doraville gm plant: Doraville Assembly Site Needs a TAD - 04/11/16 02:10 AM
Doraville Assembly Site Needs TAD
We all know that the future of our society always rests in the hands of our children. 
We have done good things and bad things up to this point. It will be up to the children and young adults behind us to continue good work, create new ideas, and in some cases fix some wrongs we have done. 
The key to this success is that kids have a good, great, fantastic enviornment in which to learn. That enviornment comes with excellent school facilities, lead by fantastic teachers. 
Yet the future development of the Doraville Assembly site seems to rest on the … (1 comments)

doraville gm plant: Could General Electric Land At Assembly Doraville? - 08/27/15 07:40 AM
Corporate relocations (not an employee...the WHOLE COMPANY) get all kinds of people excited....self included! And the buzz around General Electric's possible move to Atlanta is no different! 
Could General Electric Land At Assembly Doraville?
Assembly Doraville is ripe for a corporate relocation like General Electric. In fact, I heard from a good source that if the Assembly site had been further along, Mercedes Benz would have given it strong consideration for it's move to Atlanta. (They instead selected a piece of land in Sandy Springs where a historic mansion was razed.)
But today, another very worth site entered the hunt to land the General … (3 comments)

doraville gm plant: Assembly Doraville Will be Home to Third Rail Studios - 05/09/15 08:11 AM
Third Rail Studios will join the growing number of film and television studios opening in the Metro Atlanta area. This studio will have a unique location as part of Assembly Doraville, which is the official name for the site where the GM Doraville plant is being redeveloped. The Integral Group, which acquired the GM site last year, is partnering with Capstone South Properties to develop “Third Rail Studios” on a six-acre section of the 165-acre development.
Third Rail Studios at Assembly DoravilleThe first phase of Third Rail Studios will be in an existing 130,000-square-foot building retrofitted into film and television production studios. … (1 comments)

doraville gm plant: Mercedes-Benz eyes Atlanta for U.S. Headquarters - 12/16/14 12:29 PM
Having once owned, and driven a Mercedes, I can tell you, they ARE quite an automobile. That's by baby, a 1986 420SEL and you seen many of them still on the road today!
And to have them settled into Atlanta....along with our three amazing Mercedes dealerships in the Metro Atlanta area...well that would be awesome! 
Mercedes-Benz eyes Atlanta for U.S. Headquarters
Atlanta Business Chronicle reported this week that the German luxury car maker has Atlanta in its GPS for a new U.S. headquarters. 
MBUSA is responsible for the distribution, marketing and customer service for all Mercedes-Benz products in the United … (4 comments)

doraville gm plant: Doraville GM Plant to be "A New Urban Node." - 11/15/14 06:20 AM
It's no secret....the residents and the City of Doraville have long been waiting for something to happen with the Doraville GM Plant. What's that saying....
"Good things come to those who wait."
Mind you, it HAS been a long wait. The General Motors Doraville Assembly Plant closed in 2008. It was announced much earlier than that, but as we all know, real estate went South in 2008. And so the massive site just sat. And sat. Grew a bumper crop of weeds in the parking lot cracks. And sat. (I've written numerous articles about the site here.)
Thursday evening, I attended the Real Estate … (2 comments)

doraville gm plant: Doraville GM Plant Under Contract by Egbert Perry - 04/29/14 07:11 AM
It's been a long time coming...since the Doraville GM plant closed in 2008. Everyone thought a new Atlantic Station-type development would quickly follow. 
The real estate market had other ideas. And I've made numerous posts about the Doraville GM Plant! 
But 2014 appears to be the beginning of the end of this massive 160+ acre site sitting vacant. Egbert Perry of Integral Group is heading up a development group that includes Roswell, GA based Macaule+Schmit as a development partner. Perry is one of Atlanta's best-know developers, and earlier this year was named Chairman of Fannie Mae. He's served on the Board … (0 comments)

doraville gm plant: Could There Be New Lights Shining at the Doraville GM Plant? - 09/11/12 01:15 PM
The City of Doraville held its breath as the General Motors Plant closed in 2008 and the real estate market also kind of closed up. Since that time, the parking lot has collected a few weeds (actually a lot of weeds) and the City of Doraville has  burned through a bank account surplus as it failed to reign in spending.
But there might be headlights, or building lights shining in the future. Atlanta developer and civic leader Egbert Perry is leading a team that may be close to striking a deal to purchase the property. And Dorvalle probably could not ask … (4 comments)

doraville gm plant: Doraville GM Plant is Envisioned as Dynamic Town Center - 03/05/11 02:22 AM
Doraville, Georgia is trying to plan for the hard as that may be in these economic times. But we all know the importance of a plan.
The Planning Team, lead by Tunnell-Spangler-Walsh and Associates laid out the long term plans for the Town Center of Doraville, and of course, the crown jewel...the currently shuttered General Motors Plant. The final presentation was held last week to a small crowd of city officials and local residents. (Unfortunately, I missed this meeting!) The story was featured (briefly) in the AJC
Can you just imagine this......

Becoming THIS.....

I've known about … (5 comments)

doraville gm plant: Doraville GM Plant Does Not Get Clean Up Funds - 01/04/11 09:32 AM
Doraville GM Plant Does Not Get Clean Up Funds
As you know, I've written several posts about this incredible piece of land, located just 8 miles from Downtown Atlanta, AND has the Doraville MARTA train station almost adjacent to it.
Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate, there are no Buyers for this 160+ acre site! So, it just sits there for now, the parking lot filling with weeds. Sad.
It was reported sometime back that the Doraville GM Plant Would Not Get Clean Up Funds. A $773 million trust fund had been set up when GM went bankrupt and left … (2 comments)

doraville gm plant: Doraville GM Plant Talks Continue - 12/11/10 04:18 AM
Doraville GM Plant Talks Continue
Talking is a good thing. It can lead to results. Representatives from Dekalb County and General Motors had more meetings as the Doraville GM Plant waits for a buyer and an economy worthy of a development of this size! The AJC reported that these talks happened this week, but there are no proposals on the table.
I've written about this huge development potential numerous you can see from the's a pretty big piece of land located smack dab in the middle of the Atlanta area!

The black outline (forgive my unsteady hand!) indicates … (9 comments)

doraville gm plant: Doraville GM Plant Closed in 2008 to Remain......Closed! - 08/25/10 02:16 AM
Doraville GM Plan Closed in 2008 to Remain......Closed!
Should this surprise us? Given the current state of the economy, who would start a development on 165 acres in the middle of a metro area where the housing market is....down.
The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners voted 5-2 to kill New Broad Street Companies’ deal to acquire and redevelop the former General Motors plant on 165 acres in Doraville, a small community located 11 miles northeast of Downtown Atlanta.
The plan called for the use of $36 Million in Federal stimulus dollars and $18 Million in interest, that would of been footed … (4 comments)

doraville gm plant: Livable Centers Initiative Awards Include Doraville GM Plant - 04/24/10 09:07 AM
Livable Centers Initiative Awards Include Doraville GM Plant The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) has awarded 5 local Atlanta governments $440,000 in grants for their Livable Centers Initiative. The communities include Dunwoody, Hampton , Morrow, Dekalb County and Doraville, where the massive shuttered GM plant awaits redevelopment. The break down of the grants are:
Dunwoody - $80,000  - The newly incorporated City of Dunwoody will use the grant to study Dunwoody Village. This study will develop strategies for transforming Dunwoody Village into a vibrant town center, including a mix of uses and improved traffic circulation throughout the area. This is a … (1 comments)

doraville gm plant: GM Plant In Doraville Finds A Buyer! - 02/05/10 06:04 AM
GM Plant In Doraville Finds A Buyer
In our challenging economic and real estate times, this is like the Boston Philharmonic breaking out with the Willimam Tell Overture!
In a story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on January 28th, it was reported that Orlando-based New Broad Street Cos has signed a deal to buy the massive 165 acre site, adjacent to the Doraville MARTA Station and the intersections of I-285 and I-85, also known as Spaghetti Junction. The company has said it plans to build a "clean and green community of houses, shops, restaurants and offices on the site. The deal … (5 comments)

doraville gm plant: GM Narrows Finalist To Four For Doraville Plant Redevelopment! - 08/14/08 03:51 PM
Back in May, I posted a blog about the upcoming closing of the Doraville GM Plant, which will happen next month! General Motors Corporation received hundreds of bids, but has narrowed down the field to just four developers it is considering to redevelop this incredible site of some 130 acres, adjacent to I-285 with the North Line of MARTA ending at it's doorstep!
This is a HUGE opportunity for Doraville to be on the Atlanta, and Georgia map like never before! Due to a previous city administration, much of the current new development jumped over Doraville, and landed in nearby Chamblee. Here, … (5 comments)

doraville gm plant: GM Plant in Doraville, Georiga Goes On The Market! - 05/27/08 10:25 AM
September, 2015 Update -- 
Much has happened in Doraville Georgia since I wrote THIS post back in 2008!! And I've written numerous articles since then about Doraville, and what is now being called Assembly Doraville. Every thing you see in the second photo below is now...G-O-N-E!! The site was purchased by Integral Group and Macauley + Schmit. They have developed a master plan of streets, parks and such which was approved by the City of Doraville.  Plans include an amazing "covered street" that will connect Park Avenue to the Assembly Doraville, by going UNDER the MARTA station as well as 13 Norfolk … (14 comments)

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