environmentally friendly: Quitting Commercial Cleaning Products - 03/29/15 09:16 AM
DIY projects can be a great way to make the family budget stretch further, as well as provide a satisfying way to improve the quality & health of one's home life.
2015 is the year our family decided to quit purchasing commercial cleaning products. It started with a 'quick fix' to solve for running out of liquid fabric softener. Googling for a homemade substitute opened up a big new world of safer, more affordable options for household cleaning products. Homemade fabric softener was, in fact, the gateway that led to our favorite homemade laundry detergent recipe, this natural bleach alternative, the best homemade glass … (6 comments)

environmentally friendly: Paperless Buyer's Agent in DFW - 02/27/14 10:38 AM
That hacking sound in the background isn't a cough... it is the clever new strategy our office is now using to take the last step toward our 2014 goal of being paperless. On the Buyer's Rep side, we have stubbornly continued to rely on paper printouts of our Agent-versioned MLS reports to offset spotty connectivity and limited screen real estate available on our smart-phone devices.
We knew we could print our reports out as .pdf files and save them to dropbox. However, bringing those files up on demand (especially in rural areas) and displaying them in a useful manner for ourselves … (6 comments)