government: Salem Government Owned Home for Sale (3 bedroom / 2 bath) - 02/26/12 08:37 AM
Salem Government Owned Home for Sale (3 bedroom / 2 bath)

HUD OWNED home on a huge lot. This could work as two master rooms and/or accommodate extended family. The garage has been converted and has a full kitchen. This is a government owned and sold AS-IS. If you are interested in government / HUD owned homes, call Todd Clark and the Friendly Home Team, we would love to help you find your home.
Salem Government Owned Home for Sale (3 bedroom / 2 bath)


government: Government owned home in Portland (HUD property) A place to call home - 02/21/12 01:30 AM

"A place to call home"  If you are in the market for a place to call your very own, then look no further than government owned homes. (better known as HUD homes) If you are in the market for a home and you are interested in HUD homes call Todd Clark and the Friendly Home Team for your home buying needs today, we are here to serve you.

government: To be the fox or the lion, but being the sheep isn't the right decision! - 11/05/11 11:17 AM

As I look at our Government I’m not sure the do know when to be the fox or the lion. All our government seems to know how to be now is the sheep! Run, hide and never take a side in fear they may lose a voter to a wrong decision. Sometimes our politicians need to realize that they need to make a hard decision that may lose them votes because it is what is right and not because what is popular.

government: What happens If Buyer A goes 50 mph from Beaverton and Bank B goes 1,000 mph from Washington DC? - 09/28/10 07:09 AM

What happens when a buyer going 50 mph toward a short sale in Beaverton, OR, while a Bank backed by the politicians in Washington DC is going 1,000 mph toward the house, what happens when the market comes crashing down around us?
Every day we hear of the talk in Washington DC and how their policies are supposed to help the housing market. Last week we even heard that the recession ended in June 2009! To me, that was right up there with the dumbest statements ever to come out of Washington.

So, how are we supposed to fix … (17 comments)

government: How this bank may help my client get out of debt and have their next down payment - 03/02/10 02:58 AM
Banks just don’t get it, do they? Yes, short sales are an issue, but what if a home is in foreclosure, but if it sold wouldn’t be a short sale? Well, that is the case with one of my clients and we have an offer that should more than pay off the remaining loan balance.
So, what’s the problem? Well, the bank is continuing with the foreclosure that is still 27 days away and they are refusing to give us a payoff amount so we can close. Now, my clients have contacted a lawyer, as well as the buyers, and if this property … (14 comments)

government: My family has to cut back, maybe you should do the same thing! - 07/10/09 04:33 PM
Mark MacKenzie wrote a great article the other day that was about how local governments are finding their budgets are being cut because the house values are dropping.
My comment slowly became its own post.
You see the problem with government in the past 50 years or so is that they can’t seem to budget as a family would budget. When my family doesn’t make enough money because I didn’t sell as many houses one month or the houses I sold were at the lower end of the market, my family cuts back, we decide what we need and what we want has … (21 comments)

government: Did we go to far the other way? - 07/06/08 03:45 AM
In 2005 and 2006 everyone who had a name could get a traditional mortgage, but then the economy changed, and prices started to fall. Homes are now worth less than they were when people bought them. The mortgage industry is in turmoil and things are looking more and more uncertain each and everyday.
Today we have loan guidelines changing 3 or 4 times a day and even the underwriters can't keep up with all the guideline changes. But at the same time even when a qualified buyer produces a down payment and has a good credit score, they still won't sign off … (15 comments)

government: Oregon’s Measure 49 Passes (What does this mean to land owners?) - 11/07/07 05:18 AM
A few years ago, Oregon land owners were up in arms about the state's and county's rights to take the land they had bought and changed the land use laws on an owner and not pay them fair compensation if the property lost value due to that change.
Measure 37 that gave land owners the right to use the property that was in place when they bought the property, or get compensated by the state for the value that was lost by the change in land use.
Last night was time for another debate and another fire fight about land use laws and … (7 comments)

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