foreclosures: Washington County HUD owned home for sale (Beaverton, Oregon) - Foreclosure - 02/07/12 07:09 AM

Are you looking for Beaverton, Oregon foreclosures?
HUD owned foreclosures are a great place to find good deals on foreclosed homes in Beaverton, Oregon. The Friendly Home Team is a team of great agents that have helped many buyers succesfully navagate through all the government paperwork and hoops that HUD homes have to become home owners. If you are interested in buying a Beaverton, Oregon HUD home, then contact us, we are here to help. … (7 comments)

foreclosures: Hillsboro HUD owned home for sale - 01/28/12 05:23 PM
Nice Ranch with updates in the kitchen and bathrooms. Stainless steel appliances. Nice tiled floor throughout. 4th bedroom was converted into bonus space, can be brought back to bedroom. Has Family Room. Garage has been partially finished but still has garage door. Backyard has tool shed and patio. RV Parking, Large Front yard.

foreclosures: Buy a foreclosure in Clackamas County (Get a free list of foreclosed homes in your area) - 12/27/11 07:52 AM

This free foreclosure list is brought to you by Todd Clark and the Friendly Home Team at Knipe Realty NW and we look forward to working with you. This list will be sent every morning and when a new listing comes on the market or if there is a price reduction. We look forward to serving you in your new home search. … (1 comments)

foreclosures: Another home left abandoned in Beaverton, Oregon - 07/25/11 07:11 PM

Another home left abandoned in Beaverton, Oregon. Unlike a lot of the short sales and foreclosures that litter our market as shadow inventory, this one served its purpose. Hopefully another couple can move in next year and raise a family together until they are ready to move on as well.

foreclosures: Are foreclosed homes easier to buy the short sales in Beaverton, Oregon? - 02/15/11 04:45 AM

When I get the call and I do on a daily basis with the question in Beaverton, Oregon, “Are foreclosed homes easier to buy than short sales?” I have to say, it really depends on who holds the foreclosure as each bank is different, just as it is with each seller.
You see, I’ve had REO properties that have sold in 7 days for cash before because the bank was willing to work with the buyer, utilities were turned on right away for the inspection, the listing agent did what they needed to do right away, everything went smoothly.


foreclosures: What happens If Buyer A goes 50 mph from Beaverton and Bank B goes 1,000 mph from Washington DC? - 09/28/10 07:09 AM

What happens when a buyer going 50 mph toward a short sale in Beaverton, OR, while a Bank backed by the politicians in Washington DC is going 1,000 mph toward the house, what happens when the market comes crashing down around us?
Every day we hear of the talk in Washington DC and how their policies are supposed to help the housing market. Last week we even heard that the recession ended in June 2009! To me, that was right up there with the dumbest statements ever to come out of Washington.

So, how are we supposed to fix … (17 comments)

foreclosures: Thank you Warren, but don’t we have to fix our economy first? - 03/01/10 07:43 AM
Warren Buffet says the housing market will start to recover by 2011. That is when he predicts demand will catch up with supply, but I have a question. Warren, don’t we have to fix the economy first? Over the past year we have watched the deficit explode to a record high, unemployment has skyrocketed to over 10% in most areas, and then lending has all but become impossible to obtain.
So, how is the housing market going to improve if more and more foreclosures are coming on to the market, unemployment has no sign of slowing, and the deficit continues to … (14 comments)

foreclosures: My advice for my buyers is don't give up and contact a lawyer!!! - 11/23/09 03:11 PM
My buyers are buyers with a good credit score, but they just don't make a lot of money. So, they know the homes they are looking at are going to be on the lower price range of homes on the market and with that, there is going to be a lot of competition. But, when you find the home you want and your offer is the highest, and then still losing out, then I'm telling them to contact their lawyer.
Here is what happened:
My clients had found a home that they liked and was in their price range, but this home was … (9 comments)

foreclosures: Good morning Oregon investors! Are you looking for positive cash flow property? Join me today for a webinar from 2:30-3:30 pst. - 09/15/09 04:07 AM
Yes it is true, there are certainly a few positive cash flow properties available just waiting for a new owner. The properties right now could already be rental properties or single family homes and the market has made them perfect for a rental property.
Today I’m going to focus onat least 3 properties that the price and market rents make these homes perfect rentals. Then, during the call I will teach you how to take any potential investment property and use my website to analyze it to see if it is a good investment property or not.
I do suggest if you … (9 comments)

foreclosures: Just when you think the housing market is getting better… Bam! Beaverton market gets hit hard! - 05/14/09 10:08 AM
For the last couple months, it has looked like there was hope for the Beaverton home market. Buyers were starting to come out, there were a few more sales than the previous month, and everything was starting to look good.
But, today Beaverton’s little world was rocked. I don’t know what this means for the already fragile housing market, but I’m guessing it isn’t going to help. In fact, with the news we got, I think it will lead to a slough of short sales and foreclosures hitting the market in the next six months.
You see, today one of Beaverton’s biggest employers, Nike, … (13 comments)

foreclosures: I am not a big fan of the lowball offer, but what if it gets accepted? - 02/13/09 10:42 AM
I presently have 7 short sales listings in my listing inventory and I'm not a big fan of the person that comes in within one week of the home being on the market and writing an offer for 40-50% of the loan amount.
The fact is, when a buyer calls on one of these short sale properties, I refer them to another agent in my office as I don't like to work both ends of the transaction. I don't feel I can be fair to all parties involved with all the work that is involved in a short sale.
But, what happens when … (126 comments)

foreclosures: Short Sale and Loan Modification Nightmares – Week Six - 02/09/09 04:37 AM
There are not as many stories as I had hoped this week, but we still have a few, including a story of the government trying to kick home owners when they are down. Another one where I personally had to call out the big guns to get a bank to take some action on one of my short sales, and then one where the agents didn't know if they should laugh or cry. I say cry because it really was a case where everyone lost.
Janine Hook from Keller Williams in Vancouver, reported how the State of Washington was planning to tax … (12 comments)

foreclosures: If time is money, do you want to buy my watch? - 01/12/09 02:17 AM
Time is money. We hear that phrase only after we get our first job, prior to that we don't hear that phrase much, because it really doesn't apply unless it is someone else's time and someone else's money.
So, how does this apply to today's market? Does the time on the market in a short sale or foreclosure really mean more money for the bank? Oh, wait, the phrase means the less time you take to do something, the more money you will make.
This does apply to real estate, but apparently the banks haven't heard this phrase yet. Banks, here is a … (11 comments)

foreclosures: Is it possible to have a client that is too loyal? - 01/09/09 09:32 AM
I know sounds like a stupid question, but is it possible that a client can be too loyal to a person they have done business with in the past to the point that they lose the deal? I say sometimes you have to walk away from friends or past business relationships that were once good to you, if their service is now not what you expect.
You see this is what has happening to one of my present clients right now! They are in the process of selling their home, through me, and are ready to buy a new one. However, she … (17 comments)

foreclosures: Banks are half full of something, but I’m an optimist - 12/22/08 03:48 AM
For the past couple weeks I've been reading in the rain how bad these banks have it and how 50% of all the loan modifications they did in 2007 are now in default again. Oh, the poor me syndrome, "Please help us, throw us money, this is why we shouldn't have to do loan modifications, congress."
Well, let me be the optimist here and go the other way and help congress with some math that may have been missed in this equation.
Let's say that there were only 1 million loan modifications in 2007. (I know this is low, but I wanted to … (13 comments)

foreclosures: Oh, this family has got it down! How to get your foreclosure offer accepted - 12/04/08 06:12 AM
I ran into an agent that works with an investor who buys foreclosures and he has had great success getting his offers accepted. I had to ask, "HOW DO YOU GET SO MANY ACCEPTED?"
Well, her answer surprised the heck out of me, but it made perfect sense and the results spoke for themselves. What this buyer was doing was putting 5 offers in at the same time on the same property. But, not all in his name, one was in each of his family's names, but the highest was always in his name. He wanted to show the bank the multi … (21 comments)

foreclosures: Investing in real estate at 60% of appraised value can’t hurt your portfolio! - 09/25/08 04:55 PM
I have a group of investors that have learned that investing in real estate doesn't have to be venture in losing money like so many investors have in the past year. You see, they learned that you can't really lose money if you are buying properties at 60% of the appraised value.
Why were they able to do this? Because they found out about homes before they even became part of the MLS, or they worked together with other investors and bought a group of homes (Portfolio) from banks at a discounted price and then they divide the homes among themselves.
Why are … (4 comments)

foreclosures: Surely people wouldn’t do that? Yes they would, and don’t call me Shirley - 07/21/08 04:05 PM
Have you ever had a buyer sue you? I haven't and I'm glad for that, but more and more people are starting to sue when things don't go their way. In the last two weeks I've read of at least three cases where a person who bought a property in 2005 and 2006 were now suing their agent and the appraiser for paying too much for their homes.
There's another situation where people are suing a person who agreed to do a lease option with them because at the end of the lease they decided not to buy and now wanted their … (6 comments)

foreclosures: That affects me? I’m not the one not paying! - 05/21/08 06:27 PM
How foreclosure and short sales affected one person in a cul-de-sac of eight homes. It was really was heartbreaking when I had to tell her that her home wasn't worth as much as she thought it would be when she went to sell it so she could buy her dream home.
Recently, I had a client that owned a nice 1979 ranch on a wonderful little cul-de-sac in a great neighborhood with eight other homes. She told me on the phone that recently they had four of the families move out and she wanted to put her home on the market, because … (7 comments)

foreclosures: The Three Little Pigs – Make sure your investment portfolio doesn’t blow down - 04/13/08 06:11 PM
I'm going to try to tie the Three Little Pigs story in to a story of three investors that I've watched over the past few years. Two are my clients and the third is one that another agent in my office works with. I will let you guess which ones are mine.
If you remember the story of the Three Little Pigs, the first one made his house of straw and when the big bad wolf came along, (for this story the wolf will be the slowing real estate market) he huffed and puffed and blew the pig's house down.
This first investor … (6 comments)

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