criticism: How To Give Meaningful Showing Feedback - 07/31/16 11:58 PM
From blogging to giving showing feedback, many agents feel "blocked" when it come to real estate activities that involve writing. For many, writing is equivalent to public speaking... it can make us feel vulnerable, exposed, and frustrated because we don't always know what to say, and worry about what NOT to say.
The Purpose of Showing Feedback
The first step in providing meaningful showing feedback is to understand the purpose -- which is to communicate with the Listing Agent (and in many cases, the Seller) about the Buyer's showing experience and perceptions. Often, it is the initial advance toward contract negotiations.
What It's Not...

criticism: Dangerous Liaisons In Real Estate - 08/31/14 02:19 AM
An often retold story in our circle of friends centers around one of our college companions, Charlie. He had been dating his girlfriend, Linda,  for years. They worked together, lived together, and even attended the same classes together.  Their final year in college, they decided to celebrate their anniversary by hitting a local dance club.  While they were there, a "friend" who recognized Linda pulled her aside to "advise" her that Charlie had brought another date to the club that evening, and that he was, in fact, spending time with her as well. 
Sadly, Linda believed her "friend's" counsel -- in … (2 comments)