bpo: Why are BPO companies still using outdated systems? - 11/06/12 06:39 AM
This is a question that is asked of us several times a day from agents and brokers all over the US. I guess you can ask yourself why would you use the same car everyday to go to work? It would be the same analogy and the answer is almost always the same, "I have put a lot of money into this one" or "Why change?". Many valuation companies have spent money on a system over the past 6-10 years and are holding out until the most optimal system comes along or they are forced to rebuild the current system. 
Until … (1 comments)

bpo: How to Setup a Virtual Brokerage - 12/13/11 09:22 AM
If you own a brokerage or would like to start a brokerage and manage all your tasks right from the web then this blog will provide you the necessary tools to get started. It was six years ago when Google first leaked out that cloud computing was going to be the next generation of the technology push. When I found out about this from that leak, I somehow knew they were right. At the same time I was sitting on a program that I wrote in Excel using Visual Basic to manage my whole real estate software but in order to … (4 comments)

bpo: Equator members bpo auto fill system - 11/03/10 06:09 AM
If you are an Equator member and would like to auto complete your BPO orders by pulling data from your MLS and merging it into your Equator BPO, then try Realty Pilot's BPO Traffic Controller system. They have a 30 day free trial and it is not a BPO-Automation macro or a macro at all. This system tracks your data, allows to go back and revise completed BPO's and it is lightening fast. The BPO's take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and then their program pushes the information into your Equator BPO seamlessly. You don't have to be a … (2 comments)

bpo: Training for Equator BPO Auto Fill - 09/27/10 04:45 AM
All Equator users come and learn how to auto fill your BPO's without copying and pasting. Join our webinar Wednesday 10 am MDT or visit us at www.realtypilot.com

bpo: Asset Manager Veterans Take the Reigns at RealtyPilot - 08/18/10 03:13 AM

Realty Pilot now has two former Asset Managers on staff that are here to assist with customer support and service.  Combined they have 38 years of Asset Managing experience and are available for our subscribers to live chat with if you have a general question, you have always wanted to ask an Asset Manager.  
Also new for our subscribers is RETS access in several major markets allowing you to enter MLS ID numbers in the BPO form and hit submit while logged into the MLS and the form auto populates in 2 seconds or less.  This is a feature only … (0 comments)

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