blogging: The Benefits of Keeping a Journal - 04/03/18 01:32 AM
I love to write. 
I got started here in The Rain way back in 2007. And I can say I have written a blog post or two. Not as many as some of you have done (you MillionPLUS point kinda people) but I've done them. And I've fallen on and off the wagon more than once. 
I'm hanging on to the side of the wagon now, and I will get back on it! It's tough....I've got THREE, yes, THREE places to blog and work on. There is MyMidtownMojo, my main site I started back shortly after joining Active Rain. I'm learning how a … (45 comments)

blogging: Cataloging Your ActiveRain Blog with Tags - 01/24/15 12:58 PM
If you have never "found" or "discovered" Craig Daniels on Active Rain...then you are truly missing a real gem in our on-line community. If I was ever stranded on an island (with Internet of course) I hope he is there with me. It would certainly pass the time just being able to learn from him. 
Perfect case in point.....Tagging Your Blog Posts. 
This is not something I understood when I first started blogging on Active Rain..and man, I wish there would of been a coach or someone to point me in the right direction. I do have my main blog site, pretty … (1 comments)

blogging: There IS a Better Sound Than Your Point Meter Cha Ching! - 08/04/14 10:54 PM
It's never been about points. ( Ok, I'm stretching the truth there a bit.....I love to beat Jim Crawford or Lane Bailey but it will never happen!) 
I found Active Rain way, way back in 2007. Some of you are real newbies to the club, and there are many of my friends that I met who joined about the same time. 
I knew I needed something to move my real estate business forward before I had to hang out the For Sale sign. And from what I could read and understand, this blogging thing was the ticket. I'm a writer, … (44 comments)

blogging: Do You Read Your Own Posts? - 07/18/12 10:14 PM

That might sound rather silly, but stop and think for a moment. Do You Read Your Own Posts?
We as bloggers are ever on a quest to write. Oh my, I just Googled 555 Why Is There No Post Street and I need to rank for that term! So off to the races we go. But do we remember the races of the past?
If you're an organized blogger, (Lord knows I try, but I could spend a month of Sundays cleaning up my Active Rain blog tags) you might be able to quickly refer to a post, or … (47 comments)

blogging: A Day in The Life of A Real Estate Agent - 09/17/11 09:43 AM
I'm often asked what I do all day long. (Funny, I ask myself that same question at 8pm when I walk out the door and the same piles are on my desk when I started at 8am)
Well, first off, it seems no two days are the same.
If I'm lucky enough to have a Buyer, I'll either be researching properties to see, or actually showing them.
If I'm working with a Renter, I'll be chasing my tail like a dog. Only becuase everything rents so fast, yet no one wants to make a decision.
If I'm working with a Seller.....oh, … (5 comments)

blogging: "Pick Up the Pace Boy! You Wanna Play in This Game Or Not!" - 06/26/11 06:46 AM
Those words could easily be heard on any sports field or court as a coach pushes the players in training or in the game. Pushing them to do their best. Pushing them to better themselves, and give it 110%.
I don't have a coach in real estate. I did take a program once (the material was as old as the hills, and so was the coach....) but it came at a great price. get what you pay for. Hey, I do still use some of the forms, so it was not a total loss.
So I was just posting some … (8 comments)

blogging: Severe Cabin Fever Epidemic Hits Atlanta Georgia - 01/13/11 06:05 AM
Severe Cabin Fever Epidemic Hits Atlanta Georgia
Thursday, January 13, 2011, Atlanta, GA
People were seen running through the streets of Atlanta neighborhoods.
Ice skaters were videoed on Peachtree Street, the major throughfare through Midtown Atlanta.
Grocery store shelves were void of items like eggs, bread and milk.
Bumper Cars seems to have become a daily sport in Atlanta, since people are being forced onto roads, still covered in ice, in an attempt to get to jobs, or get supplies.
Real estate bloggers have reported blisters on fingers and numbing of the legs as they sit … (9 comments)

blogging: WHAT? Active Rain Comes With A Manual? NOW You Tell Me! - 01/10/11 09:44 AM
WHAT? Active Rain Comes With A Manual? NOW You Tell Me!
I always feel like I am the last one to know. When I was in corporate America, things would happen in my hotel, and I swear, it was OLD news before I had the news.
The same thing might of just happened here in The Rain! WHAT? Active Rain Comes With A Manual? NOW You Tell Me? And it's a pretty darn good one if I may say so myself!

So, you ask yourself, "Does Active Rain NEED a Manual?" Well, how many times have you asked yourself, "Self, … (52 comments)

blogging: ATLANTA SNOW...OR...Snowpocalypse 2011 - 01/10/11 04:34 AM
ATLANTA SNOW...OR...Snowpocalypse 2011!
So, I spent Christmas and New Year's in New York/New Jersey visiting family. And along with that, came 21+ inches of snow! I mean, good grief! I moved from Montana for several reasons, and one was to not have to deal with winter weather.
Maybe I should of stayed in Miami.
Last night, Atlanta was a bit more than dusted.....about 5-6 inches of fluffy white stuff came down. Ok, it looks pretty enough.  The Atlanta Snow has me staying home. I don't really need to go anywhere.
But then, like the Southern Belle stands atop the staircase and … (6 comments)

blogging: 15 Things Marketers Should Stop Doing and Thinking in 2011 - 12/30/10 06:01 AM
15 Things Marketers Should Stop Doing and Thinking in 2011

Speaking of Social Media.....I am sure you will conclude with's hard to keep up with this crap technology. And not only the mechanics of it all, but just reading about it all. I swear I could spend all day and night just reading all the things I want to read (including Active Rain blogs that are usually stuffed full of good stuff) but then when would I ever be able to sell real estate.'s so overrated....but I seem to like about 8 hours these days....
But, as … (7 comments)

blogging: I've Just Been Self-Diagnosed. I Have Monkey Mind. - 12/21/10 01:46 AM
I've Just Been Self-Diagnosed. I Have Monkey Mind.
I'm not sure if I should be relieved, or scared to death? Finding out there is something wrong with you is never a good thing, whether you did it yourself, or someone else did it for you.

Perhaps there is some sense of relief. At least now I sort of know what the problem is. Isn't that half the battle, knowing what the problem is? No, wait, it's admiting you have a problem. You see, I have Monkey Mind.
Ok, so you know what I'm dealing with, Monkey Mind is … (10 comments)

blogging: Diary of A RainCamp Survivor or I Forgot My Umbrella and It's Raining! - 10/30/10 05:27 PM
Diary of A RainCamp Survivor or I Forgot My Umbrella and it's Raining! There is nothing I love better than a good "dose" of Active Rain! Mind you, a "dose" usually involves taking a couple hours to catch up on all my daily Rain Drops e-mails I've saved and have not read yet, or catching up with my friends in their own real estate worlds. But, it appears some of these friends have beat me to the punch in doing a RainCamp Review. Fine. Be that way. But you've been warned! My first RainCamp experience happened before I even GOT to … (11 comments)

blogging: A Blog about Blogging....or A Blog About Not Blogging? - 10/21/10 04:49 AM
I'm sure it's happened to you, right? You are on a roll....doing as you should, and posting a blog every day or other day so your readers have fresh content.
Then it happens. Like the toy train set I have (an antique I might add) that the engine is running around the track I've set up and jumps the track. Or it derails. Kinda like blogging.
My train has jumped the track. I've derailed.
No writers block mind you...I've got stacks of stuff and e-mail folders full of topics.
I just got derailed.
Never fear. The troops are here, … (12 comments)

blogging: Scheduling Time and Scheduling Blogging! - 06/20/10 02:45 AM
Scheduling Time and Scheduling Blogging!
If you've yet to see our newly launched blog site, please check out My Midtown Mojo! When I first made the decision to launch a new site that is anything and everything about Midtown Atlanta, I knew it would be some work!
Was THAT an understatement!!!
I'm still finishing up the community pages, getting all the tabs connected, and installing search features throughout the Community Pages. It reminds me of the old telephone switchboard with cables going this way and that way! Yikes!
But it has also brought to the forefront the challenge that blogging brings. … (12 comments)

blogging: Oh No! Do I Have Subscription Addiction on Active Rain? - 11/23/09 01:49 PM
Let's face it! If you are here, you are probably in love with Active Rain. I speak from experience.
If you blog here, you'll get business...sooner or later...I speak from experience!
If you hang out here, you will learn more cool stuff and tricks than your little head can absorb. I speak from experience.
And if you read as many great blogs as I do here, pretty soon, you'll have Subscription Addiction. I speak from experience.
So much so, I know I'm missing YOUR blog! I'm currently up to 77 this an addiction? Hmmm, now I CAN'T speak from expericence.

blogging: Thanks Active Rain! You've Given Me A Headache...But In A Good Way! - 11/03/08 01:45 PM
I did my first blog on August 25, I guess you could call that my "Rain Date." The day I dived into this "thing" (those that don't understand the Rain, or blogging for that matter are convinced we've joined a know that, right?) I had no idea what I was in for. Well.... Let me give you a brief run down that has lead to my Rain Headache!
First...there's the coffee. I get up, walk to the office (gotta love a home office) push the power button on the laptop...then Where's my Coffee? And it don't come in no cup...nope...I … (16 comments)

blogging: A Beer, 2 Ibuprofen, And My Blogging Notebook! - 08/29/08 03:32 PM
And in that exact order please! About an hour ago, I had so many windows on my laptop open as I followed one AR post after another! I'd have to stop and regroup, and figure out where I was!
I have a notebook for my blogging. It's where I keep magazine articles, clippings, and brochures on topics I want to blog about.  I attend lots of meetings in Midtown Atlanta so I got notes from there. It also has a "how to" section where I keep some articles I've printed out from other sources. (They haven't figured out the Bookmarked Feature yet....THANK … (8 comments)

blogging: Everyone Wants One...A Real Estate License - 08/25/07 03:27 PM
Ok Boys and Girls...or Ladies and Gentlemen.....I've entered the Sandbox.....I've got my shovel, a Tonka Dump Truck and I'm ready to play here it goes......... 
I attended a networking function last night. I learned about it on-line, in fact it's called NetParty. I've attended three of them, last night's being the lowest attendance I have seen. (Rain will do amazing things to attendance!) I enjoy networking events for several reasons....meeting new people, learning about other careers/businesses and of course hoping to find that potential Buyer or Seller Client that I can begin to develop a relationship with.
And of course....they are everywhere....Us...real estate agents! … (13 comments)

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