raleigh nc: Caveat Emptor, Your Upper Hand May Be Lowering - 07/30/09 03:54 AM
I am sure if you are reading this blog then you have been keeping up with the market and do not need a quick synopsis of what has been happening over the past 3 years.  Realtors as well as Sellers have been struggling and hoping for better days; the buyers, well are just popping popcorn watching the show.
First off, let me say that I totally understand why SOME buyers are hesitant on pulling the trigger.  There is not one week that goes by when I am just in a casual conversation when someone says "I can't imagine why it's so … (1 comments)

raleigh nc: Representation In Real Estate Transactions - 01/05/09 03:35 AM
Many concerned future home-buyers and sellers first question when deciding to buy or sell is can I do it myself?  What will it cost?  What is the first step?  How much should I list for or offer to purchase a home?  All of these are legitimate questions and most have very simple or very complicated answers depending on your knowledge of the field.
In North Carolina(laws vary per state) most buyers will hire a Buyer's Agent to represent them in a transaction.  In most cases the seller pays the commission so for the most part you as a buyer would not pay … (0 comments)

raleigh nc: Appreciation Rates.....Raleigh NC - 08/22/08 05:59 AM
Many people have heard the term/phrase "appreciation rate" associated with Real Property...ie: Real Estate.  It can be deceiving it you just read one article or tidbit on what the "current" appreciation rate is because.....since all Real Estate is local, the appreciation rates vary from city to city; also from neighborhood to neighborhood.
In the Raleigh, NC area the appreciation rates have stayed steady over the years...especially in the early 2000's with the Real Estate Boom across the country.  In a nutshell, the "bubble" you may have heard of is caused by appreciation rates rising too fast and then leveling off, then … (1 comments)

raleigh nc: The Listing Agent and The Football Coach - 07/02/08 04:25 AM
The other day I was discussing the Real Estate market in the Raleigh NC area with a friend and the topic of being a Listing Agent dominated the conversation.  Without going in great detail I was explaining how listings are very circumstantial...and by that I mean there are so many factors influencing the marketability of the property that it is hard to please or appease every seller.  Most sellers LOVE their home and can't see why anyone in their right mind would not want to pull the trigger.....but location, colors of walls, smell, slope of the lot, school zone, proximity to … (2 comments)

raleigh nc: Appraisals....Becoming More of an Issue in a Buyer's Market - 04/10/08 04:53 AM
Recently, in the past 12 months or so the Raleigh area has had many sellers scratching their heads when they are not getting asking price and they are parting with their refrigerator, TV and other personal items written into the contract by the buyers.  It is called a buyer's market and an issue associated with this, which is rarely touched on until it hits home...no pun intended, is appraisals.
Appraisal=Home must appraise AT or HIGHER value of sales price on contract.
When sellers insist on listing at a certain price some agents may or may not take the listing, but the one thing that should be pointed out in the … (2 comments)

raleigh nc: Charities In Raleigh NC.....Who Knew? - 03/26/08 11:49 AM
You may ask why I am writing about Charities on a Real Estate Blog Page.  Well, why not?  While Raleigh is one of the fastest growing cities in this part of the country, a lot of people that move here are not aware that there are a lot of smaller charities worthy of recognition.  One that really does have something to do with Real Estate is the Center For Volunteer Care-giving.  With a lot of elderly folks moving to be closer to their kin, this organization helps provide services to the elderly such as transportation to Doctor appointments, house cleaning, grocery shopping and … (1 comments)

raleigh nc: Discount Realtors and Listings In Raleigh NC and Wake County - 03/16/08 04:21 AM
When someone is considering to sell their home, the amount of commission they pay is a concern.  Some may want to interview Discount Realtors. Barnes McQuade Realty is a Full Service Real Estate Firm covering Raleigh, Cary, Holly Springs, Fuquay, Apex and the remainder of Wake County and parts of Johnston County NC.  Our company policy is to list homes for 3.5% total commission.  This fee covers both the listing firm and the selling firms commission. 
Barnes McQuade Realty has a marketing plan that puts your home in front of millions of potential home-buyers.  Over 86% of home buyers search on the … (1 comments)

raleigh nc: Sellers....Another Misconception You Should Know - 02/15/08 02:06 AM
A lot of times while on listing appointments or just in general conversation, I hear people commenting on what their home "should" be worth and all the reasons to support their theory.  Before asserting my opinion, let me just say that buyers are the ones that determine the value of your home.  It is what a buyer is willing to pay that determines how much you get, not any other factor.  The buyer is influenced by comparable sales which their buyer's agent will no doubt point out to them; as your listing agent should point out to you.
The issue that puts certain sellers in … (8 comments)

raleigh nc: Is Selling a House Partly Luck? - 12/06/07 02:27 AM
If you talk to 4 different REALTORS you may get 4 different answers on how is the best way to market your home and set it up for showings.  The one thing every one of them should tell you is they don't have the exact answer on how to get it sold.  Selling a home is not like cars.....where you go to the car lot and the salesman points out all of the features, gas mileage and a whopping deal that only lasts for that one day.  A home has so many factors that go into making a decision to buy … (6 comments)

raleigh nc: Two of the Biggest Misconceptions of Listing a Home - 11/16/07 06:03 AM
When considering to sell your home many people do their share of research and often come up with information that could or could not be true.  There are many misconceptions about REALTORS in general, but much more about the business itself.  One category is listing your home.  There are two main misconceptions that I have witnessed and before I was licensed, I probably thought the same thing.
The first is who actually sells your home.  Many people think the Listing Agent is the one that comes in, puts a sign in the yard, enters in the MLS and has a ton of buyers that they are … (3 comments)

raleigh nc: What Is There To Do In Raleigh NC? - 10/29/07 02:07 AM
Is there anything to do in Raleigh?  It depends on your age, interests, hobbies etc., but the overwhelming answer is YES.  Over the past ten years Raleigh has seen an incredible amount of growth, which is credited to many things, but mainly the job market, climate and availability of affordable housing compared to the rest of the country.  Real Estate or Housing is what some call the "wheel"....  it is the center and basis of a population which is connected with (spokes) commerce, education, health-care and all other ingredients from which a society feeds.
With that said, Raleigh now can support many things … (0 comments)

raleigh nc: Wake County Real Estate Statistics for August 2007 - 09/27/07 04:08 AM
Listed below are the Real Estate Trends/Statistics for Wake County NC for the month of August 2007.  This includes Raleigh, Cary, Garner, Apex and surrounding areas.  For more information visit me here.
Number Of Active Listings= 8,098
Single and Multi Family Homes Sold= 1,872
Total Dollar Value= $511,012,978
Average Price= $272,977
Median Price= $192,000
Average Days On Market:  0-30= 716   31-60=389   61-90=236   91-120=162   120+=268
Zip Code With The Most Closed Sales= 27587  (129)
*All data provided Triangle MLS

raleigh nc: What is a BPO? - 08/16/07 02:15 AM
In the Real Estate business there are a lot......a lot of acronyms.  So what do they all mean.  The one I get a lot of questions on is a BPO.  You may hear the term if you are in the banking industry, lending industry and definitely in the Real Estate business.  BPO is a Broker Price Opinion.  Sometimes a bank will solicit the expertise of a Real Estate Broker/REALTOR to give their opinion of price on a certain property.  It could be for many reasons and most of the time the Broker doesn't know why they are receiving the order, but … (5 comments)

raleigh nc: Wake County NC (Raleigh and Cary) Real Estate Statistics For June 2007 - 08/01/07 09:40 AM
Below are the Real Estate Trends or better known as Statistics for June 2007 in Wake County NC which includes Raleigh, Cary and surrounding smaller towns like Fuquay Varina and Apex.  I hope this helps and for more information visit here.  
Number Of Active Listings= 7,270
Single and Multi Family Homes Sold= 2,225
Total Dollar Value= $601,819,487
Average Price= $270,481
Median Price= $200,000
Average Days On Market:  0-30= 943   31-60=407   61-90=266   91-120=149   120+=341
Zip Code With The Most Closed Sales= 27587
*All data provided Triangle MLS

raleigh nc: What Keeps Attracting Buyers To Raleigh NC? - 07/26/07 09:19 AM
Many people across the country are hearing more about the Raleigh/Cary NC Real Estate Market.  Aside from Raleigh being the capital of North Carolina, the city is positioned in a perfect geographic location.  We are about 2 hours from the coast and around 4 hours from the mountains.  Instead of a week long yearly vacation, many take several short vacations throughout the year.  On top of the location boon, Raleigh boasts many of the traits of a growing metropolitan area; which with good reason attract people from all across the country.  JOBS.....a major trait....Raleigh definitely possesses a growing job market, Universities, … (4 comments)

raleigh nc: Buyer's Market Or Seller's Market? Where Is Raleigh and Cary NC? - 07/25/07 05:11 AM
Recently Forbes Magazine has named Raleigh, NC the best place to sell a home.  They called it a seller's market and backed that up with the average time to sell as being 90 days on the market.  A Seller's Market is when homes sell quickly and sellers have the upper hand in pricing and usually can get close to full price or more than they are asking...also there tends to be more buyers than sellers.  A Buyer's Market is ....the opposite, when it may take longer to sell a home so sellers are more flexible and buyers have the advantage and can have … (1 comments)

raleigh nc: How To Find A REALTOR In Raleigh, NC Or Anywhere, USA - 07/19/07 01:21 AM
In your quest to buy or sale Real Estate you may have no idea how or where to get started.  Real Estate is one of those industries in which it pays to know someone....OR someone who knows someone:)  Most if not all REALTORS work by referrals meaning they depend on their past clients to send them new business.  This works in the consumer's favor because if a particular REALTOR has a bad reputation for not providing good service, the odds are against that person staying in business. 
There are many ways to find a good REALTOR, but again the best way is by referral.  … (0 comments)

raleigh nc: Do I Need A Home Warranty? - 07/11/07 08:40 AM
Many buyers ask this question before writing a contract and my answer to them as well as to the seller if I am the listing agent is....I would strongly consider the pros (plural) vs. the con.  The only con would be price.  Like anything of value there is a cost associated with it, but they vary.  Most home warranties range from $275 to $500, but again they vary in price for a number of reasons.
Who pays for the warranty can be part of the negotiating process.  For the sellers it is a great incentive to include at initial listing AND most … (0 comments)

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