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Changes To Local Political Landscape Local politics in the news lately has been about the election of the Regional Chair by the electorate rather than by Regional Council.  With all the talk about who best represents the electorate taking place there are other areas who are also making changes in...
You and "YOUR" Property Tax Bill - 2012 Interim Tax payments Are Due April is not my favourite month of the year as I am reminded that three levels of government are constantly dipping deeper into our wallets. Their demands on our resources are increasing constantly despite all they say they are ...
The Ultimate Slap In The Face After a closed door meeting council voted to stick Georgina Taxpayers with the bill for a defamation lawsuit by Mayor Grossi against the former Georgina Leisure services Director John McLean. You can read more about this decision and  Help stop your tax dollars from ...
Halloween saftey is an importnat subject to discuss with your children. Help avoid tragedy on Halloween by being extra careful if you are out driving as children are so excited  they tend to dart out and across the street with out looking. Help Keep Our Kids Safe Watch Out For The Children On The...
You May Not Get A Personal Reminder From The Tax Office That Your 2011 Property Taxes Are Due But Failure to pay them on time will result in an immediate penalty of 1.25%. The last installment of your Uxbridge property taxes are due by Friday September 30th, 2011. Monthly Payment/Pre-Authorized P...
Here is a great opportunityfor anyone who is unemployed and looking for work or looking for a little someting to supplement your pension or other forms of incomeOntario's Provincial Election Offers Short Term Employment Opportunities Are You looking for short term or contract employment? Election...
We Live In an Upside Down World Yes we do. There was a time When mortgage interest rates were over 20% When gasoline was 25 cents a gallon When you could buy a 3 bedroom bungalow in Mid Scarborough for under $30,000   How Times Have Changed Back in the late 60s interest rates were under 6% you co...
Local residents are being warned be on the lookout for the safety of their pets and livestock by a Udora resident who had an Alpaca destroyed by a bear or cougar. Wild animals such as deer, rabbits, raccoons and skunks are often spotted in and around Udora and other areas of Georgina. On occasion...
  Taking ownership of some of the issues with the park certainly has made a difference for this play park. There were a number of people working away on Saturday when we arrived to take a few pictures. Congratulations to all concerned   Life and Living In Uxbridge, Ontario Successful Clean Up Day...
  Kathy and I have enjoyed the times we were able to go on this tour and having our gardens on this and another local tour in the past.   The Gardens of Uxbridge and Mothers Day Each year for the last 14 years Community Care Durham has organized the Gardens of Uxbridge Tour as a fundraiser for CC...

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