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Atlanta is a BIG metropolitan area! So when you are looking for your new home, or selling your current home, it's wise to choose a real estate agent that knows the area where your home is located. They will be the best to market it with the knowledge of the surrounding area! My focus is "Follow The Gold" which is the Gold Line of MARTA from Midtown Atlanta, Buckhead, Brookhaven, Chamblee and Doraville. Let me help you "Find Your Real Estate Gold" with the purchase or sale of your home or condominium!



  I Have Much More Than Many Others. I have a loving partner, mother and family. I have friends, be they near or far, who care. I will share food with friends today that many could only dream of having. I  will laugh with others cry. I'll drink good wine while others thirst. I'll talk while other...
Ok, that might be a harsh start...but hopefully it got your attention. If not, try these words that were recently posted in the safety bulletin from one of my local neighborhoods... BEING STREET-SMART ABOUT CAR BREAK-INS Having said all of the foregoing, we cannot stress enough to refrain from le...
I'm a new kid (relatively speaking at 4 years) to this gig called real estate. Oh, I had some exposure years back when my parents sold real estate in Montana, but by that time, I had moved on to someplace like Houston, New Orleans or maybe Miami Beach. And real estate would be my 6th, yes I said ...
Can a city have to many hotels? Can a neighborhood have to many LUXURY hotels? Well, that's a question asked around Midtown Atlanta these days!   First, we had condominium buildings everywhere we looked, and now it's hotels...and not your roadside, pull up in front of the room, plastic cups wrapp...
Always wanted to see what some of the condos look like in these cool buildings? Don't want to "bother" a Sales Agent to see models when maybe you are not really ready to buy? Here's your chance! Viewpoint Midtown will host a Tour of Homes this Saturday! Now you get to see not only what the models...
I just could not resist this one! It popped up in one of those little Yahoo windows I get when I check one of my many (way to many) e-mail addresses! It IS all the buzz these days....What, or maybe we should say Who will be the new First Dog in the White House come January. Not having allergies, ...
When traveling, there is nothing worse than not knowing the airport you are going to be arriving in, or better yet, changing planes in. Never fear, your "Everything You Wanted to Know about Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is Here!" First, a little history about how we got to be t...
Since I've started blogging, it's been a real educational experience on so many levels, I can't even begin to start! However, one of those levels is that ever quest for a blog topic! Now, me being an A-type person, I've set up a notebook that is already overflowing with ideas for blogs! Now, I ju...
I did my first blog on August 25, I guess you could call that my "Rain Date." The day I dived into this "thing" (those that don't understand the Rain, or blogging for that matter are convinced we've joined a know that, right?) I had no idea what I was in for. Well.... Let me ...
Garbage. Junk. Trash. We can call it anything we want, but we've got it! And sometimes not where it should be or where we want it. Sometimes, laws make it hard to get rid of trash, like used tires. So people just toss them where they see fit. And then somebody's gotta' clean it up! The Atlanta Be...

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