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  Excellent news for Short Sale candidates in 2015... For homeowners who qualify for a HAFA Short Sale, as of February 1, 2015 the relocation incentive available to the occupant/borrower increased from $3,000.00... to $10,000.00!!   Yes - you may be elligible for $10,000.00 at escrow closing, for...
  On December 16, 2014, Barak Obama signed a bill which extended the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act.  This act covers any mortgage debt which is canceled (usually via Short Sale / foreclosure / loan modification principal reduction), through the end of the year 2014.     The Mortgage Forgiv...
Interested in what past short selling homeowners think of my work?  Here's a quick video of my Ojai Seller (in Ventura County, CA.)..    Looking forward to work with you too!   Temple  (805) 208-6024   To see more of my client reviews visit:  
  The big question in 2015... Are Short Sales and Foreclosures Subject to FEDERAL Income Taxation? According to the California Association of Realtors legal department.. the answer is Yes.   HOWEVER... the income is taxed / addressed differently, depending on several things, including whether the...
2015 Short Sale Info and Favorable Laws for CA Homeowners...   Ventura County, CA.  2015...   Here are some short sale related laws, in 2015 that will help determine whether or not you have to pay income tax on the "phantom earned income," after getting approved for a short sale in California... ...
What are the benefits of doing a short sale in 2015?   Here are a few..    1.)  There is no cost to the homeowner.  In most cases, a homeowner who decides to sell their home via a standard sale will pay real estate commission (usually about 6% of the sale price), escrow fees, title fees and some ...
WHY CHOOSE A SHORT SALE Vs. FORECLOSURE in 2015?   If you are unable to make your mortgage payment in 2015, it is still more beneficial to do a short sale, rather than just walking away, and giving your home back to the bank in a foreclosure.   A foreclosure is considered to be an "abandonment of...
What is Owner Financing?  Or sometimes known as "Seller Financing." Seller financing is a situation in which when a property owner / seller extends credit to a home buyer to help the buyer to pay the purchase price of the seller’s property.  Most often times, the amount of credit the seller will ...
Seller Financing... What's In It For The Seller?   The most typical wish list of a selling home owner are; Selling for the highest sale price (of course!) An "all cash" offer - would be nice... If we don't get an "all cash offer," then an offer with a large down payment... Fast escrow period (fas...

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