baseball: I’ve lost a hero and Oregon has lost a great native - 08/13/12 07:16 AM
As many of you know I am a huge baseball fan and I’ve also written a post or two about an Oregon native who became a Boston hero. Johnny Pesky was from Silverton, Oregon and played for the Silverton Red Sox and then eventually went on to play for the Boston Red Sox. (Go there and ask about the Pesky Pole and hear some great stories)
Johnny, you will be missed and though I was hoping to meet you, just never got the opportunity despite you coming back to see your brother every couple years and being here at the last Beaver’s … (6 comments)

baseball: Congrats to the Hillsboro Bandits! - 06/10/12 03:35 PM
Tonight I was very proud of our little underdogs! They were one of the lowest ranked teams in the championship, but a couple weeks ago we played a heated game against a coach and team that didn’t mind cheating. (We won that game 12-7)
But, after the game the other coach was overheard telling his team that our team sucks and we just got lucky. Our boys didn’t like hearing that and either did us parents! Since that game our boys have gone undefeated and today we got a rematch against that same coach who heard it from us when he … (23 comments)

baseball: Practice makes perfect, way to go son! - 05/21/12 01:15 PM

I have to say congrats to my son who tried pitching for the first time this year. Coach gave him his shot and he did pretty good I would say.. The first 6 pitches resulted in 2 strike outs and the 7th one was hit right to him and he threw the guy out at first. Way to go son, I see a bright future ahead of you on the pitchers mound, goes to show you that practice makes perfect.


baseball: Time for some baseball - 05/13/12 03:05 PM
Now, as if you can’t figure out that I love baseball, I’m here to tell you I do and lucky for me, so do my kids. This is my youngest and I’m proud to say the best one on her team, she can hit, catch and outrun anyone else on the team… She is a serious player!
Now, not all is perfect, but coaching her isn’t easy… How do you tell someone who hits the ball on the first pitch 97% of the time that they would be better if they would just open their eyes? Oh, well, she can be … (8 comments)

baseball: It is time for same play ball in Washington County, Oregon - 02/17/12 02:53 PM
Yep, spring time is upon us and that means the diamond will soon be filled with players from all around and families in the stand cheering them on. As many of you know I love baseball and my kids have been playing for years and this year is no exception.
So, below are some links for some of the local leagues and we welcome you out to the field and hope to see you parents in the stands. Let’s play ball! … (6 comments)

baseball: Don't catch a smile today, hit one out of the park instead - 11/02/11 04:50 AM

Every morning I wake up with a smile, why not, I know I have some great friends and family in my corner. Now, I love this quote mainly because it reminds me to keep smiling, you never know how my smile might bring a smile to someone else’s face.
Here is your smile, catch it and then pass it on!

baseball: The 2011 World Series: A chance to bond with my little Cardinal - 10/23/11 02:25 PM

As I write this between innings of the 4th game of the World Series 2011, I realize how nice it is to have something to bond over with my son. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a big baseball fan. It is a team sport that unlike any other sport if you aren’t playing together as a team, you just can’t win.
So, here I am cheering on the Cardinals with my son, though they are losing at this point, together we know they can come back and win. They do have the hitting in them as they … (6 comments)

baseball: Another wager, yes I am that daring! - 06/18/11 06:43 PM
A few years ago, I made a bet here online and I lost and was stuck wearing a Dallas Mavericks shirt around town for the day. Well, this time, I’m playing a little safer and only betting a bag of Oregon Hazelnuts. (Did you know Oregon is the only state with a state nut?)
Well, tomorrow is Father’s day and my family is taking me to the Mariner’s game and since we are playing the Phillies, I made another friendly wager, this time with Cal Yoder in Pennsylvania. Let’s hope this time my team can win. (I have to admit, I’m … (11 comments)

baseball: As a baseball fan, you just have to say thanks in your own way sometimes - 06/18/11 01:29 AM
It was 1925, when Carson  “Skeeter” Bigbee played in the World Series and anyone who saw that game is more than likely no longer with us. But Bigbee like so many others of his time, not only gave of himself on the field but off as well.
You see Carson Bigbee was a great ball fan voting he is #1265 of all time batters in the major leagues. May not seem great, but if you think how many have played in the past 100 years, that number is pretty darn good in my book. (Plus, how many can say they played … (15 comments)

baseball: I have to say I’m pretty proud of my son! - 06/13/11 06:55 AM
Over the last four days my son has been playing in the Little League playoffs and thanks to a couple well placed hits including a double that knocked in a run. The Mariners Little League team my son plays on placed 2nd in the Forest Grove little league championship.
Way to go son, we are so proud of you!

baseball: What I learned this year from a bunch of 1st graders - 06/12/11 04:29 AM
It is amazing what you can learn from six and seven year olds. You would think with being on this planet that they wouldn’t have enough life experience yet to teach and old dog new things, but if you think that way you would be wrong!
I learned this year, it pays to always be ready. Be in the ready position, because you never know when the ball will be hit to you!

Another thing is practice makes perfect! Though this major league looking throw to third base was clearly an out in the making, it isn’t as it appears. … (13 comments)

baseball: Spring is here and everyone is coming out to watch baseball - 04/12/11 06:33 PM

As the sun popped out today for really the first time this year here in Beaverton, it looks like everyone wanted to come out and enjoy a game of baseball. This little guy here perched himself about 20 feet from us and watched the game for a very long time. Can’t blame him it was a pretty good game and with the weather it made it that much better.

baseball: Spring is finally here (At least this is what I consider the first real start of spring) - 04/08/11 07:19 PM

Though the calendar says spring was her, the weather certainly wasn’t letting us know that it was spring, (It was 38 at game time) but still those two things don’t mean spring to me. What means spring to me is to hear that first crack of that bat hitting the ball into outfield as my kids started little league this week. 

It was nice as I got my camera back just hours before my son’s first game last night. Though I’m a Red Sox fan the only win I’ve gotten to see this year was my son, since he … (10 comments)

baseball: Who do you cheer on when your team doesn’t make it to the World Series? - 10/28/10 02:08 PM

Hopefully by my logo, my signature and everything else I do online you have figured I’m a big baseball fan. Heck I even get my pets in to the cheering, but who do you cheer on when your favorite team doesn’t make it to the World Series?
In case you haven’t already figured it out by the picture below, I am a little bit of a Red Sox fan and seeing a ex-New York team make it bugs me just a little and then also seeing the Rangers make it leaves me wondering who the lesser of the two evils … (12 comments)

baseball: Networking one child at a time! - 06/05/10 08:00 PM
Kids are a great way to connectwith other parents and whenyou have a common bond like a sports team, you get to know the otherparentsvery well over an eight to twelve week period. You get toknow what they do aswell as they get to know what you do.
Today they won (And us parents couldn't be prouder)
But, the key isn’t to sellyourself, the key is to connectwith them and send them business, when you do that yourbusiness will take off!It is better than any networking group I have ever found. (OK, notbetter thanActiverain, just different)
So, if you have kids, talk to theother … (17 comments)

baseball: Are you prepared if the ball is hit right to you? - 04/17/10 01:11 PM
How focused are you in your business when times are slow and you don't seem to be getting any business? This is the true test of a successful business person if you ask me. If you are distracted by other things than your business when the business comes you just may miss it.

Look at this picture, baseball to me is a great example of the real estate business. When times are slow a lot of people are stuck playing in the dirt rather than preparing for when the ball is hit right to them. Do you think this player will be … (18 comments)

baseball: I’m so excited I could explode confetti! - 04/20/09 05:59 AM

I’m not sure what that would look like… someone exploding confetti, but I was pretty sure I was about to find out. You see, this last Thursday was the first day for baseball for my four year old daughter (soon to be five). The morning of the first practice she asked the question, “How long until practice, because I’m so excited I could explode confetti!”

WOW, that is excited! Out of the mouth of babes come some of the most unusual statements you will ever hear in your life. But I’m happy to say she made it to practice that … (23 comments)

baseball: Portland Oregon Parks: Lents Park - 09/07/08 01:44 AM
What this park lacks in size it makes up for with pride! This neighborhood park is, I would guess, only about 30 to 40 acres, but what it has in those boundaries is PRIDE and a lot of it!
We parked on the south side of the park and what is the first thing we see? A community youth garden right in the middle of a neighborhood park. I knew I had found something different when I walked into this park.
This park had everything, Tennis Courts, Basketball, Wading Pool, Soccer Fields, Baseball Field, Wall Ball, Horseshoe Pit, Playground Equipment, Picnic Areas, Walking … (3 comments)

baseball: Hitting a home run for my clients is normal, but today she hit one for my son! - 07/05/08 03:32 PM
Today was my son's 7th Birthday and one of my preferred mortgage brokers who always seems to hit a home run for my clients, hit a grand slam for my son's birthday today. If my logo doesn't show it, I love baseball and I've passed this love on to my kids.
Janiece Struloeff despite not being an Activerain member yet (LOL) has proven to me, time and time again, that she does what it takes to get a loan done! Earlier this year she saw a picture of my son in one of his favorite shirts (the one below) and then asked … (16 comments)

baseball: Giving it your all - 06/08/08 04:57 AM
Sometimes life, like baseball, hands us a curveball. Health issues, a slowing economy, whatever it may be, life isn't always throwing right down the middle, where we can hit a home run and get everything we want.
But, sometimes all it takes is to just keep swinging, and eventually we will hit that ball out of the park! This picture below is one of my players from my single A baseball team that I coach. It makes me smile every time I see it.
She just smiles and swings and continues to do so. When this picture was taken she finally got that … (10 comments)

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