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homes for sale in deridder la: RealtorTraceyW 1Month American Dream Real Estate - 06/20/13 02:38 AM
It has been 1 month since the Grand Opening of American Dream Real Estate. I did not want to let the day go by without trying to express how I feel. I still have trouble getting my words out. I am just so thankful.


homes for sale in deridder la: Happy New Year 2013 - 12/30/12 05:01 AM
Happy New Year
Tracey R Wrisper~RealtorTraceyW  

New Year's Eve is fast approaching. This holiday is one of the most anticipated holidays each year. For so many it represents a new beginning and a fresh start. We resolve to do more, do better, or just do. Whatever your resolution is, I pray that you have a blessed and prosperous 2013. Happy New Year!


homes for sale in deridder la: BLOG 2012-Home Warranties Help U Save $ - 08/13/12 08:04 AM
BLOG 2012
Home Warranties Help U Save $
Can you afford not to have a Home Warranty?  Take a look at the following information to see if a Home Warranty is a good choice for your home.

Average Replacement Costs
Plumbing  $726 - $990
Heating  $1,751 - $4075
Water Heater  $456 - $520
Range  $531 - $915
Air Conditioning  $2,461 - $4,400
Refrigerator  $691 - $975
A Home Warranty can help you keep your home in tip-top shape without the tip-top price tag. Repair and Replacement costs can be expensive and often come as a surprise to … (1 comments)

homes for sale in deridder la: BLOG 2012 - Do you want a RED HOT listing? - 08/12/12 08:14 AM
blog 2012
Do You Want a 
red hot Listing?
Which sign would you prefer in your yard?
A sign that says,
“for sale” or a sign that says, “sold”?
I am sure that is a no brainer!
Here are a few tips to help you have a
red hot Listing
Tip #1
Choose the right Agent!
Tip #2
Follow your Agent's advice!
It is just that simple. Starting the process by choosing the right Agent can make a world of difference.  Agent selection is a critical ingredient … (0 comments)

homes for sale in deridder la: BLOG 2012 - Dump the Junk - 07/18/12 01:09 AM
BLOG 2012
Dump the Junk
We are all guilty of this at least once our lives. We are all guilty of holding on to stuff we that don't use, don't need, or can't fit. When it comes to our worldly possessions we all have a hard time letting go. It is probably because of the hard-earned money we spent to buy them in the first place. Unfortunately, our collections do not go over well with potential home buyers. Here are some suggestions to help you Dump the Junk before putting your home on the market.

Make it … (0 comments)

homes for sale in deridder la: BLOG 2012 - Advantages of Home Ownership - 07/08/12 02:59 AM
BLOG 2012
Advantages of Home Ownership
I have worked with countless First Time Buyers over the years. I am often asked about the advantages of owning a home versus renting. Paying a mortgage and other expenses associated with buying, does not always appear to be a good deal to someone who has never owned a home. Renting usually gives the impression that it is a low stress and carefree lifestyle. There are a lot of misconceptions about home ownership. There are actually many advantages.
When you pay rent, the only thing you get in return is … (2 comments)

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homes for sale in deridder la: BLOG 2012 - Take A Closer Look - 07/02/12 05:31 AM
BLOG 2012
Take A Closer Look
When I first saw this photo it made me laugh, but then I thought about the Home Buying Process.
Many Buyers know exactly what they are looking for. Watching them probe through homes is similar to watching an episode of CSI. On the other hand, there are Buyers who have no idea where to begin. Here are a few helpful tips to consider while searching for your dream home.
Evaluate the home's space inside and out to determine if there is enough room for daily living, storage, and bathroom usage. If … (1 comments)

homes for sale in deridder la: BLOG 2012 - SELLER BEWARE! - 07/02/12 05:06 AM
We have all heard the saying “Buyer Beware”, but what about “Seller Beware”.  Sellers should be aware of one of the most common reasons that a sales contract falls apart. Home Repairs are a leading cause of contract "fall through".
In the State of Louisiana, buyers have a right to a Home Inspection. During the Home Inspection deficiencies may be discovered. At that point, the buyer has a right to "back out" of the contract or request repairs.

Sellers should not take home repairs lightly. The condition of your home plays a critical role in you getting to the … (0 comments)

homes for sale in deridder la: BLOG 2012 - Oh Yes I Did! - 06/10/12 09:02 AM
BLOG 2012
Oh Yes I Did!
What an amazing year! It is hard believe that we are half way through 2012. I am so thankful to everyone who has supported me in my Real Estate Business. I am so grateful for the success that I am having so far this year. I could not have done it without the support of my family, friends, clients, and fellow agents. Here are a few highlights that I would like to share with all of you.
Tracey R Wrisper achieved the prestigious Beyond Excellence Award for ranking in the … (0 comments)

homes for sale in deridder la: BLOG 2012 - The Little Things. - 04/16/12 04:09 PM
BLOG 2012
The Little Things
Preparing your home for sale can seem like a big task, but truly, it is the little things that make the difference.

Here is a list of little things that buyers are sure to notice or maybe they won’t (think about it). If you take care of the little things, you are very likely to get your home sold.
Door Bell – Ensure that the door bell is present and operational.
Door Knobs – If you have a loose knob or the key sticks, it … (2 comments)

homes for sale in deridder la: BLOG 2012 - What is a VA Loan? - 04/05/12 01:54 PM
BLOG 2012
What is a VA Loan?
In 1944 Congress created the VA Loan Guaranty Program to help returning service members achieve the American Dream of homeownership. Since then, the Department of Veterans Affairs has helped more than 18 million service members purchase homes.
The VA will loan me the money to buy a house.
Anyone in the military can get a VA Loan.

Active Military and Veterans have to meet certain requirements to qualify for a VA Loan. Those who qualify will be issued a Certificate of … (3 comments)

homes for sale in deridder la: BLOG 2012 - The Overpriced Blues! - 03/26/12 03:14 PM
BLOG 2012
The Overpriced Blues!

Is the frustration of selling your home making you cry like a two year old? You could be suffering from a case of “The Overpriced Blues”. Tacking on a thousand dollars here and a thousand dollars there can add up to a listing that is priced for much more than it is worth. Take a look at these signs and symptoms of an overpriced listing and see if you can come up with a diagnosis.
No Showing Appointments
Buyers spend many hours online comparing one home to another. Price is … (2 comments)

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