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There are many homes for sale at this time here in the Beaverton area of Washington County, but that doesn’t mean yours has to stay one for very long. When there is a lot of competition, you need to make sure you hold your hand up high and get noticed above the crowd. What does that mean? It mea...
This week was a hard week for me, despite being on vacation. Business is good, life was good… until I got the email from a friend who said his son was wanting my daughter’s email address. That is when panic hit me, my daughter is growing up. Now, the only thing that is keeping my mind at ease is...
This chart below breaks down Beaverton Oregon Real Estate homes sales by neighborhood, for the week ending 11/19/2010. Here is a breakdown of real estate homes sales in Beaverton, Oregon for the week broken down by neighborhood. Just click on the link to your neighborhood for the complete breakd...
This chart below breaks down Tigard Oregon Real Estate home sales by neighborhood, for the week ending 11/19/2010. Sales have been off since last year but, but still there is hope on the horizon as more and more buyers are realizing the deal that are to be had because of falling home prices. Her...
On Wednesday I got an email from Bob Stewart to be part of a fireside chat and to be honest I was honored, the only problem was and still is that I’m on vacation. But, being Bob and Activerain has given me so much, my wife said “Go ahead, call it a fireside by the fireside” So, I’ve agreed to an...
I love Activerain, blogging and social media, but will what I’m doing now still be seen as inventive, daring, or be seen as a trail blazer in 150 years? Did you watch someone become successful by blogging and follow them trying to make a better life for yourself? But, who really made it are the ...
Last night, as we set up our camp, a large tour bus pulled in two stops down from us, the front of the bus said “Magic Carpet Ride” and I have to admit, I told my wife if it really is Steppenwolf the kids are going to bed and we are hanging with the band. Well, what came out of the bus was far f...
Ever hear the phrase, “sleep tight” or the song, “Pop Goes the Weasel”? Both phrases came from the 1880s and though I had heard both of them before I didn’t know the history behind them or really even what they meant. Like the line from “Princess Bride” by Inigo Montoya “I don’t think that word ...
We were on our way to the Grand Canyon and were told to go through Zion National Park in Southern Utah and I’m so glad we listened as we had lots of fun and got some amazing pictures. We hiked, we got pictures, we had fun and met some great people along the way. Enjoy our photos and if you find ...
Now, I am a big fan of friendly great agents and Wanda Kubat-Nerdin of St. George, Utah is certainly both. Not only is she a great and friendly agent, she is also a wonderful mom as we found out meeting her two boys yesterday. Now, I wasn’t lucky enough to meet them the first time we met just ov...

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