buying a home in rapid city: Clients are Family. An Emond Team Client Story. - 09/24/19 03:13 PM
In 2013 Vince Herman and his girlfriend at the time bought a house together. It was a simple starter home in Box Elder with a garage and unfinished basement.
Life happened and they broke up about a year later. Since they both were on the title, it became necessary to sell and move on.
Thanks to the strong real estate market, they actually made some cash on the sale!
Fast forward to 2018. Vince landed a great job. He started enjoying life, taking exotic trips, and snorkeling whenever he could.
And it was time for him to buy his own place again.
The right home with … (0 comments)

buying a home in rapid city: 9 Mindful Tips to A Stress-Free Homebuying Experience - 09/23/19 12:51 PM
You decide it’s time to buy a home.
Naturally you start talking about it – your hopes, dreams, plans and wishes.
Next thing you know, your friends and family start recounting their near-death stories of the struggles and stresses they went through on their home buying journey.
So, you enter the process with your guard up – determined to “power through” - expecting to just deal with some crap for awhile
But I wonder…are those stressful experiences created because you are looking for it?
You’ve heard so many stories that now you are expecting it.
Maybe it’s time to change the story.  Maybe it’s time to change the … (0 comments)

buying a home in rapid city: Home Buying Should Be Fun - an Emond Team Client Story - 05/02/19 12:56 PM
Buying A Home Should Be Fun
An Emond Team Client Story  
“Yellow Car!”
I glanced sideways from driving to the next home I was showing Alex and Brittani to see what that was all about.
Alex, in the back seat, swore under his breath.  In the next moment, blurted out “Yellow car!”
“OK.” I said. “What’s going on?”
It was their car game.  You get into the car, the game begins.  Whoever sees and calls the most yellow cars before getting out of the car wins.  School buses, construction vehicles, and other commercial vehicles excluded, of course.
I loved that they felt comfortable enough around me that … (0 comments)

buying a home in rapid city: Four Minutes to Beat the Competition and Win the Home - a Client Story - 10/30/18 03:00 PM
Four Minutes to Beat the CompetitionAn Emond Team Client Story 
FOUR Minutes.  It only took 4 minutes for Claton and Renee to beat out the competition and get their home.
Wait, wait.  Let’s back up….
Claton and Renee were ready to buy a home.  Kid was on the way, their space was too small…it was time.
They had some unique needs in a Westside home that, quite honestly, I was skeptical we could find in their budget.
But then we walked into what would be their new home.  (spoiler alert)
It was springtime.  In Rapid City.  And the market was hot.  I called the listing agent to … (1 comments)

buying a home in rapid city: Buyer's Closing Costs 101 | Tristan and his WHITEBOARD LIVE - 05/11/18 02:14 PM
Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - LIVE! Closing Costs Explained 
Hey Everybody, welcome to Tristan and his WHITEBOARD LIVE!
And, as you can see, this is what happens when your daughter comes over after school and decides to draw on the whiteboard.  Quite entertaining. I was kind of wondering why the dog looks like a centipede with a number of different legs. Anyway, lot of fun for everybody but we'll erase that for now.
Alright. Today we are going to talk about closing costs.
What are Closing Costs?First thing, of course, on the list is what are closing costs?
Closing costs are those funds needed by the … (0 comments)

buying a home in rapid city: Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - Title Insurance and Home Survey - 02/08/17 12:36 PM
Title Insurance and Home Survey
OK!  Believe it or not...there is light at the end of the tunnel.  We are almost closed!
But there are a few key components we need to understand before we get to the final walk through and closing.
Sometime within a couple weeks of acceptance, we'll receive a "Title Commitment" and talk about title insurance.   Episode 13.1 talks about what to look out for, how it works and what the costs are.
Making sure you have a clear title to your home and property.  (PS If YOU have any judgments on record … (0 comments)

buying a home in rapid city: Who Should you Hire as your Rapid City Real Estate Buyer's Agent - 11/29/16 02:12 PM
New Episodes just released! 
Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - Buyer's Series Episodes #5.1, #5.2, and #5.3  Who should you hire as your buyer's agent?  Don't you want someone in your corner when purchasing that new home?
We make life a whole lot easier on you!
Let us set up the showings, share our experience and knowledge, handle the paperwork, and make sure the seller is getting the stuff done they said they would!
In these episodes of Tristan and his WHITEBOARD, we go over what you should look for in an agent, we spend some time talking about the paperwork and legalities of the hiring your agent process … (1 comments)

buying a home in rapid city: How to Buy That Rapid City Home - in video - 11/22/16 02:34 PM
Just released!  Episodes 3 and 4 of Tristan and his WHITEBOARD... 
How Do you Buy A Home?You've probably heard scare stories and stress, stress, stress.  Conquer that stress by coming along with me on Tristan and his WHITEBOARD!
This week, in episode 3, we break down the rapid city home buying process into pieces and give you the quick overview.  We'll go over each stage in detail, but let's talk about where we are going first.
In episode 4, we discuss the importance of having an actual sit down with me (or your favorite REALTOR) BEFORE you go looking at homes.  I … (0 comments)

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