temecula short sales: Temecula, CA Short Sales and how one agent is declaring war on foreclosure...$1000 Guarantee!!! - 08/16/10 05:22 PM
Did you know that we have helped many families in Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore and Riverside County avoid foreclosure? Are you confused and don't know if a short sale is right for you? You can request your FREE EBOOK at: http://www.dontforeclose411.com Want to watch some more videos? If so, check them out here: http://www.theshortsaleminute.com This is Ryan Smith from Temecula, CA signing off until tomorrow....... … (1 comments)

temecula short sales: Temecula, CA Realtor Declares War on Foreclosures....$1,000 Guarantee!!! - 06/30/10 06:14 AM

Temecula, CA 
Ryan Smith, a Realtor in California who specializes with helping families avoid foreclosure has lost his mind.  He has declared war on Foreclosures.  Ryan says it’s not enough to get Short Sale Approval; you need to review the approval and pay close attention to the details.  Why would a Homeowner OK an approval that gives the lender the right to seek a deficiency judgment?  Now, in some cases it would be almost impossible to have the lender remove deficiency wording, however, if you have an Ace up your sleeve it makes that much easier. 
Ryan Smith … (0 comments)

temecula short sales: It's NOT about The Economy, it's about YOUR ECONOMY! - 06/28/10 01:15 PM
I have often said, “It’s not about The Economy, it’s about Your Economy.”  After looking over the weekly and monthly numbers for unemployment, home sales and home values something occurred to me.  If you’re out of work, behind on your mortgage, facing foreclosure or experiencing some form of a financial hardship, would it matter if the unemployment rate were 20% or 5%?  I don’t think so. What you’re experiencing is what matters.
 I talk with people weekly who are stressed to their limits. They can’t sleep, feel like crap, are either not eating or over-eating…this financial hardship is taking … (2 comments)

temecula short sales: Lack of uniformity or structure when it comes to Short Sales - 06/21/10 05:58 PM
I am amazed with the lack of uniformity or structure when it comes to the process of (or lack of) Short Sales.  Yes, there are many companies out there that offer their designation upon completion of their course work. Problem is it’s based on theory and not results.  What’s the saying, “Those who can do it, do it, those that can’t teach.”? I’m not taking anything away from trainers and/or teachers but there is some truth to that statement within the real estate industry. 
You can walk into any real estate office and talk with five different realtors and they … (8 comments)

temecula short sales: Short Sales to continue for years to come...especially in Temecula Valley, CA - 06/21/10 04:16 PM
I’ve gone on record (http://www.theshortsaleminute.com)  many times saying that short sales will continue to increase (especially in Temecula Valley and the greater Riverside area) and will probably be with us for another two to three years.  Of course I don’t have a crystal ball and cannot say for sure, but this is my prediction.  Why?  One main reason is because of the jobless rate.  Areas such as Riverside County that experienced huge decreases in home equity combined with record unemployment rates (currently 14%) have created the perfect storm.  If you’re unemployed I highly doubt your unemployment benefits will cover your mortgage … (3 comments)

temecula short sales: 445 properties in Temecula, CA are scheduled for auction within the next 30 days...Foreclosure should NEVER happen! - 06/15/10 03:42 PM
Would you be surprised if I told you there are over 7,900 properties that are listed to go to auction on the Riverside County Court steps between 6/16/2010 and 7/15/2010?  I know I was!  Of the 7,906 properties, 445 of them are from Temecula, CA.  The truth is most of these properties will not actually be sold at the auction.  The sale date will be postponed for a later date.  I would assume that a good majority of these homes are either in the Loan Modification or Short Sale process, but who really knows. 
The sad part of this is … (0 comments)

temecula short sales: 122 "Active" listings in French Valley, Ca and Winchester Ca...how many are Short Sales? - 06/14/10 01:16 PM
Since I highlighted French Valley, CA and Winchester, CA yesterday, I decided to research the closed sales and "Active" listings for these two cities.  Would you believe that Short Sales were the dominant category for closed sales?  Of course you would.  That is the trend for much of Riverside County, Ca.  According to my research, there have been 47 closed sales in the past 30 days.  Only 23%, or 11 properties, were represented by standard sales.  REOs were one up on Standard Sales with a total of 12 closed sales, or 26% of the market.  Short Sales dominated this market with … (0 comments)

temecula short sales: French Valley, CA and Winchester CA....Great for growing families! - 06/13/10 12:25 PM
I've often considered French Valley, Ca. and the majority of "Newer" Winchester Ca. a great area to buy a home.  If you're not familiar with this area it's nestled between Temecula and Murrieta Ca.  The far reaching eastern boarders sit next to Diamond Valley Lake (http://www.dvlake.com/).  The good majority of these two cities are both part of the great and distinguished Temecula, Ca. and Murrieta, Ca. school districts.  I understand the importance of school districts for many families; you want to make sure your children will get a quality education while being safe at the same time.  My children are part … (0 comments)

temecula short sales: Loan Mods....70% & 58% re-default rates! - 06/11/10 03:48 AM
I just finished reading a recent story by Diana Golobay titled ‘Principal Reduction More Effective Than Load Mods to Avoid Default: Deutsche' (http://www.housingwire.com/2010/06/10/principal-reduction-more-effective-than-load-mods-to-avoid-default-deutsche).  The article states the success of a principal reduction loan mod has a lower default rate compared to the more commonly issued rate and term loan mod.  A rate and term loan mod is where the servicer/investor either lowers the interest rate and/or extends the term of the loan.  For example, if you're currently paying a mortgage with an interest rate of 7% on a 30-year fixed mortgage, the servicer/investor may offer you a new loan (usually for … (1 comments)

temecula short sales: Avoid buyer's disappointment... - 06/10/10 11:18 AM
Hello, this is Mr. Real Estate Agent, how can I help you? 
The caller responds, "Hi, my name is Mr. Smith and I like the home you have listed for sale at...123 Main Street, Temecula, Ca.  I was wondering if I could come take a look at this home?" 
Agent:  Great!  Can I ask if you're working with an agent already?
Mr. Smith:  No, I am not working with an agent.
Agent:  I would be happy to show you my listing, what time works best for you?
Mr. Smith:  How about tomorrow at 3 pm?  Is it alright if I … (1 comments)

temecula short sales: 270 closed sales (Temecula, Ca) in the last 45 days - 06/09/10 01:30 PM
It's a beautiful day in Temecula, Ca.  I will take 76 degrees (http://www.weather.com/weather/today/Temecula+CA+92591?lswe=92591&from=searchbox_localwx) with an offshore breeze any day of the week.  I know it's going to warm up quickly so I will cherish this mild day. 
I had some downtime between listing appointments and calls with lenders to negotiate short sales today, so I decided to do some research on our local MLS (MRMLS.com).  I was curious to see how many homes closed escrow within the past forty-five days in Temecula, Ca.  My search covered single-family homes and condos from the Western Hills of De Luz all the way through … (0 comments)

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