home inventory: June Was A Very Good Month For The Denver Housing Market - 07/21/09 04:10 PM
During the month of June in Denver the housing market saw increases in both the average price  and in the number of sold homes for the 5th month straight while "days on market" decreased.  These are all good signs. 
The average price has increase steadily from $213,330 in January to $258,434 in June.  That is a 21% increase and indicates a reviving market.
The number of sold homes in January stood at 2469.  That number has increased every month since to a current high in June of 4186.  That is a 41% increase!  Quite a bounce!
Other good signs … (0 comments)

home inventory: Waiting to Buy That New Home? - 04/16/09 12:41 PM
"Why buy now?" is a question has been discussed and written about almost ad nauseum in the last few months.  The reasons for buying now are so worthy and so many that I think I'll address it one more time. 
While the housing market is in the doldrums many buyers are finding opportunities to negotiate bargain prices and very favorable terms like seller paid closing costs.  In a normal market, you would expect to be able to negotiate only one of those, but now you can sometimes negotiate both to your advantage.  Add to that the huge selection of homes you have … (0 comments)

home inventory: Inventories Down and Under Contract Units Up! - 02/19/09 01:39 PM
We are still seeing very low inventories in the Denver area which will lead to prices starting to turn around.  The current inventory for single family and condo units is at 20,492 which is a 19% decrease from February of last year.   In past years we have seen double digit percentage increases in the inventory from January to February, but this year's increase was only 8%.  
The inventory in the price range from $0 to $250,000 currently stands at 8816 total units.  In the last 12 months 27,374 units in this price range closed.  This means a meager 3.864 months … (0 comments)


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