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About a year ago, I had listed a home for sale in Beaverton, Oregon and thought it was going to be an easy sell. In the taking of the listing I had asked how much they owed, what their interest rate was and when they bought the home. (You know all the traditional questions) But, it seems the one...
When I saw my daughter’s pictures when she returned from Girl Scout Camp, I had to wonder where she got such a great idea for a picture of her Girl Scout Camp. Hmmmm, weird, I just can't seem to figure out where I have seen a picture like this before. Wherever it was, I do have to say it turned ...
Many people over the years have been searching for the Loch Ness Monster and have been unable to find him or her. Well, today I found out the reason why. I looks like over the years that the Loch Ness Monster was running short on food in Scotland and decided it needed to leave in order to surviv...
On Friday, I got a call from an agent that was leaving town for a couple weeks, which I thought was interesting information to know, but thought to myself, how does this affect me? Well, he went on to say he has a client coming back in to town on Sunday that wanted to see one of my new listings ...
This chart below breaks down Beaverton Oregon Real Estate homes sales by neighborhood, for the week ending 09/10/2010. Here is a breakdown of real estate homes sales in Beaverton, Oregon for the week broken down by neighborhood. Just click on the link to your neighborhood for the complete breakd...
This chart below breaks down Tigard Oregon Real Estate home sales by neighborhood, for the week ending 09/10/2010. Sales have been off since last year but, but still there is hope on the horizon as more and more buyers are realizing the deal that are to be had because of falling home prices. Her...
This little guy has the world figured out and I can't argue with him! It is nice to be on top, you get to be warm and cozy and dream away on what to do with your day. I have a feeling he is dreaming of getting his bellied rubbed, but hey as someone who owns a pig, who knows what they are thinkin...
I love Oregon and I love driving outside the major cities to get pictures of old barns. The history of these barns just fascinates me and knowing some of these barns have been in the same family for many generations is awesome and says a lot about Oregon and their stance on family tradition. Tho...
Today was the last Portland Beavers Game in Portland. They have been kicked out of their own stadium for Major League Soccer. It was a great game and I think the fans that showed up this weekend proved it! The Beaver’s store sold out of everything they had, and the fans didn’t leave after the ga...
Are repairs a necessity? Only if you want to sell your home! Over the past couple months I have written lots of offers on homes for buyers and many were lost due to the inspection, well really not the inspection, but the seller’s unwillingness to do any repairs. For  many buyers they just don’t ...

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