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When I meet a new buyer client I provide them with a list of buyer questions to obtain information about them and to qualify them to reduce the chance that I am wasting valuable time with someone who is not ready or able to buy.   I used to write the questions in an email and then email the quest...
I have always been a firm believer in relying on my network (my "net"), which I have been building since 2004, to generate business.  My net has been good to me over the years, but I also have had plenty of "dropped calls" if you know what I mean.   Case Study #1, The Retiree The Retiree is a clo...
Even though I have "been in real estate" as a real estate attorney since 2001, real estate sales is pretty new to me.  When I obtained my real estate license in 2010 I already possessed valuable skills that I had developed from my experience representing clients in my law practice.  However, I al...
Below is a checklist that I use for open houses that is saved in my Evernote app. When I first created the list I left "obvious" items, like my mobile phone, off of the list, but I found that including everything that I could think of, even the obvious, was better than not including something and...
According to the Sun Sentinel, foreclosure filings in South Florida have dropped about 58% since 2013.  Statewide foreclosure filings have dropped 30% since 2013, following twelve straight months of decreases in foreclosure filings.  Fewer foreclosures is good news, but fewer foreclosures means t...

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