expert: Can a bank go after a seller for fraud if the intent wasn’t to defraud the bank? - 07/06/10 02:29 AM

I had a client that was in the middle of a short sale when the bank started investigating them hard for mortgage fraud. Now when they filled out the loan documents, and signed at closing, all the information was true and they didn’t see any changes on the horizon.
Fast forward to today when they have lawyers contacting them daily and are threatening them with jail time for mortgage fraud if they don’t bring their account current and continue with this short sale. Now, what is happening with this couple is probably happening with thousands of others across our country … (79 comments)

expert: Todd, please come list my home. I would love to, but you don’t own it! - 06/29/10 09:40 AM

I do lots of preparation when I list a home, but when someone calls me saying they are in trouble and behind on their payments, I always ask what is the date of the foreclosure. Usually I get the answer of they haven’t given us a date yet or not for another 4 or 5 months, we just got the first notice.
Well, yesterday I got a call that gave me the first answer, they haven’t given us a date yet and we haven’t received a foreclosure letter in a month or two. Great, this is one I can save… Or so I … (16 comments)

expert: Beaverton Oregon Real Estate: How do I sell my home if it worth less than I owe (Short Sale Advice) - 05/26/09 04:53 AM
How do you sell your home if you owe more than it is worth in Beaverton, Oregon? Well, there are two ways. The first is to hold on to the property until the market rebounds or you can sell it on a short sale. A short sale, in basic terms, means the bank takes it in the shorts! (It certainly has nothing to do with the amount of time it will take for you to sell your home.) You sell the property and they take the loss,but this usually is only acceptable to the bank if you can prove a hardship. … (9 comments)

expert: Todd, you have a face for radio! - 12/07/08 04:18 PM
In 1988 when I started my radio career I heard this phrase more than once. I thought I must me one good looking guy to keep hearing this and that is why I love to say, "You can't get a better looking agent that hasn't had plastic surgery than me." But, now, my world is crashing around me and I have been told that wasn't a compliment.
Oh, the humanity! My beauty is only really, oh, who am I kidding, I am the best looking agent out there.
My face is going back on the … (8 comments)

expert: The foreclosure that never had to happen - 11/19/08 11:46 PM

This story takes place only about a year ago, when the pasture was green. There was no need to leave to go the neighbors where the grass looks greener, you had plenty and all you thought you would ever need. But, things were starting to change, the grass was getting browner and the signs were coming that things were about to change for the worse, and they did.
People were starting to see overtime at work being cut back. Lay offs started to happen and some families just couldn't handle the pressure of keeping a house on one income for very long. … (50 comments)

expert: If you don’t trust your agent or they don’t know what they are doing, why did you hire them? - 06/25/08 05:45 PM
Recently I got a call from someone that I had met a couple weeks back at an open house, the house I had wasn't the one for them, but they were out looking and said they would contact me if they found something. I didn't want to push it as it was an open house, but they did take my card and asked me a lot of questions about lease options.
Now, fast forward to yesterday when they decided to call back and say that they were sorry they didn't use me, but wondered if I would help them. HUH? Well, you … (7 comments)

expert: Granada Park in Aloha Oregon (Beaverton) - 06/02/08 08:38 PM
This is a little park, maybe 3 acres, located between the Granada Park neighborhood and Bany Road in Aloha, Oregon. This park may be small, but the walking paths aren't bad and the wildlife seems to be abundant. During our family walk in the park we saw two woodpeckers and a heck of a lot of squirrels.
The kids enjoyed the walk and afterwards we walked over to Errol Hassell Elementary and practiced baseball on one of their three baseball fields while my youngest played on the playground equipment.

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