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Yesterday, at the open house I was doing, I had a person comment on how homes sales were down 21% in Beaverton, Oregon, and that was really affecting prices and she would never, ever offer full price on a property.I explained to her that she was right, home sales are down 21% in Beaverton, but th...
Today was just like any other day in the Clark household, that is until the monster was awoke. How did this happen you ask?I was lying in bed just like normal, when my three year old decided to attack me, but she took it too far! That is when it happened, she awoke the tickle monster and for the ...
Are you holding an open house on a cold and rainy day, like the one we are having here today in Beaverton, Oregon, and seem to have everyday during the winter? If you have never been to the Pacific Northwest during the winter, let me give you an idea what almost everyday is here.You get up to it ...
Oh, you think I'm joking, but every year its the same thing, just as I'm about to spend money on Christmas gifts for everyone, it never fails. Something, or in the case of this year, everything breaks down.Last year it was my car, this year it is my wife's car and the microwave and the stove. Wha...
Today is Friday, December 28, 2007 and it is time for another breakdown of homes sales in the Washington County, Oregon market. I'm happy to say if you own a lower to medium priced home, sales are still making a moderate increase, if your home is price correctly.                                  ...
A client of mine who bought from me about 11 months ago, had a relative that was a real estate expert! OK, you know what I'm talking about, the favorite cousin that because they watch CNN every night thinks they know more about real estate than you do? Well, to top it off, this person lived in an...
Right now I'm in a situation that I never thought I would be in, I have a client that trusts me almost to the end of the world. (Well, it feels like it anyway.)You see he has gone on vacation for six weeks to the Philippines, and says, "You know what I want, you have proven it twice now!" You see...
This is the last of my series "Washington County Tour of Lights" and that means the neighborhoods are all lit up with Christmas lights. So, the family put on our Christmas hats, turned on the Christmas music, put new batteries in the camera, and headed for one last fun night together looking at C...
The Highland Hills neighborhood of Beaverton, Oregon goes east from Murray to Hall Blvd and then South from Allen Blvd to Hart Road. The Highland Hills neighborhood features two parks, Channing Heights park and Fir Grove park for everyone to enjoy.View Larger MapAs of 3/7/2008 here are the stats ...
The Sorrento Ridge neighborhood of Beaverton, Oregon goes east from Murray to Hall Blvd and then South from Hart Road to Brockman/Greenway Road. Hyland Forest park is the only park in the neighborhood.View Larger MapAs of 3/7/2008 here are the stats for the Sorrento Ridge NeighborhoodTotal number...

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