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Recently we have had a lot of talk about offending others in the rain and I do my best to not offend others. I don't get in to political or religious debates, but time to time, I do get stuck in the middle of a debate about a real estate issue and sometimes that is unavoidable.But, this time my o...
Today is Friday, May 30, 2008 and it is time for another breakdown of homes sales in the WashingtonCounty, Oregon market. This week I'm starting to see a pick up of listings and also showings. I'm encouraged that people are looking to move as summer begins.So, if you have a family home that you a...
Yesterday I went on a listing appointment with a person that had had their home expire after 284 days on the market. They had 10, count them, 10 extensions of that listing contract! Why, did this person keep signing things with this other agent, even though they weren't producing results? Because...
As many people in the rain know, I'm a huge fan of music and especially Elvis! I can hear you thinking (do I smell smoke?) "How can Elvis be a lead generator?"Well, I was at my open house today, typing away on my laptop, with my legs put up so my computer sat nicely on them and I could type more ...
Why I love my career and helping people. Everyday, I have people come to me when everyone else has said no to them. They find me on the net saying I help those who are told no by others.What usually is the case was no one was willing to sit down with a potential buyer or seller and tell them they...
Have you ever heard the saying don't lend money to a friend or a relative unless you never plan to see it again? What about co-signing on a car, boat or now even a house? I always warn people of this and despite my best efforts, they say it will be alright, I trust them.                          ...
Today is Friday, May 23, 2008 and it is time for another breakdown of homes sales in the WashingtonCounty, Oregon market. This week I'm starting to see a pick up of listings and also showings. I'm encouraged that people are looking to move as summer begins.                                        ...
I met with a client yesterday and her best friend was there, as she needed to come up and help her son, so, she drove up from Southern Oregon, and decided to hang with her friend at the same time. This friend was wise beyond her years and because of it, in that hour we talked, I gained a friend, ...
How foreclosure and short sales affected one person in a cul-de-sac of eight homes. It was really was heartbreaking when I had to tell her that her home wasn't worth as much as she thought it would be when she went to sell it so she could buy her dream home.Recently, I had a client that owned a n...
Are you in a situation that you are in default, but can't sell your home for what it was worth when you bought it? Maybe the problem is the home is still the same value as it was when you bought it, but after real estate fees and taxes, you would have to come out of pocket, with money you don't h...


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