risk: How far will you go to get a transaction to close? Would you put your client at risk? - 10/19/10 08:40 AM
The reason I ask this is recently I saw a short sale that was about to go to foreclosure because of the buyer’s bank making closing promises they couldn’t keep. But, instead of stepping aside and letting an all cash buyer step in and buy the property, the buyer’s agent stepped up and did whatever he could to make sure the deal closed and he got his commission check.

Now, the situation was that it was near beginning of the month and a few days before close. The buyer’s bank said they needed an additional 15 days to close, but … (72 comments)

risk: Should house buying come with no risks? - 01/21/10 01:49 AM
Should house buying come with no risks? It seems like a silly question, but I had a buyer I recently decided to let go of because of numerous reasons. But, the one thing I remember about this client, that will always stick out in my mind, is that no matter what house they end up buying, I’m going to feel real sorry for the seller.

You see, this buyer wanted to put offers in with no risk to himself. I dropped him after he told me all the things he wanted me to put in his offer. I wasn’t going to put … (23 comments)

risk: Surely people wouldn’t do that? Yes they would, and don’t call me Shirley - 07/21/08 04:05 PM
Have you ever had a buyer sue you? I haven't and I'm glad for that, but more and more people are starting to sue when things don't go their way. In the last two weeks I've read of at least three cases where a person who bought a property in 2005 and 2006 were now suing their agent and the appraiser for paying too much for their homes.
There's another situation where people are suing a person who agreed to do a lease option with them because at the end of the lease they decided not to buy and now wanted their … (6 comments)

risk: I really didn’t want to make you cry, that isn't in my job description - 06/24/08 07:33 AM
Yesterday, I had to sit down with a client that I've been working with for the past four months to help her and her family buy their first home, and give her some bad news. In the beginning, I sat them down, did all the speeches and gave them the stories of past clients, but once again, they seemed to have missed the stories and now I have to sit and watch the tears roll down her face.
You see, this is the part of my job that I hate, telling a person that they have to unpack all their boxes that … (21 comments)

risk: Be careful about what you comment on – You never know who is reading - 11/25/07 03:43 PM
Early today I had a call out of the blue on, what I thought, was the blog I posted early today about lease options. What it was really about was a blog on lease options that I commented on in May on another blogging site that I used to write on a lot.
You see this person was calling everyone who had commented on this blog, no matter what they had wrote. Why? Well it seems that the person that wrote this blog was not only bad mouthing her company, but her personally, and was naming names. (Something that I don't really … (34 comments)

risk: Beaverton Oregon Relocation: How’s the neighborhood? - 09/14/07 04:50 AM
I have a client moving from out of state and she asked the question we all hate to hear "How's the neighborhood?"
I looked at her file and just shook my head. I told her "I wish I could tell you that, but that is something you have to decide for yourself" I then sent her links to sexual predatory sites, police maps (showing crime in an area)
Then I did something very unusual for this situation. I sent her a birthday card from my home! I know you are saying "You gave her your home address?" - YES I DID! Let me … (9 comments)

risk: Tigard Oregon Real Estate: We got lucky yesterday, but the next person may not - 09/08/07 06:07 PM
I was showing some property Friday when a construction worker came up to us warning us to be careful. What do you mean be careful? He said to follow the fence line and come toward him and he'd show us.
This is what he showed us. 
Wow! I haven't seen a wasp's nest this large since I was a kid. I warned the listing agent and really hope he, or the sellers, put up signs or bring in an exterminator before someone really gets hurt.

risk: Unlike TIVO, you can’t rewind life - 08/10/07 03:40 AM
This is a lesson in risk assessment. In real estate, you only get one chance to do the right thing.
So why do so many agents choose to take short cuts that may bring them short term gains, but may also shorten their careers, if they get caught
Today I told one of my clients that I no longer wanted to do business with him, because his goals were to lie and not disclose in the name of saving money.
Within hours he called me and told me he found an agent that would list his property despite the cover up of toxic … (21 comments)

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