I say a snap-shot of today I am saying that this is NOT a comprehensive picture. This is just one mans general view. Like the snap-shot below it doesn't give you a lot of information but hopefully gives you something.

Minot ND is growing at an unbelievable pace. Last year, 2011, we set new records for growth and now just 6 month later we have already shattered the total growth of 2011. Minot is very much the land of opportunity today.
Over the past 10 years we have had steady … (4 comments)

realtor: I THINK I'M THE ONLY REALTOR WHO... - 05/25/12 07:07 AM

I am a little baffled as to why our board is so animatedly opposed to this measure, I'm thinking I owe it to my Buyers to see that they incur as little expense as possible as homeowners. If measure #2 passes North Dakota will be the only State to have abolished property tax.
Please keep in mind that ND has a multi-billion dollar surplus in it's coffers. The biggest complaint I here is that local governments will have to go to the State legislator for funding. I … (8 comments)

realtor: WHAT DOES EVERY GIRL WANT? - 05/24/12 12:05 PM
Well if you are asking my 12 year old daughter (Tina) you may be surprised. Then again if you know my 12 year old daughter you may not be so surprised.
For her twelfth birthday earlier this month I expected to here something associated with becoming a young woman. I'm not sure why I thought that being she has not shown any interest in anything remotely adult.
What ever it was I expected it to be expensive, maybe even break Daddy's piggy bank.
The first thing she asked for was expensive... yet another Lego set. Her … (7 comments)

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