snow: It's Accumulating - 04/28/19 06:21 PM
Once in a while the weather guessers get it right. Thankfully they only got it partly right when they said we could/would have up to 6" of snow accumulation between yesterday and today. We have had rain and snow showers all day today but it didn't start accumulating until about 6:00 PM. Here is my nice lawn I mowed on Friday (because of the forecast).

snow: A Taste of Winter Weather in Minot ND - 11/06/18 01:03 PM
Today may very well be our 1st day of winter in Minot North Dakota. I hope the snow that is falling (blowing sideways) today isn't the first to "stick" until April 2019.
They are not calling it a blizzard or even a winter storm but the temp is in the mid 20's, it's snowing, and the wind speed is a constant 20 miles per hour. Just in the few blocks from home to office I saw 3 fairly serious accidents.
Drive careful, this is just the start!

snow: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - 12/14/15 05:11 AM

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
I just took this photo this afternoon. After this weekends snow and then the way the fog "Frosts" the trees it's really beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The tree to the left is the same one below that I had blogged about with soft needles that turn gold in the fall, drop off in the winter, and come back green again in the spring. You can read that post HERE


snow: My Grass Is Turning White! - 05/17/15 09:43 AM

And I Don't Like It!
That's Snow!
It's May 18th and last night about 6PM it started to snow in Minot ND. That's when the picture above was snapped and believe me it got a lot worse. We even have winter driving alerts posted for this morning (Monday May 19th). Yuck! I'm definately thinking of moving to Death Valley for my retirement.

snow: COLD TEARS - 04/05/15 01:52 AM


I had to run up to the office after our Son Rise Easter worship service and on the way it started to snow these HUGE snow flakes.
It brought to mind the old saying when it's raining it's the tears of the angels. I'm going to assume these are frozen tears of joy in celebration that he is alive and in their presence today (as he is also in our presence today and hopefully many human tears of joy are being shed today as we realize what he has done for each of us individually).
Here is … (11 comments)

snow: Winter Is Here, Crash Boom Bang! - 11/16/11 06:27 AM
Winter Is Here, Crash Boom Bang!

Yesterday we got our first taste of Winter. An unpredicted 6" of snow came roaring in with strong winds. I think the winds were predicted but no one predicted the snow.
Having a large Air Force Base here we are used to our share of accidents with the first snowfall. For many of the fine men and women on the base it's the first time they have seen snow. Well it's compounded this year with our oil boom and a whole lot more drivers who have never seen or driven in snow before.
The … (10 comments)

snow: ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS 9 MORE INCHES! - 01/12/09 03:20 AM

Two weeks ago I blogged that we had set an all time snowfall record for a year, EVER! Well it just keeps coming. I had really hoped to post several blogs about our community over the Holidays but frankly I've been doing a lot of bonding with my snow thrower. As you can see from the pictures above I've got plenty to do in my yard.. BUT what you don't see is that I also run over to my mother-in-laws and do hers and then I have a listing (or two) by elderly clients that I head over to … (8 comments)

snow: Our First Blizzard of the Season - 11/06/08 06:59 AM
Their Here! Millions and millions of snowflakes that is. It's our first snow storm of this winter season and it certainly is a mess. I'm making this post in an effort to help all the NEW folks in Minot due to our Air Force Base as well as all the Texans up here working on our oil boom. Watching traffic here would be comical if it was not for the fact people are getting hurt and their automobiles are sustaining a lot of damage. Here are some pointers for you:
1) If you are not scared to drive on snow you should … (3 comments)

snow: North Dakota, Motorcycles, and Snow. - 10/28/08 08:56 AM
If you are coming to North Dakota to live you may be asking yourself, should I bring my motorcycle? Having the privilage of working with many fine personnel from The Minot Air Force Base as well as Texans streaming in to work in the oil fields, I find there are a lot of misconceptions about our climate. We do have Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall in North Dakota and despite the whining of many Summer really is longer then one month.

I was having a fun conversation with a friend yesterday where we were re-living the days of our … (3 comments)

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