rapid city: Rapid City: You Can't Turn Left Here | Tristan about Town - 02/14/19 01:46 PM
You Can't Turn Left HereA special edition of Tristan about Town 
You Can't Turn Left Here
Hi I'm Tristan Emond with Mindful Living Realty.
I've got a problem.
I have a pet peeve of people turning left in places when the road is so busy turning left is an impossibility.
So on this special edition of Tristan about Town... Rapid City: You Can't Turn Left Here.
Welcome to O'Hara Stadium. There are football games, track and field games, and when you've got Central playing Stevens, everybody's here. There's people lined up all the way across the road. When things get out...you can't turn left here.
The parking garage … (0 comments)

rapid city: Rapid City Real Estate Market - 1st Quarter 2018 [video] - 04/17/18 02:19 PM
Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - LIVE! 1st Quarter 2018 Rapid City Real Estate
Market Report  
Rapid City Real Estate Market...
Hey everybody, how you doing today?  Welcome to Tristan and his WHITEBOARD LIVE! - Monday edition...after the storm with my marker. Managed to actually remember it's we can do the Rapid City Real Estate Market Report for the first quarter of 2018.
The NumbersI've got a lot of numbers behind me - talking about how real estate has been happening in the past 3 months...the first quarter of the year.  Not only have I shown the last year’s numbers but also wanted to … (1 comments)

rapid city: Sculptors Needed in Rapid City - 02/15/12 11:01 AM
Sculptors Needed in Rapid City
Calling artists and sculptors from around the world: Rapid City has a few granite boulders in need of a facelift! The Rapid City Arts Council and Destination Rapid City just announced an international search for sculptors to participate in creating 21 pieces for a public art site near Main Street Square in downtown Rapid City. This is an exciting proposition to design and create public artwork!
Curator for the Rapid City Arts Council, Mary Maxon, announced that the sculptors would have the opportunity to add to an already famous collection of sculptures in the area. Sculptors … (0 comments)

rapid city: British Pub in Rapid City - 02/11/12 08:19 AM
British Pub in Rapid City
Finally, an old world British pub has come to Rapid City! If you haven’t heard, Wobbly Bobby has opened in downtown Rapid City, bringing with it boisterous brews, pub fair favorites, and British atmosphere and hospitality. The old world feel and amazing selection of beers and bites will make this your new, favorite place in Rapid City.
So you may be asking “What is a Wobbly Bobby?” The folks at Wobbly Bobby, British Pub have your answer. Wobbly is British slang for being intoxicated and Bobby is a British colloquialism that referred to the first, … (0 comments)

rapid city: Golf in Rapid City - 02/11/12 08:08 AM
Golf in Rapid City
Pretty soon the snow will melt, the flowers and trees will be in bloom, and spring will be here at last in Rapid City. One of the most popular ways to get out and enjoy the weather is with golf! Golf has become popular all over the US and Rapid City is lucky to have a selection of great golf courses in the area. While the snow still falls, bring out those golf clubs and get them ready to go! Here is a wish list to get you started dreaming of 18-holes, golf shoes, and blue skies:

rapid city: Spring Fun at Storybook Island in Rapid City - 02/08/12 08:44 AM
Spring Fun at Storybook Island in Rapid City
It is too bad that Puxatony Phil decided there would be six more weeks of winter. Usually around this time people start dreaming and planning some spring fun. Even though spring is a few months away, there are fun places around Rapid City that should be first on your list. How about Storybook Island?
Storybook Island is located right off of Sheridan Lake Road in Rapid City. Storybook Island is not an island at all. It is a whimsically fun and free children’s park. Started by the Rapid City Rotary Club in … (0 comments)

rapid city: Broadway Comes to Rapid City - 02/07/12 08:54 AM
Broadway Comes to Rapid City
Did you hear the news? Broadway has come to Rapid City bringing the classic comedy Young Frankenstein to Rushmore Plaza Civic Center this weekend. Originally a Hollywood movie by Mel Brooks, the Broadway musical combines the classic one-liners, gags, songs, and dances into a beautifully fun play. If you are looking for something wonderful to do this weekend, or if you have yet to make it to Broadway yourself, come see Young Frankenstein in Rapid City.
A spoof on the horror movie genre, the movie version of Young Frankenstein was a cult sensation featuring Mel … (0 comments)

rapid city: Walk for Warmth in Rapid City - 02/07/12 08:43 AM
Walk for Warmth in Rapid City
Rapid City’s inaugural Walk for Warmth is coming up on Saturday, February 18th from 3 to 5pm. This yearly walk helps those in financial need heat their homes and stay warm during the coldest months out of the year. Contrary to the name, the Walk for Warmth also helps these families cool their homes during the summer heat too! Bring your family to downtown Rapid City to help raise money for these families in need.
The Walk for Warmth will start in Downtown Rapid City at the Main St. Square. Walkers will head down 6th … (0 comments)

rapid city: Delmonico Grill in Rapid City - 02/01/12 05:47 AM
Delmonico Grill in Rapid City
Rapid City had been looking for a restaurant like the Delmonico Grill for a long time! Luckily, owners Pete Franklin and Kelly Remily had been looking for a place like Rapid City! The Delmonico Grill is a labor of love that turns out the most mouthwatering, uniquely classic food you have ever tasted. The only thing that possibly tops this is the staff’s dedication to service and hospitality; which in a town like Rapid City, counts for everything.
At the Delmonico Grill music legends inhabit the walls and beautiful music plays over the speakers. You … (2 comments)

rapid city: Mickelson Trail near Rapid City - 02/01/12 05:35 AM
Mickelson Trail near Rapid City
As many Rapid City residents know, those Black Hills can be quite the trek. Finding an easy, yet entertaining, trail shouldn’t have to be a quest though! The answer to your search is the Mickelson Trail! Named after the 28th Governor of South Dakota, George S. Mickelson, this trail takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of the Black Hills. Great for walkers, hikers, bikers, and horseback riders, everyone will find something they love in the Mickelson Trail!
Branching both north and south of Rapid City, trailblazers can start in either Deadwood or Edgemont … (1 comments)

rapid city: Mammoth Site near Rapid City - 01/31/12 09:31 AM
Mammoth Site near Rapid City
The Mammoth Site is located an hour south of Rapid City in Hot Springs, SD. The discovery of the Mammoth Site happened in 1974, when an excavation for a housing development unearthed the first of these amazing treasures. Today, scientists and paleontologists have unearthed over 55 mammoth, bear, camel, llama, prairie dog, wolf, fish and invertebrates.Thousands of years ago, men in Rapid City had more to worry about than dropping a call or missing the last play of the Super Bowl. Food was the driving need of prehistoric man and one of the stranger food sources … (1 comments)

rapid city: 1880 Train near Rapid City - 01/31/12 09:19 AM
1880 Train near Rapid City
Before roads spanned across the country, people traveled by train. The train tracks brought adventurers, homesteaders, miners, and more to South Dakota; making Rapid City a boom town. Train travel is so relaxing and the views can not be beat. See a new view of the Black Hills surrounding Rapid City through the eyes of one of those adventurers by riding the 1880 Train!
Located about 30 miles south of Rapid City, the 1880 Train celebrates the rich places, people, and history of steam powered train culture. Visitors can board the train from two locations: … (0 comments)

rapid city: Stock Show and Rodeo in Rapid City - 01/28/12 05:24 AM
Stock Show and Rodeo in Rapid City
The Stock Show and Rodeo has come to Rapid City, bringing with it all the excitement, fun, and flare a person could want. From January 27th through February 5th, the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center will host a menagerie of people, animals, events, sales, food, and more. With so much to see, you can discover something new every day you go!
Stock shows were originally started so ranchers, farmers, and food companies could get together to buy or sell livestock. This tradition is still very popular today and is the business side of the Stock … (0 comments)

rapid city: Bear Country in Rapid City - 01/27/12 10:15 AM
Bear Country in Rapid City
When hiking or biking through the Black Hills near Rapid City, most people would prefer not to see a bear close up. Although the Rapid City area is not a usual habitat for black bear, and certainly not grizzly bear, there are bears to be seen at Bear Country USA in Rapid City. This 250 acre enclosure is a great stop to see some of America’s most amazing wildlife close up.
Bear Country USA was started in 1972 with 11 black bear, one cougar, one wolf, three buffalo, and a large bull elk. Now … (2 comments)

rapid city: Hockey in Rapid City - 01/27/12 10:07 AM
Hockey in Rapid City
Hockey season is in full swing! Rapid City’s hockey team, the Rapid City Rush, is the team to see in the area. As a newer team to the Central Hockey League, the Rush has been doing well in the last three years as they finished third in the Northwest Division in 2008, Northern Conference Champions in 2009, first at the Turner Conference and the President’s Cup Champions in 2010. With the amazing support of Rapid City hockey fans the 2011-2012 season has been exciting as well!
Rush at-home games are played at the Rushmore Plaza Civic … (0 comments)

rapid city: Caves near Rapid City - 01/24/12 10:09 AM
Caves near Rapid City
The Black Hills around Rapid City hold more than just beautiful views, great hikes, and amazing wildlife! Deep beneath the soil are a series of caves! Within those caves are amazing histories of the people who lived in and near Rapid City, wondrous creatures that live without light, and treasures too beautiful to be made by man! Visiting one of the caves near Rapid City is a great way to experience the outdoors (or underground?) while escaping the colder weather.
Black Hills Caverns
Located just four miles west of Rapid City, Black Hills Caverns are a series … (0 comments)

rapid city: Hiking in Rapid City - 01/24/12 09:32 AM
Hiking in Rapid City
Don’t put your hiking and fitness plans on hold just because you can’t get out of Rapid City at moment. There are hiking spots in and around Rapid City that would be perfect for anything from a quick morning trip to a weekend adventure. Next time you need to get out of the office for an hour or two, or an out of town friend comes in for the day, check these trails out!
Hansen-Larsen Memorial Park Trail Network
Located near Downtown Rapid City, this 300 plus acres of hiking, biking, and running trail area is formally … (0 comments)

rapid city: Bicycles in Rapid City - 01/17/12 09:11 AM
Bicycles in Rapid City
Before you know it the snow will melt away and warmer weather will move right in. Don’t let the commitment to your New Years fitness goals falter! Now is the perfect time for you to start getting your bicycles back in shape or to start the hunt for a new bicycle. To help you in this quest is Cranky Jeff’s Bicycle Shop located in downtown Rapid City.
If you are an avid cyclist in the Rapid City area, then you may already know the folks at Cranky Jeff’s Bicycle Shop. If you are just starting to … (0 comments)

rapid city: Gallery Art in Rapid City - 01/16/12 07:57 AM
Gallery Art in Rapid City
Walls at home or the office looking pretty bare? Time to head to Rapid City to find that perfect piece of art to liven up your world! Each Gallery in this list has something unique and beautiful to offer. Find something that fits you and support many local, Rapid City artists in the process. Art is alive and well and waiting for you! Here is a list to get you started:
Apex Gallery
713 7th St, Rapid City 605.394.4101
The Apex Gallery is part of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Established in 1989, … (0 comments)

rapid city: Local Beer in Rapid City - 01/16/12 07:51 AM
Local Beer in Rapid City
Located in the original city firehouse, Rapid City’s Firehouse Brewing Company has become a regular destination for those seeking local beer, a great atmosphere, and wonderful food. Designed with the original, Rapid City fire hall in mind, visitors are surrounded by polished brass, antique fire fighting equipment, and local photographs and signs from years gone by. The bar features over nine local beers on tap, which are made in the brewery just beyond the glass enclosure. Children and adults alike love to watch the brewmasters work! The beers themselves are made from the highest, quality ingredients; making … (0 comments)

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