If you’re planning to refinance, you may need to know these costs first. It’s safe to assume that today’s historically low mortgage rates are enticing to homeowners who need to convert their adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) to fixed rate mortgages in order to ease their monthly payment terms and ...
These trusts posted dismal returns and would likely remain so in 2009. REIT investors realized that for this year, the underperformance of their portfolios would likely continue. Real estate investment trusts allow them to profit from several types of properties like hotel, regional malls, indust...
The reason behind the inconsistency in the number of mortgage applications that is released to the public Paul Jackson of explained the reason behind the differing results of two mortgage companies’ application data in a recent article. Last November 19, the Mortgage Bankers’ Associ...
Why they don’t have a choice The Administrative Office of United States Courts has released a report indicating the surge in bankruptcy filings in the country. In September, total bankruptcies increased by 30 percent from October of last year. The figure may not be shocking to Americans who are b...
The troubled GSE has another way to keep its head above water. Freddie Mac is on life-support system. At the onslaught of the property crisis last September, the government has taken control over the agency’s activities when it fell under conservatorship along with Fannie Mae. Under this arrangem...
Lower rates may not mean immediate increases in purchases. Analysts say that there is no better time to refinance but this period when the government has successfully managed to influence mortgage rates to dip from soaring levels. And why not? The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has been set at 5.58 ...

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