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Real estate and community information for Chicago's North Shore suburbs of Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Northfield, and Glencoe. Selling single family homes, condos, new construction, and land on the North Shore since 1998. Includes market statistics, sold properties, community events, zoning, sports, restaurants and various real estate opinions and thoughts.



  Marly Christmas 2009  
While scrolling (OK, surfing) the internet, I came across a lovely message that will remind most of us to be thankful for what we have.  And what we take for granted.  Both my parents survived World War II in a prisoner-of-war camp in Germany and the hardships they endured could straighten my cur...
The original tax credit was targeted for first-time home buyers and expired at the end of November.  However, the government revised the plan and expanded it to include all buyers of primary homes. Along with the current buyer's market that we are experiencing, this is an added bonus to most home...
New Trier High School in Winnetka - To Renovate or Not?    A volatile subject sure to raise hackles in the coming 2 months is not whether New Trier needs a renovation, because most residents believe it does.  The issue is just how much renovation it needs and at what cost. One proposal early on c...
Our local representative (running for the Senate) sent this e-mail regarding "pork."  We hear about reckless spending by Congress all the time, but this is "real time." Dear Friends,Last month, our nation reached an alarming economic milestone. For the first time in history, our national debt hit...
I was curious to see how much the tax credit would affect sales in Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth and Glencoe.  As it applied to first time home buyers (or buyers who had not bought for three years) and with income restrictions I did not think it would have much of an impact. Basically, I was rig...
A bit of native prairie is returning to Glencoe at Shelton Park near the corner of Green Bay Road and Harbor.  I was pleasantly surprised one morning while jogging through the park to see a new sign announcing this exciting development.  In a land where tallgrass prairies once ranged as far as th...
I don't think it's really wise to take your home off the market during the holdiays.  In general, showings slow down at this time . . . but the perfect buyer could be here looking for a home that matches yours exactly! Read on,'Tis the Season:  Selling During the Holidays During the holiday seaso...
Winnetka's Annual Holiday Sale is this Sunday December 6.  Many shops throughout town participate in this event and offer storewide discounts of up to 20%.  The sale is always scheduled on the first Sunday after Thanksgiving and many stores offer treats as well.  Let's support our village by shop...
Winnetka Historic Homes - Italianate Style Victorian homes were being constructed in this country between 1840-1890 and the most popular of them was the Italianate style.  Although an American original, they were generally inspired by Italian villas and farmhouses and could be as simple as a two-...

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