real estate investment: Chinese Real Estate Buyers Looking to Invest in the US - 07/15/12 06:30 PM
A great amount of cash from Chinese buyers continues to pour into the United States real estate properties.  Multi million dollars are paid for luxury homes and hotels on the West and the East Coasts with the major cities like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco being the favorite places.  Mainland China real estate buyers have been snapping up high-priced commercial buildings in the Manhattan area.
Canada is on the lead as the largest foreign buyer of homes in the US.  China follows behind, with $7.4 billion in total sales in the past year.  This figure is 24% higher … (3 comments)

real estate investment: Investing in Real Estate - Find a Diamond in the Rough - 07/02/12 03:45 AM
The scale and the magnitude of real estate investment have drastically changed in the past 10 years. Today the opportunity to invest is an option for a successful business opportunity because Real Estate prices have hit the bottom. Knowing how to invest in real estate can be a very successful business venture if you know what you are doing, or if you have a Realnet Associate showing you the way.
Houses are sold for a number of reasons. The owner needs money fast, the mortgage on the house is underwater, or the owners are forced to move. Knowing which house to … (0 comments)

real estate investment: Bank Foreclosure Opportunities - 05/31/12 06:58 PM
  A bank foreclosureis a good way to buy a cheap house as most of the times the bank will recover less than the amount they are owed. As such the investor’s margin for profit are larger than with other similar properties in the same area. Making sure that you learn about foreclosure opportunities in time will lead to better chances of buying a property for below market value and having significant profits at the end of your investment. Most of all however, you shouldn’t feel pressured to buy until you have done your research, you know the neighborhood, and understand … (0 comments)

real estate investment: Buy Tampa Real Estate - 05/22/12 10:06 PM
For those interested in buying Tampa real estate, the market seems to be stabilizing and even making small gains in some areas. Now is the perfect time to buy real estate. Over the history of the real estate market we can see that the market has increased, then decreased, then increased even more. The rare case of our economy has decreased the values significantly. Buying right now is the smart thing to do because you will be positioning yourself in such a great advantage for the next big increase. We are bound to see the rise of market values soon. … (0 comments)

real estate investment: Buying Investment Property - 05/17/12 06:59 PM
Buying investment property can be a very lucrative endeavor. It can, also be a gamble; first time investors can often make mistakes that can result in a loss instead of a profit. While buying investment property can be a complex process, taking the time to learn all you can about real estate investment will ensure your success. The following 8 tips will get you started on the right track to successful property investments.
Seek professional advice. Before making any final decisions, always consult the professional opinion of an attorney, accountant and real estate agent. They can help you make sound financial … (0 comments)

real estate investment: Buying Repossessed Homes - 05/13/12 06:00 PM
Buying repossessed homes is one of the best opportunities available in real estate investment. Because so many people are now unable to make payments on their mortgages, lenders are becoming overrun with repossessed homes. The lenders sell these homes at a foreclosure auction in an attempt to get rid of the properties as quickly as possible. Since lenders aren’t looking to make a profit on the repossessed homes, investors can often find great homes at well below market value prices.
Also known as REO properties, foreclosed properties and bank owned properties, repossessed homes can often appear to be a great deal, but investors should be wary. … (2 comments)

real estate investment: Determining Property Values - 05/11/12 05:19 PM
Once you’ve found the ideal investment property and approved its validity for your investment goals, you need to evaluate the property’s worth. Be sure to do your own research. You can easily lose everything you’ve worked hard for if you determine the value purely by the word of the seller or the county tax office.
The following assessment methods will enable you to get a better idea of the actual value of the property prior to your purchase.
The Comparable Sales Method The comparable sales method is the most popular for determining the value of single family homes and buildings with … (5 comments)

real estate investment: Evaluating an Investment - 05/10/12 07:49 AM
One of the dangers when becoming involved in property investments is making sure you can make a profit. After all, the whole point is to make money, so you don’t want to blindly buy homes without crunching some numbers first. To calculate the return on your investment, you’ll need the gross annual income of the property and the annual expenses the property will incur.
There are several calculations you can use to measure the potential success of your investment: yield, gross rent multiplier, debt coverage ratio and cash on cash return. Here’s how to calculate each, as well as how … (2 comments)

real estate investment: Starting your Real Estate Investment Portfolio - 05/09/12 03:26 AM
If you’re just getting started in real estate investment, it can be confusing to decide exactly where to start. Learning how to build your real estate portfolio is very important to your success. Luckily, it’s not hard to learn how; here are a few tips to get you started.
Set small goals. As with any endeavor, you want to start small. Begin with one property (read more on Choosing your first investment property), and once you have established income, move on to the next. Remember that Investment Properties often require work, so it’s best to focus on one property at a time when you’re … (0 comments)

real estate investment: Avoiding Common Investing Mistakes - 05/03/12 04:13 PM
As with any investment option, real estate investment isn’t foolproof; many make mistakes that can cause them to fail. You want to avoid these mistakes so that your investments are successful and profitable. Here are some of the biggest mistakes beginning investors make, and how you can avoid making them yourself.
Perhaps the most important mistake is failure to plan; it’s very important to set goals, then make a plan to reach those goals. Oddly enough, many wannabe investors skip this step, and simply start searching foreclosure listings, throwing their money at any cheap house. The problem with that is without properly evaluating an … (2 comments)

real estate investment: Business plan for property investing - 04/30/12 05:57 PM
Before applying for a business loan, you’re required to complete a business plan to present the feasibility of your plan. In addition, a business plan is a map; you can check this map periodically to make sure your business is on track. Real estate investment is a business, and as such, should have a business plan.
As the old adage goes, “To fail to plan is to plan to fail”. When starting your real estate investment portfolio, it’s extremely important that you have goals, and a plan to reach those goals. Remember that your investing is your business, and it should be treated … (1 comments)

real estate investment: Start Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio with Realnet - 04/27/12 04:55 PM
In this economy, the stock market isn’t doing very well. A lot of people are pulling their money out of the stock market because of the failing economy. A great reinvestment plan is to put that money into real estate investment, which is a booming industry!
First time investors often get over excited and buy up a collection of cheap houses for sale without understanding what they’re getting themselves into. Choosing your first investment property should only be done with a lot of knowledge under your belt.
This is where an experienced investment broker like Realnet comes in. Our experts have the … (0 comments)

real estate investment: What is a Cheap House? - 04/25/12 07:12 PM
That may seem like a stupid question; after all, the definition of cheap house is one that costs less than what it’s worth, right? Yes, but that’s not the whole picture. The cost of a house depends on more than just its selling price.
To illustrate the point, consider a house that’s for sale for $40,000, but has a market value of $100,000. That sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it? So an investor buys the house…then they find out that the house needs work that’s going to cost $40,000, no one wants to rent the house because there’s a junkyard … (2 comments)

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