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 Your Home, Stage It and Sell It! I've discussed this subject before, but it is such an important one, I want to delve into it again.   I will attempt to answer these three questions: 1. Exactly what is staging? 2.  Can I afford it? 3.  How do I find a good stager? Staging is making changes to th...
Listing Inventory drops 18.733% in one year!  This September shows an active listing inventory of 25,543 units for residential and condominium homes on the market.  This is the lowest September inventory since 2004.Active Listing Inventory for September of Each Year:2004 -- 25,4452005 -- 27,23420...
I set out on a mission to discover what types of projects our elementary schools here in Highlands Ranch are planning this year for raising funds.  My purpose was to be able to give recognition on my blog to those schools that I feel have the most innovative projects.  In researching, I discovere...
 Okay, what are the options?  A Fixed-rate mortgage is one where you will have an interest rate that remains the same over the life of the mortgage.  Fixed rate loans protect you from paying higher rates if the going rates rise.  However, if the rates go down, you will not have the benefit of tho...

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