buyers agent: How To Give Meaningful Showing Feedback - 07/31/16 11:58 PM
From blogging to giving showing feedback, many agents feel "blocked" when it come to real estate activities that involve writing. For many, writing is equivalent to public speaking... it can make us feel vulnerable, exposed, and frustrated because we don't always know what to say, and worry about what NOT to say.
The Purpose of Showing Feedback
The first step in providing meaningful showing feedback is to understand the purpose -- which is to communicate with the Listing Agent (and in many cases, the Seller) about the Buyer's showing experience and perceptions. Often, it is the initial advance toward contract negotiations.
What It's Not...

buyers agent: What is a Backup Offer? How Does A Backup Offer Work? - 09/20/14 09:57 AM
Back up vs. Backup
Backup (one word)
Noun or Adjective
(noun) The checkout line was stacked 20 customers deep, so the cashier called for backup.
(adjective) It pays to have a backup plan in place.
Back up (two words)
(verb) Let's back up for a second.  Can you back up your claims with facts? 
(verb) Smart business owners back up the company database.
Common Misspelling
Back-up, backup's backups'
In real estate, after a Seller has contracted to sell a home to a Buyer, a Seller may still consider a backup offer. Since most buyers condition their offers to purchase … (5 comments)

buyers agent: Duped by Developer or Deficient in Due Diligence? - 09/16/14 04:59 AM
An interesting lawsuit is making real estate headlines in the DFW Metroplex.  A Fort Worth man has accused a developer of fraud and is suing for more than $1MM after learning his new home was not aligned to the school district he says he believed it to be in when he purchased his lot and completed construction. 
It is easy to see both sides of this case. The developer's marketing was positioned toward one particular school district, although the developer's spokesperson claims that school district alignment  -- showing that a number of the subdivision's homes were actually located within a second district … (2 comments)

buyers agent: This One Thing Can Instantly Help You Become A Better Buyer's Agent - 07/12/14 10:38 AM
Realtors, as a business group, are mercilessly targeted by B2B solicitors who peddle solutions for everything ranging from virtual assistants and graphic design services to informational products and 'coaching / mentoring' subscriptions. 
New agents often fall into bad recommendations and wasteful expenditures because they don't know what they don't know. 
New agents also struggle to build up confidence in their own showing abilities, and can lose the respect of their buyers because they don't know what they don't know. 
There is one fundamental thing that any agent can do -- regardless of their tenure in the business, and for FREE -- … (2 comments)

buyers agent: Paperless Buyer's Agent in DFW - 02/27/14 10:38 AM
That hacking sound in the background isn't a cough... it is the clever new strategy our office is now using to take the last step toward our 2014 goal of being paperless. On the Buyer's Rep side, we have stubbornly continued to rely on paper printouts of our Agent-versioned MLS reports to offset spotty connectivity and limited screen real estate available on our smart-phone devices.
We knew we could print our reports out as .pdf files and save them to dropbox. However, bringing those files up on demand (especially in rural areas) and displaying them in a useful manner for ourselves … (6 comments)