complaint: That's Not How We Do Things Around Here - 12/18/14 08:05 PM
If you practice real estate long enough, eventually you will find yourself working a transaction that falls outside of your immediate stomping grounds. While folks commonly recognize that there are differences in laws and practices in between states, it isn't as commonly understood that there can also be variations within a state -- particularly within those larger and more densely populated states, such as Texas.
It is difficult to say what drives regional differences... but at some point, the words, "That's not how we do things around here" will be uttered as an objection to what one party deems as standard, conventional … (27 comments)

complaint: The Double Bind in Texas Title Industry Accountability - 09/21/14 07:34 AM
Something is wrong. Terribly wrong.
Last Spring, we represented a Buyer client on a transaction that qualified as possibly the worst title experience EVER....
A few days prior to the contracted closing date, our agent received a blank digital closing package with instructions that consisted of "sign and return" only.  She called me with concerns, as our Buyer had never received title commitment from the escrow officer prior to receiving this closing package.
Upon investigation, we also found multiple errors on the preliminary HUD-1 and with the closing documents:
1. No title commitment received from escrow officer prior to receipt of … (6 comments)

complaint: Dangerous Liaisons In Real Estate - 08/31/14 02:19 AM
An often retold story in our circle of friends centers around one of our college companions, Charlie. He had been dating his girlfriend, Linda,  for years. They worked together, lived together, and even attended the same classes together.  Their final year in college, they decided to celebrate their anniversary by hitting a local dance club.  While they were there, a "friend" who recognized Linda pulled her aside to "advise" her that Charlie had brought another date to the club that evening, and that he was, in fact, spending time with her as well. 
Sadly, Linda believed her "friend's" counsel -- in … (2 comments)