reo: Hillsboro HUD owned home for sale - 01/28/12 05:23 PM
Nice Ranch with updates in the kitchen and bathrooms. Stainless steel appliances. Nice tiled floor throughout. 4th bedroom was converted into bonus space, can be brought back to bedroom. Has Family Room. Garage has been partially finished but still has garage door. Backyard has tool shed and patio. RV Parking, Large Front yard.

reo: Beaverton Foreclosed Homes: Really? Really? That is how you feel? - 12/01/11 05:52 AM
Beaverton Foreclosed Homes: Really? Really? That is how you feel? Well, yes, yes I do feel that way! When you walk up to a foreclosed home and open that door, you really never know what to expect when you open that door.
Heck, there are times that a sword may not be enough and you need a gas mask before entering the home. When you go to purchase a bank owned home, you need someone on your side that knows what to look for and what you need to do to protect yourself.
You see, when a bank forecloses on a … (9 comments)

reo: Where to find all the foreclosed (Bank Owned) homes for sale in Aloha, Oregon - 08/02/11 08:37 AM
Want to know where to find all the foreclosed (Bank Owned) homes for sale in Aloha, Oregon. Well, you have come to the right place and the right people. The Friendly Home Team is here to assist you through every step of the way.

Now, did you know that buying a foreclosed (Bank Owned) property isn’t like buying a regular home? There are a lot of things to be careful of and that is where we are here to help you! Inspections are especially important on bank owned (REO) properties and though I suggest you get one on any home … (4 comments)

reo: Are foreclosed homes easier to buy the short sales in Beaverton, Oregon? - 02/15/11 04:45 AM

When I get the call and I do on a daily basis with the question in Beaverton, Oregon, “Are foreclosed homes easier to buy than short sales?” I have to say, it really depends on who holds the foreclosure as each bank is different, just as it is with each seller.
You see, I’ve had REO properties that have sold in 7 days for cash before because the bank was willing to work with the buyer, utilities were turned on right away for the inspection, the listing agent did what they needed to do right away, everything went smoothly.


reo: What happens If Buyer A goes 50 mph from Beaverton and Bank B goes 1,000 mph from Washington DC? - 09/28/10 07:09 AM

What happens when a buyer going 50 mph toward a short sale in Beaverton, OR, while a Bank backed by the politicians in Washington DC is going 1,000 mph toward the house, what happens when the market comes crashing down around us?
Every day we hear of the talk in Washington DC and how their policies are supposed to help the housing market. Last week we even heard that the recession ended in June 2009! To me, that was right up there with the dumbest statements ever to come out of Washington.

So, how are we supposed to fix … (17 comments)

reo: Are you really doing your fiduciary responsibility if what you advise your client to is losing them thousands? - 09/14/10 09:17 AM

I was working with a buyer the other day when she came across the perfect home for her. It was a really, really good price, the fact is, that I think it is actually the lowest price detached home in all of Portland. But, price isn’t what she liked about it, it was the perfect size and it had some real uniqueness to it.
Now, I have to admit when we drove to the property I was a little worried. Here is this house that is lower priced than anything else on the market and has been on the … (26 comments)

reo: My advice for my buyers is don't give up and contact a lawyer!!! - 11/23/09 03:11 PM
My buyers are buyers with a good credit score, but they just don't make a lot of money. So, they know the homes they are looking at are going to be on the lower price range of homes on the market and with that, there is going to be a lot of competition. But, when you find the home you want and your offer is the highest, and then still losing out, then I'm telling them to contact their lawyer.
Here is what happened:
My clients had found a home that they liked and was in their price range, but this home was … (9 comments)

reo: Good morning Oregon investors! Are you looking for positive cash flow property? Join me today for a webinar from 2:30-3:30 pst. - 09/15/09 04:07 AM
Yes it is true, there are certainly a few positive cash flow properties available just waiting for a new owner. The properties right now could already be rental properties or single family homes and the market has made them perfect for a rental property.
Today I’m going to focus onat least 3 properties that the price and market rents make these homes perfect rentals. Then, during the call I will teach you how to take any potential investment property and use my website to analyze it to see if it is a good investment property or not.
I do suggest if you … (9 comments)

reo: Are banks changing their way of thinking about investment foreclosures? - 09/12/09 08:56 AM
Today I got a strange phone call on one of my short sale listings. This listing is a rental property with along term renter in it and the lease now doesn’t expire again until June 2010. But, the owner is no longer paying the mortgage, they are still collecting rent, but not paying for the house.
Well, today I got a call from a property management company asking me about the property and if they could go see it. I told them it had a RMLS lockbox and if they wanted to see it, feel free. I then asked if the … (62 comments)

reo: Tigard Oregon Real Estate and More: Don’t forget to protect yourself when buying a foreclosed home! - 08/11/09 04:05 PM
One of the biggest issues I see in buying a foreclosed home in the Tigard, Oregon, real estate market is you don’t have anyone protecting you if you don’t protect yourself. This doesn’t seem right, especially if you hired a real estate agent. However, there are some things even your agent may not think of, or may not be able to tell you, so this is where you need to protect yourself.
The first thing is your agent can’t tell you how safe the neighborhood is, that is for you to decide. I suggest you check out the police websites and do … (8 comments)

reo: I should have brought a clean pair of underwear with me! - 02/10/09 02:33 PM
The day started out like any other. I get a call from a client that wants to see a property. I checked to make sure their pre-approval was still good since I hadn't heard from them in a couple weeks. I checked the MLS to see if the home is vacant or if I need to set up an appointment.
GREAT... Both homes are vacant, this will be an easy one...WOW, it is an REO, I just know that Photoshop was used in the MLS, but hey, I got to try. I ran a few errands prior to the scheduled time to … (27 comments)

reo: I felt the urge to steal from an REO today - 11/24/08 02:23 AM
Please don't judge me too harshly until you read the whole post. I didn't do it, but I still have an urge to go back and steal from this REO for the greater good. You see I am married with three kids. I've had tough times in my life and if you listen to the news everyday, you would think the banks were eating soup and sandwiches every night with the shortage they have. (I don't consider a Twenty Two Million dollar bonus a shortage, for the record.)
But as we walked in to this vacant REO property today, it looked like … (14 comments)

reo: Buyers don’t say banks don’t have a heart - 10/01/08 03:04 AM
Are in the market for a home that is either in a short sale situation or is already owned by the bank? Don't think just because the home is in this type of situation that they can't be human and get the bank to give you the home over other offers.
When I negotiate for a buyer for a home that is either a short sale or a bank owned property, I have my buyers put in a letter telling the bank about themselves and why they really want the home.
You know what happens when I do this? The bank actually … (13 comments)

reo: Should or can a home owner be sued by the bank for damages to a property? - 09/27/08 05:49 PM
In the last week I've been in at least 15 bank owned properties. Of these, 3 really stuck out in my mind. What was so special about those 3? They had been damaged by the previous owner prior to the bank taking back the properties.
You see the banks had kicked out the owners and taken back the property in foreclosure. So, to get even, before they completely moved out, the sellers removed all the appliances and then took a sledgehammer to the property, along with wire cutters, pipe cutters and saws, and went to town on these homes.
These homes … (21 comments)

reo: Beaverton Oregon Real Estate: Buying a bank owned property or in pre-foreclosure - 05/12/08 03:00 AM
I get this question almost every day and what I can tell you is yes, sometimes you can save money on a home that is in default. But, you have to know what you are looking for and be prepared to wait for it.
Why do I say, that you have to be prepared to wait for it? Two reasons, if a home is in default, there is a possibility that the bank may need to approve a short sale, and that can take months. The other reason is usually when a person goes into default on a home, for the first … (1 comments)

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