credit: I really didn’t want to make you cry, that isn't in my job description - 06/24/08 07:33 AM
Yesterday, I had to sit down with a client that I've been working with for the past four months to help her and her family buy their first home, and give her some bad news. In the beginning, I sat them down, did all the speeches and gave them the stories of past clients, but once again, they seemed to have missed the stories and now I have to sit and watch the tears roll down her face.
You see, this is the part of my job that I hate, telling a person that they have to unpack all their boxes that … (21 comments)

credit: You may want to reconsider helping a friend buy a home - 05/24/08 03:33 AM
Have you ever heard the saying don't lend money to a friend or a relative unless you never plan to see it again? What about co-signing on a car, boat or now even a house? I always warn people of this and despite my best efforts, they say it will be alright, I trust them.
But, it never works out that way and can cause even more family distress down the road. A couple years ago, I had a client that was buying a house and was having a friend co-sign for them on the property. All looked good, and they … (5 comments)

credit: Avoid foreclosure in Oregon and turn your home into a monthly profit center instead - 11/15/07 09:12 AM
Are you on the verge of going in to default and have no equity in your home? What if there was a way you could sell your home and walk away with a check at closing, and get a check every month?
Find out why my sellers who were about to go into default, or already are in default, are now happy to go the mailbox every month. Why would they be happy to go to the mailbox now, when just a month ago they were dreading another bill arriving? They sold their home that had no equity, for a profit!
If you … (5 comments)

credit: Buying a home with NO CREDIT HISTORY - 03/28/07 10:33 AM
More and more people are making good money in the world of technology, but don't have any credit history. They make enough money that they buy everything with cash, thinking that by buying their cars and other items in cash would make it easier to get through life. Now, they want to own a home and are finding out that not having a credit history is making it very difficult to get that loan.
This is where owner financing can help. 

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