smile: We All Love A Smile - 02/19/24 08:52 AM
I'm not saying every smile is attractive but a bright smile certainly makes a good impression over no smile at all or a smile full of rotten teeth. One smile anyone over 50 may remember was this one:
The Ultrabrite girl. Sorry about the poor picture quality.
I have always thought that my smile was the biggest key to success in my life, especially in sales. You know that old saying: "Put your money where your mouth is". I've put a lot of money where my mouth is and I still have all my teeth today at the age of 69+. I still … (21 comments)

smile: It's Just NOT Possible - 01/22/24 07:40 AM
I don't think I have ever made the effort to smile all day long BUT I have made the effort to emulate the wonderful example of Anna "Banana" Kruchten 's positive attitude.
A forced smile¬†always looks like a forced smile, we don't fool anyone with it. I think this is a very important, yet simple, lesson all Sales Professionals should keep in mind. If your client sees a forced smile they are going to think you are not being honest with them at that moment and question if you have been dishonest with them through out your dealings with them. Honesty includes … (14 comments)

smile: Peeking Through - 08/23/22 06:57 PM
The photograph above was actually taken this evening (yesterday) and not this morning as we are under a storm watch BUT the sun insisted on peeking through.
Of course there are innumerable clichés about light in the darkness, the calm in the storm and on and on BUT this post is much simpler than those deep theological discussions.
Seeing the sky like this sent me to find my camera because I thought it was an awesome scene even with the man made clutter in the way.
The thought of "peeking" made me scramble to find a photograph I had taken JUST for an occasion … (5 comments)

smile: Flashback Friday, KIDS - 02/03/22 07:10 PM
Flipping through old files I really liked this one for several reasons but mostly because of their smiles.
While both Tina and Timmothy were very happy children Timmothy's autism had an effect that when he was asked to smile for a picture he became very strained to do so. This is one of very few photographs I have where Timmothy has a natural smile.
I also like this picture because it's summer and my garden looks great.

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