buyers agent: Well it has been a busy week for me and my team and we are looking to grow! - 01/18/11 06:25 PM

Buyer’s broker needed! Are you looking to take your business to new heights in 2011? Are you a self motivator? Are you someone who understands social media or is willing to learn how to incorporate it into your business?
Then I may have the opportunity for you! Over the next 2 weeks we are hiring two more buyers’ agents to join our team. If you think this is something that you are interested in, give me a call and set up an appointment for a meeting. Experience isn’t a necessity, but the willingness to work hard, have fun, be a … (13 comments)

buyers agent: I’m not a drive-thru, I’m more like a sit down restaurant (Join me won’t you) - 11/26/10 12:15 PM

There are many fine restaurants out there and don’t get me wrong I love Sonic, Jack-in-the-Box, Burger King and most of the fast food restaurants. But, these places are more known for having a drive-thru, they have limited menus and you can get in and out quickly.

I like to think of myself more as a full service restaurant, where I specialize in one type of food, but still have a full menu to offer you. My menu is designed for families. I help families find homes, that is my business model. I’m not going to get you your … (17 comments)

buyers agent: How far will you go to get a transaction to close? Would you put your client at risk? - 10/19/10 08:40 AM
The reason I ask this is recently I saw a short sale that was about to go to foreclosure because of the buyer’s bank making closing promises they couldn’t keep. But, instead of stepping aside and letting an all cash buyer step in and buy the property, the buyer’s agent stepped up and did whatever he could to make sure the deal closed and he got his commission check.

Now, the situation was that it was near beginning of the month and a few days before close. The buyer’s bank said they needed an additional 15 days to close, but … (72 comments)

buyers agent: Is finding the perfect home as easy as picking out a pumpkin? - 10/18/10 02:07 PM

As I watched my kids today pick out pumpkins I thought about how they looked at each one from top to bottom, looked for the requirements they were looking for in a pumpkin until they found the exact one they wanted. THEN IT WAS TIME TO PUT THE SOLD SIGN UP! (Or in this case put it in the wheelbarrow) 

Can home buying really be this simple as well? In my opinion if you find the right agent to work with it should be like finding the right pumpkin. You have fun, enjoy the search and then get … (25 comments)

buyers agent: What happens If Buyer A goes 50 mph from Beaverton and Bank B goes 1,000 mph from Washington DC? - 09/28/10 07:09 AM

What happens when a buyer going 50 mph toward a short sale in Beaverton, OR, while a Bank backed by the politicians in Washington DC is going 1,000 mph toward the house, what happens when the market comes crashing down around us?
Every day we hear of the talk in Washington DC and how their policies are supposed to help the housing market. Last week we even heard that the recession ended in June 2009! To me, that was right up there with the dumbest statements ever to come out of Washington.

So, how are we supposed to fix … (17 comments)

buyers agent: What’s important to you? Make sure when you look for your home that you are being listened to! - 06/07/10 02:30 AM
Are you on the lookout for a real estate agent in Beaverton, Oregon to help you find your dream home? What are you looking for? What areyour needs? Make sure you have a list of wants and needs and remember these are two different things.
Wants are things that would benice to have and needs are things your home must have! Recently I had a person callme that had a smalllist of needs in a home and a larger list of wants. But, when he would send me homes that he wanted to see, not one of these had any of the … (12 comments)

buyers agent: Where did I park my house? By Todd Clark - 02/02/10 03:37 PM
This post isn’t about manufactured homes in parks, this post is about homes that have moved because the Earth underneath them has moved. During the winter months, I have to admit, Oregon is known for getting alot of rain and for the most part our land can handle it. But, every once in awhile, there is a piece of land that can’t handle all the rain and that is when we get the landslides you see on the news.
But, what about the houses in the landslides path or in some cases the hill where the house is built comes crashing down with … (16 comments)

buyers agent: When an agent ends up selling their own home on a short sale, is it really buyer beware? - 01/12/10 12:05 PM
I am in the middle of a transaction right now and though the seller doesn’t claim to be the listing agent, it seems every time something is done on the transaction it is the owner / agent. I do feel sorry for her, I’m not sure what the circumstances are behind the sale, but whatever it is, my buyers are worried they are being ripped off.
But, are there things as a buyer you need to know when an agent is representing themselves in a transaction? Well, yes. This person does have knowledge of real estate that you don’t, but one thing … (13 comments)

buyers agent: Christmas is over, but not for buyers! (Listings are up all over Tigard and Beaverton) - 01/08/10 10:46 PM
For some reason, during the holidays, some sellers think it is a good idea to remove their homes from the market, leaving serious buyers with little choice in homes that are on the market. Two months ago, in one neighborhood, there were 15 listings and by December 1st there were only seven and by Christmas only one!
This really left buyers who wanted to buy out in the cold. But, this week in most neighborhoods the homes are starting to come back on the market. In one neighborhood alone, there were 15 more homes put on the market over the last week. This is … (12 comments)

buyers agent: Bank owned, disclosures, and just out right lies (What is a material fact) - 12/01/09 05:07 AM
If you are a buyer and have ever looked at a bank owned property, then you know that the properties are sold as-is. But, in Oregon we have disclosure laws that says as a seller you have to disclose any known material defects that may affect the value of the property. But, the banks don't have to give a disclosure. But, here is where I think these banks and sometimes their agents are using this law in a very unfair practice.
When you have a property that is for sale, sometimes you have a fail sale because of an inspection. During that … (150 comments)

buyers agent: I told you not to do that, I don’t know how to help you - 02/04/09 05:40 PM
As a listing agent, I often have to educate buyers' agents, which I have no problem doing, but if you don't listen, it may cost you and your client time and money.
A couple months ago, I took a listing on a short sale. It was a good property and we quickly got an offer, my buyers accepted and I advised the buyers' agent to NOT deposit any money into escrow and write an addendum to the contract so that the inspection period and the earnest money didn't need to be deposited with title, until the contract was accepted by the … (25 comments)

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