home buying: Hammer or Screwdriver? - 04/23/16 02:07 AM
Sam Thomas has over 29 years of sales and management experience helping clients, managing representatives and leading managers. His philosophy is to "find the win" for all parties to have success. New to the ActiveRain community, this great entry launches his debut in real estate blogging. To follow Sam, catch his latest entry here.
Many times a client will ask, Sam would you buy this house? This reminds me of one of the lessons a client shared. The question was asked, what's better a hammer or a screwdriver? Really, which one is better??? He explained, it depends on what you're trying to do. A hammer makes a terrible screwdriver … (1 comments)

home buying: What is a Backup Offer? How Does A Backup Offer Work? - 09/20/14 09:57 AM
Back up vs. Backup
Backup (one word)
Noun or Adjective
(noun) The checkout line was stacked 20 customers deep, so the cashier called for backup.
(adjective) It pays to have a backup plan in place.
Back up (two words)
(verb) Let's back up for a second.  Can you back up your claims with facts? 
(verb) Smart business owners back up the company database.
Common Misspelling
Back-up, backup's backups'
In real estate, after a Seller has contracted to sell a home to a Buyer, a Seller may still consider a backup offer. Since most buyers condition their offers to purchase … (5 comments)

home buying: Dangerous Liaisons In Real Estate - 08/31/14 02:19 AM
An often retold story in our circle of friends centers around one of our college companions, Charlie. He had been dating his girlfriend, Linda,  for years. They worked together, lived together, and even attended the same classes together.  Their final year in college, they decided to celebrate their anniversary by hitting a local dance club.  While they were there, a "friend" who recognized Linda pulled her aside to "advise" her that Charlie had brought another date to the club that evening, and that he was, in fact, spending time with her as well. 
Sadly, Linda believed her "friend's" counsel -- in … (2 comments)