best practices: Scruples - 11/17/19 12:03 PM
Scruples -- these are a set of feelings (attitudes/guiding principles) that cause us to hesitate or be reluctant to do something that we think might be wrong.Society and the business world tend to recognize those who push the envelope. As entrepreneurs and leaders, we often make our biggest strides through innovation and "disrupting" the status quo. And when we prove what we are doing is successful, others follow our example.I think most readers in this audience would agree that there are lines that should never be crossed. Have you ever managed or supervised someone who constantly justified unethical behavior by saying … (3 comments)

best practices: 6 IT Trade Secrets For Real Estate Success - 12/30/18 02:45 PM
As a general rule, real estate as an industry is low-tech. And while our landscape is changing (particularly with the emergence of artificial intelligence), there are basic IT skills a majority of agents have yet to embrace as part of their daily practice. While most features in this category address specific apps or services, the tips that follow below focus on generalized best practices and mindset. Here, we will take a page out of the programmer's guide to the galaxy, and share "life skills" that can help you succeed in real estate, and save your sanity along the way. 
Leave yourself … (7 comments)

best practices: Five Toxic Customer Types - 05/30/18 06:25 AM
In sales, the name of the game is volume. When you're starting out, it's difficult to say no to anyone; however, experience teaches us the opportunity cost of working with folks that suck our time, energy and resources away from productive activity. Here are five types of customers to decline. 
It is a mistake to… 
try to help someone who thinks they are doing you a favor by hiring you. They will take you for granted, lack appreciation for your knowledge, and treat your relationship as disposable. The worst part is that they will mess around and make you a spectator to poor … (67 comments)

best practices: Dropping the Drag - 08/09/16 11:38 PM
Successful salespeople, particularly those in straight-commission or business ownership pursuits, are often students of self-improvement and leadership.
Jim Rohn, motivational speaker and personal development trainer, teaches the importance of guarding that which we allow to influence our minds.
Rohn sagely cautions us to remember that we are the average of the folks we spend the most time with. 
The advent of social media brings incremental levels of exposure on a daily basis. As a key element in personal marketing, social networking is a staple for most Realtors. Developing postive habits and cultivating meaningful relationships can prove to be challenging, particularly as a salesperson's reach grows.
There's a Fine Line … (2 comments)

best practices: Blogging: A Random Act of Kindness - 12/02/15 08:56 AM
Have you heard about 24 Days of {random} Acts of Kindness? Don't worry... if you didn't know about it before today, there is still time left to start! Make yours 23 Days of {random} Acts of Kindness - or even 364 Days of {random} Acts of Kindness!
So, you like the idea, but wonder how you can effectively contribute to this sweeping movement?
In the same fashion as Cindy Lou Who (Whoville, USA), all it takes is the smallest bit of inspiration coupled with the decision and good will to make it happen 24/7/365.
ActiveRain members have a clear runway for touching thousands of … (7 comments)

best practices: Property Managers: Who Needs Them? - 04/25/15 10:57 PM
We frequently get calls from landlords who are desperate to get out from under their "rental homes gone wrong." The names change, but the stories tend to follow a common thread... They have problem tenants, deteriorating property conditions, and a "property manager" who isn't doing much more than depositing the monthly rent check when it comes.
Those who read TREC's disciplinary history will quickly learn that 'property management' is a chief category for consumer complaints. Making a poor hiring decision when it comes to property management can be costly. It can cost an unwitting property owner monthly cash flow, equity lost to repairs and … (6 comments)

best practices: What Separates A Sales Professional from a Sleazeball? - 03/10/15 01:08 AM
"I don't trust you!"
It doesn't matter what industry or product we talk about, sales is an inescapable component of any transaction experience. It is communication exchange, and education / information process, and the art of 'giving and receiving' between two parties. Money is not required to convey between hands for a sale to occur. The world's oldest profession -- no, not that one -- is Selling. Babies sell their mothers on caring for them. Children sell their mothers on one more cookie before bed. Teens sell their parents on privileges. There is a demand, a request, and a response that works between … (2 comments)

best practices: Safety Matters - Don't Take Showing Activity For Granted - 02/26/15 10:46 PM
A sunny 10am showing turned in to a nightmare yesterday when a Florida real estate agent and his married Buyer couple were ambushed while showing a home, leaving the husband dead and a community in shock over the incident. 
Realtor Thomas Dwyer was quoted as saying, "He just came into the house and started firing." Seller, Angela Williams added, "It's disgusting that we have people around like this, waiting to pounce on innocent, hardworking people." Read the full story here. 
Esteemed Colleagues: Please don't take your safety for granted. Realtors and their clients can be easy targets for predators. Expect the … (6 comments)

best practices: A Matter of Manners? Or a Realtor® Responsibility? - 01/12/15 08:46 AM
An interesting discussion is hitting TAR's LinkedIn Group Page today. The thread's originator has posted a question regarding showing etiquette, suggesting that Buyer's Agents who who are uncomfortable with other Buyer's Agents entering a home during their scheduled showing are overly-presumptious...
Readers supporting this argument claim that Agents do not have a "right" to refuse entry into a home to another agent party requesting simultanous entry, particularly in the event where a Seller has approved overlapping showing appointments. Participants criticize showing agents who reject co-showing -- categorizing them as over-reaching, violating the Seller's wishes, inconsiderate,  rude, and generally out of line. Commentators also suggest that Agents who don't wish … (48 comments)

best practices: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - 06/16/14 11:54 AM
Property deed types can be confusing to consumers and agents alike. As a best practice, we coach all of our agents to do a quick search on the County Tax Records -- as well as with the County Clerk -- to vet and assess possible ownership interests and/or possible threats to securing a clear title during the course of a transaction.
Sellers do not always understand the implications their circumstances might have on the sale of their home, and might not openly share important information unless they are specifically asked about it.
Death, Divorce, Debt, Distressed condition.   Do not assume that these factors aren't … (4 comments)

best practices: Green Your Green - Modern Collection Practices for 2014 - 02/06/14 08:37 AM
If there is one thing the Real Estate industry is improving upon, it is the effort to embrace 'paperless' business practices. Software tools like DocuSign, HelloSign, DotLoop, Adobe, PDFescape, Camscanner, BackAgent and eFax, among others, make the transition almost effortless.
Our financial and accounting practices should be as lucky.
Listing Agents: Welcome to 2014, where part of our customer service to Buyer's Agents and/or Customers for our sale and lease transactions should include digital or deposit payment options.
Perhaps in a small town environment, requiring that an Option Fee, Application Fee or other payment be "delivered to our offices in certified … (0 comments)