amortization: Mortgage 102 - 07/23/08 10:16 AM
Since there is so much to know about mortgages, here's the second in my mortgage series.  First, I have some more definitions for you.
 Annual Percentage Rate (APR)   An interest rate that shows the total cost of your mortgage in an annual rate.  This rate will usually be higher than your stated loan rate because it includes other items such as points and fees.  Sometimes this rate is a better way to compare loans than using the stated rate, but beware.  All mortgage companies do not calculate this rate in the same manner.   
 Earnest Money   Money paid along with an … (0 comments)

amortization: Mortgage 101 - 06/20/08 10:21 AM
How much do you know about mortgages and mortgage terms?  Most people who have actually purchased a home can understand most of the mortgage language.  If you have never purchased a home, however, you may not understand many of the terms that are used.  You are the ones I want to help with this posting.  The rest of you might want to read on just to test yourself. 
First of all, do you know what components make up your mortgage payment?  There is the Principal, which the actual amount you borrowed to buy your home.  Your payment also includes Interest which … (0 comments)


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