halloween: .357 meet Mr. Pumpkin! - 11/05/11 07:10 AM

.357 meet Mr. Pumpkin! There is nothing like pulling out a gun, feeling its power and then blowing away an innocent pumpkin on the first shot. If you have never fired a gun before, do yourself a favor and have some fun. Learn to shoot and try it, if even only once. I think you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

halloween: It is Halloween night and time for the undead to come back - 10/31/11 01:17 PM

As Halloween eve fast approaches here on the West Coast, the undead are still sealed in their tombs, but once the sun goes down there is no promises to what can happen. So, please be careful out there as you never know when a zombie may try to walk in front of your car.
But, especially careful in dark parking lots, the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us and they are looking to eat your BRAINS! (Underwriters, no need to be worried here, the zombies won't be coming after you!)

halloween: Halloween is when I choose to celebrate with my clients and their kids! - 11/01/10 05:21 PM

This year was another successful client appreciation party and though not everyone could come this year thanks to a nasty flu bug that has been going around, we still had lots and lots of fun. With hay rides, pumpkin carving, smores, bbq and best of all friends.
Here are just a few of the pictures from this year’s event.


If you want to attend this fun event and have fun like my clients have every year, give me a call I would love to help you sell your house … (9 comments)

halloween: Psycho: A Halloween experience with the Oregon Symphony - 10/31/10 01:50 AM

This was an event that I wish I could go to, but I have prior engagements. Kids come first on Halloween and I wish they had done this yesterday rather than the actual day of Halloween. But, today at 4pm, you can join my friends who invited my wife and me at the Oregon Symphony for a afternoon of haunted music from the 1960s thriller Psycho.
Now, what is even cooler is they are telling people to come in costume and enjoy a wonderful night out this Halloween. So, if you are looking for something to do this afternoon … (8 comments)

halloween: How someone comes up with this and does it is beyond me, but I’m glad to know her - 10/29/10 04:03 AM

One thing I love about Halloween is carving pumpkins and sometimes mine are good and other years they are just OK. But, no matter how they turn out, I always seem to enjoy carving them and put them out for display.
Now, I have seen some great pumpkins in my time, but my cousin every year in a matter of a few hours can take an average pumpkin or in this year’s case, 3 pumpkins and turn it into something amazing. Here is my cousin Theresa’s pumpkin and tell me if you are… Is this just amazing? There were … (21 comments)

halloween: Smile it's Halloween - 10/25/10 05:38 AM

There is nothing like kids at Halloween and getting great shots is not difficult because they are so proud to show of their costumes. Here are a few shots I took of some amazingly cute kids at our Halloween party and I can’t wait to post the rest of the pictures, but I do have to say these were my favorites, just because they make me smile and make me wish to be a kid again.

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halloween: With a little over a week left, don’t miss the 13th door! A Halloween tradition! - 10/22/10 08:47 PM

Some Halloween traditions aren’t for the faint of heart or young kids and this one is one of them. Though I missed it last year because of their move to a new location, this year I have found them again and I certainly won’t miss it.
Remember when you were a kid, Halloween was your day! Seems these people never grew up (or grow a day older) and they feel you shouldn’t either. Do you remember your first real scary haunted house you went to when you were a teenager? Remember the feeling you left with and all the … (8 comments)

halloween: Fall doesn’t have to be all bad - 10/28/08 06:55 PM
As the weather turns cooler and the trees start to drop their leaves, it can be a time of frustration as our heating bills go up. But, some people just don't care about that, they only see the true beauty of the season and by doing that, they can bring joy to others.

You see, all the kids in the neighborhood pulled out their rakes and started to rake up a rather large pile of leaves to jump in and have a lot of fun. We had some tree trimmers working the area and they saw what the kids were doing. They … (10 comments)

halloween: Kids had fun, but I had to take a lot of unsafe candy! - 11/01/07 05:24 AM
Halloween 2007 is officially over, even though I still seem to have a Superman and a Cinderella running around my living room. The kids all had fun and now it is time for the sugar overload to test the parent's patience for the next couple of weeks.
Although, once again this year, much to the kids' disappointment, there was is plenty of dangerous candy that mom and dad had to confiscate. As you can see from the picture below, I think this may have been a record year for "UN-SAFE CANDY" that had to be taken to protect the kids. - lol
But … (11 comments)

halloween: Why I love Halloween – Sorry Kids! - 10/29/07 06:44 AM
I love Halloween and not just because I have to test candy to make sure it isn't dangerous. As all parents now the most dangerous candies are Butter Fingers, Chocolate Malt balls and Kit Kats.
But you also get the chance to have fun with the kids, even if they don't always like you taken pictures that you can use against them later. This is why I'm posting these pictures, so I can get them out there for the world to see before they can delete them from our hard drive.

I will update this blog after Halloween, but here are some great … (20 comments)

halloween: This one is going to be a little corny, but… - 10/05/07 05:21 PM
My wife thinks I'm a little weird! (NO COMMENT FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY!) You see, I like things such as peanut butter and banana, and also peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. But, you know, you have to have something to drink those kinds of sandwiches down with, and thanks to a Washington company called Jones Soda, that has a knack for making up strange flavored soda's using pure cane sugar, I now have those drinks. But, for only the Halloween season.
You see, my wife was out shopping the other day, and came home with two new sodas for me to try. … (13 comments)

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