blogging: Whose Voice Counts? - 08/14/17 07:13 AM
Putting yourself out there is hard.
The homeowner is told: "You shouldn't comment. You don't have experience."
The investor is told: "You shouldn't comment. You don't have any formal training in real estate."
The real estate student is told: "You shouldn't comment. You don't have your real estate license."
The licensed salesperson is told: "You shouldn't comment. You aren't a broker."
The broker is told: "You shouldn't comment. You're not an attorney."
The attorney is told: "You shouldn't comment. You're not the 'right kind' of attorney."
The specializing attorney is told: "You shouldn't comment. You're not a judge or a jury."
The judge is told: "You should recuse yourself. You are … (3 comments)

blogging: Hold me close, Sway me more... - 07/31/16 01:06 AM
What do you get when you cross Michael Buble with Microsoft and real estate? Sway!
What is Sway?
For starters, Microsoft Sway is COOL! If PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote and Wordpress had a baby, it would be Sway. 
Building an interactive story takes seconds with Sway's dynamic drag and drop interface. Users can embed images, videos, documents and even social media content to create reports, presentations, online photo albums, blog entries, and more...  As you build your Sway content, it publishes live to web and becomes sharable with a direct link. Users are permitted share editable links for collaborative projects (to invite others to contribute or modify … (7 comments)

blogging: Blogging: A Random Act of Kindness - 12/02/15 08:56 AM
Have you heard about 24 Days of {random} Acts of Kindness? Don't worry... if you didn't know about it before today, there is still time left to start! Make yours 23 Days of {random} Acts of Kindness - or even 364 Days of {random} Acts of Kindness!
So, you like the idea, but wonder how you can effectively contribute to this sweeping movement?
In the same fashion as Cindy Lou Who (Whoville, USA), all it takes is the smallest bit of inspiration coupled with the decision and good will to make it happen 24/7/365.
ActiveRain members have a clear runway for touching thousands of … (7 comments)

blogging: Have you written your July 4th fireworks post? Here are some tips. - 06/20/14 12:36 AM
A worthy re-blog! It is elements like this that comprise a solvent marketing and communications plan. The possibilities are endless... pick one holiday a month and plan ahead.
Last year, my July 4th Fireworks post was my #1 article on Active Rain with over 10,000 clicks.  Most of those clicks occurred the day before and day of the event, and I believe most were local searchers.
I wrote a new post for this year: July 4th Fireworks 2014 in Westchester County.  We will see how it does
Here are some tips:
1.  Make sure your title is keyword … (2 comments)