social networks: Social Media: It’s Not Just About The People - 04/29/10 03:38 PM
There are a lot of people out there who are using social media to help boost their brand without knowing the complete potential of it.  This lack of knowledge can be very damaging to the point where many people may actually give up on social media, even though it is providing indirect benefits.  That being said, did you know that when you post something on a social network, it is seen by much more than your Twitter Followers or your Facebook Friends?
Bots (also known as spiders) are the methods in which search engines ‘crawl’ and insert content into the search … (2 comments)

social networks: How Appropriate Is Your Social Media Communications? - 04/15/10 02:42 PM
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Every day when I check my various social media channels for updates and contacts, I quickly discover the extreme amount random, irrelevant chatter going on in each social space.  While I understand that social media is intended for socializing, it really got me thinking about the utility of social networks for business objectives.  If  you are interested in expanding your brand’s reach across the social media, should you really be discussing everything going on in your life?
As I view wall posts, tweets, and even blogs of real estate professionals, I can’t help but be surprised at … (12 comments)

social networks: Getting The Most Out Of Your Advertising Dollars - 04/06/10 04:21 AM
With all of the different advertising opportunities available for you to take advantage of, it can be pretty mind boggling.  From social networks like Facebook and Myspace; to social bookmarking services like Digg and Delicious; to everything in between; there is a lot of advertising space you can use.  If that isn’t enough, there are also a variety of different advertising mediums (banners, text ads, etc.) you can use for each of these services.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just know what mediums worked best in which networks?
Even though this is a pretty complex topic with a ton … (0 comments)

social networks: 7 Tips To Help You Create A Powerful Facebook Username - 04/01/10 03:59 AM
Facebook has the potential of being a great avenue for you to build relationships and generate business if set up properly.  While there are a variety of elements needed to create a powerful Facebook profile, this article is going to cover one that many people may not have thought about: your username.
Your Facebook username is one of the most important parts of your profile, as it is what people need to find you.  To check if you have already set up your Facebook username, log into your account and then go Account > Account Settings and click the “change” link … (4 comments)

social networks: [VIDEO] The Future Of Mobile Marketing? - 03/31/10 05:13 AM
MOCOM 2020, an open think tank for discussing the future of mobile media, produced a video which provides a clear time line on the evolution of mobile technology.  The video provides a historic portrayal of mobile technology as well as future predictions.  It is only 5 minutes and discusses some very interesting insights on where they believe mobile technology is heading:

No matter how accurate this video may be in portraying the future of mobile media, there is no question that marketing your brand in a mobile environment will transform in ways we can only imagine.  Not only that, but … (1 comments)

social networks: Consumers Are Trusting Their Friends Less - 03/30/10 09:07 AM
With the influx of social media integration in our lives, it is not surprising that our relationships with people face-to-face may be different than in our social networks.  As more and more people intertwine in the Facebook’s and Twitter’s of the web, it can really change your level of trust in others.  After all, with reports indicating that 24% of all Tweets on Twitter are created by bots, it’s not surprising that people may be hesitant in believing opinions given by their friends and followers (let alone the facts of gossip, false assumptions, etc.).
According to a study conducted by Edelman, … (1 comments)

social networks: Consumers Favor Brands On Twitter And Facebook - 03/26/10 04:56 AM
According to a study recently conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies, consumers prefer and are more likely to recommend products/services provided by companies who have social profiles on Twitter and Facebook.  The study was conducted using a sample size of 1,500 people and seemed to be primarily focused on Twitter and Facebook.

As indicated by the graph above, 51%  of consumers are likely to buy from a company they are a fan of on Facebook.  In addition, 67% are likely to buy if they are a follower of that company on Twitter.
Similar results apply when it … (21 comments)

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